Finch Linden Returns

Did you know I haven’t posted any naked photo sets in almost a month? I didn’t. That shit changes this week.

First up, one of the best humans, Finch Linden. Finch is the most adorable but she also looks really rad naked and that sort of combination is pretty unstoppable. Add the fact that she is a talented photographer herself and real fun to hang out with and you get a super crushable human.

I met Finch through Gods Girls and the first time we took photos I was pretty sure I was going to go to jail because she got fully naked in the middle of the busiest intersection in Williamsburg. The second time we shot was when I was visiting San Francisco and we took some photos I really love. This time we shot on the roof of this girl Kate’s apartment in Brooklyn which reminds me that I haven’t posted the photos of Kate yet. Perhaps this week?

Speaking of this week, I am gonna get three naked lady sets up this week since I have been slacking on the babes. I already uploaded two of the galleries to Girls of Driven By Boredom but you have to be a subscriber to find out who the second set is… but it’s totally worth it because you can see this Finch set (and many, many others) in high resolution plus you get tons of exclusive content and early previews. Yeah, get on it.

Now click here to see all the babely NSFW photos of Finch Linden. 

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

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