A Different Type Of Instagram

If you weren’t aware already Instagram finally offers support for multiple accounts at once. No idea why they didn’t do that years ago but for someone who runs a half dozen Twitter accounts this comes as great news. To get to the point, I started a new Instagram account.

Now let’s digress…

I decided to start a new account that would just be about photography. Instagram is a photographic platform but very few of the images on my Instagram are images I am proud of. 80% of them are taken with an iPhone and I always put dumb filters on them so people don’t think they are my “real” photography work. But given that Instagram is quickly becoming my most popular social network it’s becoming a reflection of what I do as a photographer.

Over on my Tumblr I post a lot of my 35mm work. I consider it to be my personal work instead of the digital stuff I shoot for a living. But on Tumblr I am followed by so many porn Tumblrs and when I post an image that I am proud of it gets very little attention unless their is nudity involved.

The same thing happens on my Instagram. If I post a photo I really like but isn’t a “sexy” photo it will get half as many likes. As a photographer that really bums me out because it means people don’t give a shit about my work they only give a shit about nudity. I mean, I get it. I am not naive enough to think my work is any good. I just have access to boob and you guys like that. Fine, but I want to do something else too.

So my new Instagram, @nateigorsmith, is going to be about photography. I will feature images of mine that I really like presented unfiltered and uncropped. Most of it will be 35mm film but I have a feeling I will sneak some digital in there from time to time. On top of that I want to feature some of my photo book collection and feature other photographers I like. It will be a place I can discuss the medium of photography and I am pretty excited about that.

But don’t worry, @drivenbyboredom isn’t going anywhere (unless I get banned again I guess) and I have a feeling the new Instagram will have sexy photos from time to time, but it’s certainly not going to be the main course. Whatever the case I have already pulled about 200 images I want to share with you guys and I got a lot more coming. Gonna post a small sample of what’s to come below. You might have seen these images before but maybe not all in the same place.

So this is going to be fun and even if I don’t ever have a 10th of the followers that @drivenbyboredom has, at least they will be followers that like my photography and not just the girls. I hope you will check it out and dig what I am doing.

Thanks and follow me at @nateigorsmith today!

San Juan, PR






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Ford Models For Teen Vogue

I try to be a fairly diverse photographer. I like shooting stuff people don’t expect from me. I like that my resume features both Penthouse and the Library Journal. I like that I have covered Antiques Roadshow and the Gathering of the Juggalos. I like that I have shot portraits of Oscar winners and AVN winners. So when Ford Models asked me to shoot some photos for a Teen Vogue piece they were working on I jumped at the chance.

I showed up at the Waldorf Astoria to basically shoot behind the scenes photos for a video Ford was working on for Teen Vogue. The concept was what models do the night before New York Fashion Week and basically I got to photograph a bunch of Ford Models having a slumber party. The idea was to use my images for a slideshow that would go along with the video but they actually ended up only using one image to illustrate the post and another image that was pushed to social.

I was a little disappointed they only used two photos but that’s how this shit works and it was still a good experience plus now I get to show you the rest of the photos. Keep in mind these photos were shot with the idea that the end product was going to be high contrast back and white so I used on camera flash and didn’t care about color balance, mostly bouncing off the cream colored ceilings or walls.

I will have another gallery of some more NYFW stuff I did for Ford soon, but in the mean time after you look at my photos make sure you check out the video we made!

Now click here to see a gallery of Ford Models having a NYFW slumber party at the Waldorf Astoria.

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

Ford Models @ Waldorf Astoria

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Blacked Vs. Tushy

Okay now that we got the release of my new zine Public out of the way it’s time to go back to my recent trip to Vegas for the AVN Awards. I got hired by AVN Director of the Year Greg Lansky to shoot a bunch of awesome porn babes in clothing from his two websites Blacked.com and Tushy.com. Aside winning like 50% of the AVN Awards Greg also trusted me enough to do pretty much whatever I wanted as far as shooting his girls go so I just got to do me which was great.

That being said this massive gallery is a lot more flash heavy than I have been shooting recently but I thought it would sort of fit the aesthetic Blacked/Tushy was looking for. I also was sort of limited as far as locations being as I had to shoot everything in the Hard Rock Hotel. And I had very little time to shoot everyone because of how hectic everything is… but that being said you are about to get to see 200 photos of some of the raddest women in porn.

Let’s go through the gallery in order shall we?

