The Driven By Boredom Snapback

I realized recently that the last time I did any Driven By Boredom clothing it was 2009. I figured it was time to step up my game a little bit and frankly I wanted my own black on black DBB Snapback. Fortunately a friend of mine who does the embroidery for another thing I do asked me to shoot his daughter’s Sweet 16 party. Normally I would have said no, but the guy is a good friend and has done a lot for me so I pitched him the idea of a trade. So a few weeks ago I shot his daughters 16th birthday in what was one of the most surreal events I have ever photographed. Did you know 16 year olds love the Electric Slide? And somehow Soulja Boy is still popular? Wild.

(I actually have shot one other Sweet 16 party but it was for current Fool’s Gold recording artist Leaf and Usher was there an Dev and Shwazye performed so it was kinda a different thing.)

Anyway, in exchange for shooting the party I got a couple dozen hats. I got a dozen black on black, six magenta (pink) and six red. Since I am stealing one of each of them there’s very few left so if you want one you better get one now.

The hats are $28 which is a compromise between the $25 I wanted to sell em for and the $30 that I probably should sell them for to justify a shooting a 16 year old girl birthday party.

I shot my friend Bel Vargas in the hats last night but I didn’t really think about shooting any safe for work stuff because I am an idiot so I guess you are just gonna have to deal with some nipples.

Click here to get your very own Driven By Boredom snapback! 

Ps. Also for sale on my Etsy store is the greatest photo I have ever taken.

Bel Vargas Driven By Boredom Snapback

Bel Vargas Driven By Boredom Snapback






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