35mm Artist Portraits

For some unexplained reason I haven’t really picked up my camera recently. Not sure if it’s the winter or the holidays or what but I just haven’t had a reason to shoot. So I figured this would be a good opportunity to publish some of the outtakes from my Arts zine. I photographed a ton of artists for this, and then I also had a bunch of shots I had taken in the past that sort of inspired the zine in the first place.

Essentially this is a collection of 35mm black and white photos of artists. This gallery includes the shots that are in the zine, and some outtakes from those shoots, but it also includes a handful of photos of artists that didn’t make the zine for whatever reason. They didn’t make the zine because they are photographers or don’t make work on paper, didn’t get the art into me in time (God dammit Oliver!) or I just didn’t know them well enough to ask.  Whatever the case there are a bunch of pretty black and white photos in here that you should look at.

So take a look at the photos and then buy a copy of the zine. You need Arts in your life!

Click here to see the full gallery of 35mm artist portraits.


Lamour Supreme

Penelope Gazin

Molly Crabapple


Minka Sicklinger

Nicholas Gazin

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