  • We start with adorable German porn babe Anny Aurora. I didn’t know who she was when I met her but as soon as I saw her I was  in love. This girl is so cute and sexy at the same time which is a dangerous combination. I shot her with male Blacked contract star Jason Brown who is a real good dude and won best Boy/Boy/Girl scene with my bff Carter Cruise.
  • Next up is Abigail Mac who is instantly on my list of girls I need to photograph. I mean I did photograph her obviously but I need more time and a better location cause she is pretty special.
  • We have my old pal Janice Griffith who I shot super late night in the hotel room she was sharing with April O’Neil. April isn’t a Blacked or Tushy girl but I love her the most so I had to get her in a couple shots. (Speaking of my love for April you need to get the special edition of Public so you can get a super limited print of her!)
  • Now we have some really fun photos! I got to shoot Abella Danger and Keisha Grey having a pillow fight. I am quick to make girls pillow fight cause it’s both really corny and really awesome at the same time. Oh, and Abella and Keisha happen to have two of the best butts in this history of the universe so that’s something.
  • Speaking of Abella I actually got to shoot her twice! She was the first porn star I shot in Vegas and for some reason the photos are out of order and she’s in the middle of the gallery. She wants me to tell you that she was bloated and she totally hates these photos but she is crazy and looks amazing so you need to enjoy them extra hard for her. Oh, and Abella won Best New Starlet at AVN so fuck yeah.
  • Next I got to rip off some of my own photos when I shot Cassidy Klein at the vending and ice machines. Tiny closets make for good places to sneak away and the Coke branding is like super edgy right? I mean America and consumerism and obesity meets porn it’s like woah, so much controversy!
  • Oh and I got to shoot Amarna Miller which was great because I have had a crush on her for a year she told me she was going to come to NYC and she didn’t and it was super sad but then I got to hang out with her in Vegas a lot and she totally let me grab her butt cause she is the best.
  • Speaking of the best I finally got to shoot Cadence Lux who I have been trying to shoot for a minute now. She lives in Philly a lot of the time which is so damn close to me and I love her Twitter and she also has an amazing butt (you may have noticed a theme here). So hey Cadence you are great but could you come to NYC real quick so I can take photos of you not in a hotel room at 2am? Thanks.

Okay enough bullet points and enough of my meandering bullshit. Go look at these photos. There are a lot of them and honestly they aren’t that great photographically, BUT they are still pretty great because every girl in them is absurdly hot and I want to hit on all of them but I am a god damn professional so I will just keep my flirting to this way too long write up. Oh and thanks again Greg (and Claire Robbins for recommending me!) I had a blast. Let’s do it again soon.

Oh shit, one more thing, Blacked & Tushy are looking for a new social media manager. If you live in LA and are awesome at Internets you should apply for the job!

Now click here for a huge gallery of porn stars in (and out) of Blacked & Tushy clothing!

Abigail Mac

Abella Danger & Keisha Grey

Anny Aurora

Cadence Lux

April O'Neil & Janice Griffith

Cassidy Klein

Anny Aurora


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Public Release – 2.10.16

Last night my new zine Public came out and we had a party at Leftfield. It was real wild as expected for a party in a basement thrown by myself and Boobs of Bushwick. I hate throwing parties cause I always get annoyed at the people that don’t show up but apparently the people who did show up had a blast cause I keep getting texts and Tweets about it so I guess we did something right.

I think we did make one mistake is that we threw a party in the Lower East Side which is accessible to North Brooklyn by a train that stops running at 11:45 because fuck the MTA. So at 11:30 the party was fucking insane and by midnight it was just pretty chill. As someone who hates putting pants on before midnight it was kinda disappointing but we had several solid hours of total madness so I can’t complain too much.

Huge thanks to Prince Terrence for DJing all night, PopPorn for sponsoring Public and sending us a bunch of weird porn to give away, Kate for selling my zine topless all night, Leftfield and their cute bartenders (you too Brick) and all my friends & supporters who showed up last night. Also thanks to Hannibal Buress who decided he hadn’t partied hard enough at Mardi Gras and came by the party pretty much right after his plane landed. Go watch his new Netflix special already.

I think that’s it. Obviously you should order your copy of Public. I will be here packing them all up tonight and watching hockey. If you pre-ordered one don’t worry they will be shipping tomorrow.

Now click here to see the crazy NSFW photos from the Public zine release party at Leftfield.


