Ivy Diamond Returns

Wanted to start off the week with something good and I had these new Ivy Diamond photos already edited so it seems like like a perfect time to hit you with them. I shot these on the same day as the Chanel Preson photos so I edited them at the same time.

Everyone seems to love photos of Ivy. Last time we shot they were a big hit and a bunch of people signed up for Girls of Driven By Boredom to see the exclusive roof top set I posted on there. This time there aren’t any Girls of DBB exclusives but all the photos over there are twice the resolution. Just saying.

Anyway, Ivy and I shot at Griffith Park in LA. In NYC I am always running out of locations but in LA you can just go find a hiking trail and get girls naked outside. Plus the photos are always super pretty which is nice if you are into that sort of thing.

Okay, that’s all I got. Click here to look at all the photos of Ivy Diamond naked in Griffith Park!

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond


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Books, Babes & Some Really Weird Music

Hey it’s Monday and after I spent 3 days at the NY Art Book Fair and yesterday dealing with the pain that is my Miami Dolphins fandom it’s time to start fresh with a new week. It’s possible I ate two entire pizzas last night and today it’s time to catch up on a bunch of work and perhaps force myself to eat a salad.

With that in mind, let’s drop a bunch of stuff on you real quick.  Got some new naked photos, some weird music and of course I gotta try and sell you some zines again. Let’s start with the zines…

I spent Thursday night and most of Friday and Saturday at the New York Art Book Fair. As both a creator and consumer of photo books the NY Art Book Fair is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I get to look at so much rad shit, buy a bunch of rare books and zines and hopefully make more money than I spend. It’s also a good networking opportunity. Last year I met Mike Krim who runs Paper Work NYC and this year he let me sell my stuff at his booth. Last year I met fucked up illustrators Matt Crabe and Wizard Skull and this year I am just finishing a zine collaboration with them and a bunch of other artists many of whom I ran into at the book fair. Oh, did I mention that there are so many real cute girls there who also make really cool shit? What could be better than that?

The zine fair went pretty awesome and I actually stayed real close to my budget a picked up some stuff that I am really happy with. I also think I sold a bunch of stuff, I don’t have the exact totals but I think I made more than I spent so high five. But I do know I have some copies of my new zine Same Old City left still so they are now for sale in my Etsy store and will ship pretty much right away. I just mailed off all the pre orders. So get you copy now!

Click here to get Same Old City regular edition!

Click here to get Same Old City limited edition with print!

Samantha Flynn W/ Same Old City

Next up, let’s talk babes. A really long time ago I shot my friend Caitlin. She had done some modeling for her roommates art projects but I was the first person to photograph her professionally. We took a bunch of photos and even though she’s kinda awkward it was a good kinda awkward and I think we got some really pretty photos. I posted a few to my Tumblr and stuff and then totally forgot about the set. Last week I found the set and realized I had never posted it. It had been a while so I hit her up about the photos and she didn’t really want them on my website which is totally fair. I love shooting new models, but there’s always a risk that they are gonna change their mind about the photos and I always respect that even though it can be really disappointing. Luckily we came to a compromise. I told her I wouldn’t post any more of the nude ones on my site, but she said I could publish them to Girls of Driven By Boredom. That way the images aren’t just floating about the internet for free and you gotta at least spend some money to see them. Seems like a reasonable compromise.

Click here to sign up for Girls Of Driven By Boredom to see an exclusive set of Caitlin.


The last thing in this way too long post is a weird one. I got a bunch of my Miami Dolphins vinyl collection online. The Dolphins may have been embarrassed yesterday but I will never be embarrassed by my collection of some of the weirdest records to ever be released. I have what I assume is the world’s largest collection of Miami Dolphins themed vinyl and my plan is to eventually build a website with all of my collection on it but for now I started a Sound Cloud with just the singles. If you are a fan of football, record collecting or just absurd 70s and 80s nostalgia you need to check this out.

Click here to listen to a bunch of my weird Miami Dolphins record collection.

Ballad Of The Miami Dolphins 7" Vinyl



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Chanel Preston

In January I met Chanel Preston at the AVN Awards. She is unreasonably pretty and seemed real cool and stuff and I somehow convinced her to let me take photos of her next time I was in LA. So of course when I got to LA a few months later she was one of the first people I hit up.

Part of my convincing her to shoot with me was that it would be the easiest photo shoot she ever did. Her argument was “porn bitches are lazy” and mine was “it will take 15 minutes and I will try not to make you move much”. Aside from me asking her to stand up a couple of times she didn’t even have to get off her couch. I think it worked out pretty well for everyone.

She was doing her nails when I got to her place and so I just started shooting while she kept doing them. I kinda have a foot phobia but I know there are plenty of you creeps out there into that thing so I took some shots of her painting her toenails before moving on to her finger nails and then attempting to get out of her dress without using her fingers. Ice coffee was also involved somehow.

In conclusion, Chanel is a total babe who makes really cute faces and I did a pretty awesome set of her in less than 20 minutes and she didn’t really have to get off the couch. High fives for everyone.

I put these photos on Girls of Driven By Boredom last night in twice the resolution with some bonus vagina pictures so like sign up for that shit already so I can pay for my new tattoo.

Now click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of the amazing Chanel Preston!

Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

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Fool’s Gold Day Off – 9.7.15

Yesterday I headed to the NYC edition of Fool’s Gold Day Off. I think it’s the third one I have photographed in the last four years. Always a good time and yesterday was no exception. I took 700 photos which I managed to edit down to about 100 which makes for a pretty serious gallery. I got a bunch of stuff to do today before I sit for 5 hours of a chest tattoo so I am gonna make this quick but here’s a real brief rundown.

I got there pretty late so I missed a bunch of stuff but I caught A-Traks set which involved special guests ASAP Ferg, ILoveMakonnen and Fabolous. I caught Post Malone & Skepta before personal favorites of mine Flatbush Zombies came out and fucked shit up. The night ended with Meek Mill who I don’t really have a strong opinion of but I can’t stand Drake as a human so I am pro-Meek Mill just for that. He played a pretty solid set though.

Now click here for all the photos from the 2015 NYC Fool’s Gold Day Off.

Meek Mill

A-Trak & Joey Badass

Flatbush Zombies

This Update Needed Some Babes


Mac Miller



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“Same Old City” Zine Pre-Order!

The New York Art Book Fair is coming to NYC on the 18th of September. As a huge photo book nerd and zine collector it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Last year aside from dropping way too much money on books I met Mike Krim of Paperwork NYC. He’s published some amazing zines, several of which I owned before meeting him, and we clearly have some similar ideas about photography.

In January he asked me if he could sell some of my stuff at his table for the LA Art Book Fair and he and my buddies Mint & Serf invited me to join the art show that they did around the fair. I was an awesome experience made more awesome by the release of Fuck LA.

Fuck LA was my LA Art Book Fair exclusive zine that contained my craziest photos from my trips over the years to LA. It came signed and numbered and with a print and I only made 50 of them. They were expensive but I still sold about half of them art the book fair and another 10 via pre-order and then I upped the price and put the rest on my Etsy store and they sold out quickly. The whole thing was really fun and pretty much paid for my flight out to LA.

So with the New York Art Book Fair coming up I decided I should do a similar release that will be sold again at the Paperwork NYC table along with Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. The book is called “Same Old City” and it’s a collection of some of my craziest 35mm photos from my 9 years in NYC.

It’s horizontally oriented which is a bit different from my previous books and zines. There are only 100 copies being made and 25 of those will be signed and numbered and come with a print of my friend Sarah Lee flashing me in front of the J Train. The zine combines some of my work from These New York Streets with a bunch of nudity and random insanity. Think street photography + boobs + fighting.  Good times.

In order to pay for the printing I am releasing only 9 pre-orders of the limited edition. They are $40 which is the price they will be at the Art Book Fair and any that don’t sell will go back online for $50 after the fair so ordering now guarantees you a copy and saves you $10 if they don’t sell out at the fair. There’s only 25 total and me and the designer are both keeping one so you are down to 23. Just saying…

In totally unrelated news I realize I haven’t updated Girls of Driven By Boredom recently so I uploaded an exclusive set of Vonka Romanov & Lea Hart shot on black and white film. I was asked to submit some photos for an “erotic” art book about lesbians and right around the same time Lea contacted me about shooting. I mentioned the project and she brought her real life girlfriend Vonka over and I shot a bunch of photos of them making out and other stuff. I posted a few of the photos on my Tumblr but for the most part these are completely unpublished. There will be a set of them that I shot digitally later that day but they aren’t quite as sexy as these… Click here to sign up for Girls of DBB!

And now go order Same Old City!!

Same Old City

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Best Of 2011

For a while I was spending hours a day going through every photo I have ever taken but at some point I stopped. I think I just got busy or something but the other day I started the project up again. The idea is to pull all my favorite images of all time into one place so it’s easier to find stuff and easier to put together some sort of portfolio page which I don’t actually have. I finally finished 2011 so I wanted to give you guys some of the highlights.

2011 was a good year. It was the first year I started working for Sailor Jerry and I got to shoot a bunch of fun stuff for them back when we were doing music festivals almost every weekend it seems. Lolapalooza, Fun Fun Fun and Voodoo Fest were some of the highlights. I had a Ryan Gosling/ Big Freedia photo go viral at Fun Fun Fun and an Odd Future set at Voodoo made national news after they attacked some photographers and I decided to defend them.

Lots of other great festivals that year including the first Four Knots festival, Mad Decent Block Party and of course SXSW. I photographed an Insane Clown Posse cruise and went to the Kentucky Derby with Prince Terry & Dances With White Girls. I was on stage for Wu-Tang and shot Slayer for the first time and spent more time with Major Lazer, TV On The Radio and the Black Lips than is reasonable. I shot Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears and I even shot a Sweet 16 party that Usher showed up at.

2011 was the year of Occupy Wall Street and I photographed the party at Ground Zero when Osama Bin Laden was finally killed.

I went on a cross country road trip with someone I had met twice. I photographed the woman that I would date for two years for the first time. I started a punk band and photographed babes in our t-shirts. I went to Art Basel and the AVN Awards and photographed a ton of naked women everywhere.

Honestly I am getting bored of writing this but there are a lot of celebrities and naked people and the general madness you might expect from my blog. Just go look at the pictures. There are a LOT of them. NSFW obviously.

Click here to see the huge gallery from the best of 2011!

Ryan Gosling & Big Freedia

Odd Future

Jessie Andrews

Blake Anderson & Donald Glover

The Big Four

Snoop Dogg

Kentucky Derby

Major Lazer

Whitney For Mishka

Pharrell & Michael Rapaport

Britney Spears

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