Zine Friends On Saturday!

I am really excited about Zine Friends this weekend. I know I wrote about it a little bit last week but I wanted to do an official post since I have been working my ass off getting ready for it. Zine Friends is a zine fair put on by Killer Acid and Wizard Skull at Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg. It’s part of Comic Arts Brooklyn, it’s happening this Saturday from 11am to 7pm and I will be there the whole time.

An yeah, I realize that I should not be excited about sitting in a chair for 8 hours but I am real happy to be doing my own table. I have sold stuff at zine fair in the past but never had my own table. I went out and bought dumb stuff like displays for the zines and things like that and made a bunch of new stuff for the fair.

The main thing I have for the fair is my new Arts zine. It features black and white 35mm photos of artists with their art. It’s my first collaborative zine and the first one to feature exclusively black and white photos. Very different from anything I have done before. Plus it has that art school turtle on the cover which is awesome.

I will be of course selling my older zines/ books like Same Old City, Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. I might break out the artist proof editions of Fuck LA that I was saving for something special and maybe even some proof pages from the long sold out Get Your Kicks. Oh, and I will have the super rare What Happens In Vegas photo album!

A big thing I have for zine friends is a ton of photo prints. I don’t normally sell 8″x10″ prints because they don’t make me enough money to make it worth to pull images and print them, but I made a ton of 8″x10″ prints just for Zine Friends (and hopefully future zine fairs!). I will also have some Polaroids including some I have never published or made available for sale and some left over prints from Dinner With Igor and Fuck LA.

On top of that I will have Driven By Boredom shot glasses which at the moment you can only get as part of the DBB Grab Bag, I will have a bunch of post cards and stickers I even made some new buttons! Plus there should be a big surprise that I collaborated on with another artist… but I don’t want to give that away until it’s completely finished. It’s pretty fantastic though…

I think that’s all I can remember for now, but I will probably bring a bag full of stuff from my archives. I have some old DBB shirts laying around and I am sure I can find some other crap around my apartment that won’t really be for sale unless you ask about it. So if you read this, and can can make it out and care, let me know.

I guess that’s all I have to say. I will of course be signing anything you want and I am sure some of the artists there in the zine will sign stuff as well. Oh, and everything will be on sale and cheaper than on my Etsy store and you can barter with me and shit. Now here’s Facebook invite and here’s the flyer. See you in Brooklyn Saturday…

Zine Friends!

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