Kate & Stephie

Hannibal Buress

Thank God For Lunchbox

Ginger Is In The Zine


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Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl Returns

Holy shit! Just two days until the release of my public nudity zine, Public! I am throwing a crazy party on Wednesday to celebrate and guess what that means? The return of the Boobs of Bushwick bar crawl!

Wednesday’s party is at Leftfield at 9pm. It’s free and it goes all night and Prince Terrence will be DJing and PopPorn will be giving out free stuff and I will be doing live naked photo shoots and everyone will be half naked and drunk and it will be a blast.

But on top of that, and perhaps maybe most importantly, Kate Chip is hosting and bringing with her the Boobs of Bushwick crew. Do you remember the last party Kate, Terry and I threw together? So much madness. And do you remember how we promoted the party? With a Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Well guess what motherfuckers, the BoB Bar Crawl is back!

Last week Kate and I met up at Birdy’s in Bushwick and brought a handful of naked babes with us. We got everyone topless for a very competitive game of foosball and then there was some topless pinball and of course a party in the bathroom. After that we headed over to Happy Fun Hideaway for topless Jenga and then we went outside to get wild in the street.

By the time that was over we had taken a ton of photos, everyone was cold as fuck and we had a crew of dudes following us around which was only like 12% uncomfortable but we decided to pack it in after only two bars. Admittedly it wasn’t much of a bar crawl, but we did get some really fun photos from it and Time Out New York wrote about it so mission accomplished.

So yeah, come out to the party, and/or buy the zine and if you feel like it you can hang out topless either for fun or for political reasons or just cause it’s hot in the basement of Leftfield. Oh, and then you should go look at these photos… (which are available in extra high res over on Girls of DBB!)

Now click here to see a ton of NSFW photos from the second Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

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Shay Laren At Murphy’s Ranch

First I posted the photos of Shay and April O’Neil at Murphy’s Ranch, and then I posted the photos of April O’Neil by herself at Murphy’s Ranch and now finally the exciting conclusion to one of my favorite photo shoots ever… Shay Laren at Murphy’s Ranch!

Shay is one of my favorite models although she had to run off to some exotic location to have a tiny human with my buddy JM Darling. Luckily I have been hoarding these photos forever so now I still have what is actually my 6th Shay post which has got to be some sort of record. This one, like all the other Murphy’s Ranch sets is great!

Now the reason I have been holding these hostage is so that I can promote my public nudity zine Public! It comes out on Wednesday and you can pre-order it now! There is even a special edition that comes with a VERY limited print of Shay and April from our Murphy’s Ranch shoot! You need it!

If you are in NYC you should come to the party on Wednesday at Leftfield as it will be the most important thing you do in your life. And you might see a nipple and maybe get laid or something. At the very least I will take your damn photo.

Lastly I should mention that all of these photos have been up on the Girls of Driven By Boredom all day and that there are bonus photos on there that are extra sexy and all of them are in double the resolution and all sorts of good important shit like that. Just fucking sign up already…

Now click here to see the NSFW photos of Shay Laren and Murphy’s Ranch!

Shay Laren @ Murphy's Ranch



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April O’Neil At Murphy’s Ranch

After being semi functional for a few days, my website is up and running and should be a lot faster and less likely to crash in the future. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. But none of that is important. What is important is April O’Neil.

A while back I posted photos of April O’Neil and Shay Laren at Murphy’s Ranch. You can read that post for more info but essentially Murphy’s Ranch was a pre-WWII nazi camp that was raided by the US the day after Pearl Harbor. It’s been pretty much abandoned since then and it’s only a short drive and a long walk from LA.

On top of shooting Shay and April together I shot them separately and I wanted to save these two updates for the release of my public nudity zine Public which comes out next Wednesday. You can pre-order it here or come to Leftfield Wednesday night at 9 for the release party!

Plus there is a special edition of the zine that comes with a print of Shay and April at Murphy’s Ranch!

Anyway, these photos rule, April is an unreasonable fucking babe and apparently they are finally going to demolish Murphy’s Ranch.

Oh, and lastly, since we shot these for an adult magazine that I stopped working for there are a bunch of gratuitous vagina shots that can now be found exclusively on The Girls Of Driven By Boredom so go lurk those you fucking pervert.

Okay, now click here to see the photos of April O’Neil naked at Murphy’s Ranch!

Ps. There are NO safe for work images in this set so this is the only preview…

April O'Neil


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