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When I was in Vegas for the AVN Awards back in January James Deen spent most of the time talking about kittens and showing people kittens on his phone and asking people to see photos of kittens on their phones. I am super allergic to cats so I don’t really love kittens but I did rescue some kittens nearly exactly five years ago. I did an adorable photo shoot with them before finding them homes. I told James I would send him a print of Maven hanging out with a 40oz of Miller Highlife and when I made the print I ended up making like 10 of them because the internet loves cats and maybe the internet would give me money in exchange for cats.

Then of course I forgot about all of that and these kitty prints sat in a print drawer. Then this really fun thing happened where I remembered I owe the state of Delaware some money since my business is registered there because all businesses are registered there cause their taxes rule. Anyway, I figured this was as good of reason as any to sell you some cats.

I also had some prints of Annalee Belle left over from the fundraiser for my sold out Route 66 book “Get Your Kicks”. I decided I would put them up as well. I also lowered the price on prints of Veruca James in a swimming pool and my friend Tine when I stopped by Charlotte, NC a few years ago on a road trip. Plus I added the option to buy any of the prints in 16″x”20 although that will take a little longer because I would have to get them printed.

So yeah, there are now four $40 prints in my Etsy shop, plus a bunch of newish Polaroids and my books and zines and other fun stuff. There’s only one more copy of Fuck LA signed by April O’Neil so you might wanna get on that ASAP.

Long story short, give me some money so I can give it to Delaware. Thanks!

You Need Drunk Cats

Annalee Belle @ Cadillac Ranch

Veruca James

Tine - Charlotte, NC

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Alex Chance

I was introduced to Alex Chance when I heard about the Girls porn parody. Shortly after it came out Alex followed me on Twitter. I figured I had to be one of the only people followed by both Lena Dunham and the porn version of Lena Dunham. I tweeted something to that effect and ended up becoming Twitter pals with Alex.

I finally got to shoot her about a year ago when I was in LA shooting the Support, Therapy and Instability LA book release at the Ace Hotel. The day before the party I was at the Ace up in one of the hotel rooms PPP booked for the party and invited Alex along to take some photos. I don’t shoot a lot of flash photos anymore but the room was super dark and it was night time so I didn’t really have a choice. I though the photos ended up looking pretty with the flash and the mirror in the room anyway.

Also a bonus for this set is cameos from Ivy Diamond who I had photographed earlier that day and my buddy Slutlust from PPP. Good times.

I should also mention that since Alex does porn and stuff I took a bunch of extra dirtier photos of her that I saved just for Girls of Driven By Boredom. Sign up for that shit if you are a creep or just like higher resolution photos or early access or whatever. Just do it.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Alex Chance!

Alex Chance

Alex Chance

Alex Chance

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2015 Tisch Gala – 5.4.15

My longest running client is NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and every year for the better part of a decade I have been photographing their huge scholarship fundraising gala. I always enjoy doing it because while it’s fairly upscale and fancy compared to what I normally shoot, it’s still an art school so everyone there is pretty awesome even if they are wearing a dress that costs more than my yearly income. Plus I get to wear a suit which is always kinda fun. I clean up okay.

This year the Gala was honoring Steven Lutvak, Robert L. Freedman and Michael C. Hall. So yeah, I got to photograph Dexter which was awesome. I remember when Dexter aired I thought I would never get used to him as any other character than David Fisher from Six Feet Under but now I can’t think of him as anything other than Dexter. Two of my favorite shows of all time. Also he was introduced by fellow Tisch alum Peter Krause who played Nate on Six Feet Under so that was pretty great.

After the Gala there was an after party for mostly students and some of the faculty and those things always get pretty fun. I got to eat some food and flirt with some art school girls and my hockey team won while I was there so it was all and all a great night.

Now most of these pictures are fairly boring but there are some celebrities (Ewan McGregor comes to mind) and cute girls and fun stuff like that so you might wanna click through em even though they aren’t the normal kinda thing that appears on my site. Whatever the case I will be back soon with some wild photos so don’t worry.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2015 Tisch Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center!

Tisch Gala

Tisch Gala

Tisch Gala

Tisch Gala

Tisch Gala

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Parties & Polaroids

Just a quick update today before I run out to watch more hockey. Playoffs are fucking exhausting. I mostly wanted to make sure I let you know about the party I am hosting on Thursday. It’s been a long time since I hosted a party that I didn’t actually throw but my buddy Carol Sharks asked me to do it and I couldn’t say no.

Her party Baewatch is joining forces with an LA party called Candy to form some sort of Voltronesque super party at Sway (305 Spring St). By the way, I can’t tell if Baewatch is the worst name for a party ever or a really good one. Come to the party and let me know how you feel about it. It’s all lady DJs and the other host is my home girl Pebbles so it’s gonna be me and a bunch of ladies and one of the ladies boyfriends who is providing candy which seems insane but I do tattoos at parties so I guess it makes more sense than that.

I haven’t decided if I am taking photos or not but I will at least be brining my camera so if you really feel like showing me your boobs or balls or something I can at least hook you up with a quick snap or two. I mean that’s just the kinda guy I am.

On a totally different topic I uploaded a bunch of naked Polaroids to the Driven By Boredom Etsy store. Well, technically they are Fuji Instax Wide but you get the idea. I got shots of  Krysa Kaos, Ashlee Graham and polaroids of Ash Hollywood and Sasha Pain together. Two babes in one!

All the Polaroids are signed by the girls and myself and are numbered out of five. First come first served! Get on it!

If you want to see more of my naked Polaroids you can do so over on the Girls of DBB. Just saying.

See you guys tomorrow?

Baewatch Vs Candy

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

Krysta Kaos

Ashlee Graham



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Raven Rockette At Rock-A-Hoola

As my life recently has been a series of one horrible event after another I figured I needed to do some shit to break out of it. I started a new personal project yesterday, I am eating a bit better, I booked a tattoo appointment I have been avoiding and I am actually going to the doctors to get a check up for the first time in 15 years. On top of that I decided I should just go ahead and publish one of my favorite photo shoots of all time.

I don’t know why I have been holding on to this for so long but this shoot I did with Raven Rockette at the abandoned Rock-A-Hoola Water Park is pretty fucking amazing. The funny thing is I already posted a shoot I did with Raven that was taken AFTER this one. I guess I was just holding it for a special occasion and this is it.

A few years ago I saw this skate video that was shot at this amazing abandoned waterpark and I knew I needed to shoot there. I looked the place up and I saw that it was right on the drive from LA to Vegas. I had passed it dozens of times and didn’t notice somehow. It also is right by Route 66 where I spent 17 days working on my first book, but yet somehow I had never heard of it before this skate video.

I was in LA for my brother’s 30th birthday and I ended up getting a gig working for Sailor Jerry at the Viva Las Vegas car show and so I hit up Raven Rockette because I knew she lived in Vegas. I pitched her on the Rock-A-Hoola idea and she was really into it so the day after Viva Las Vegas we drove half way back to LA until we came to this amazing artifact of urban decay.

It was a bit sketchy once we pulled up and realized there wasn’t any hiding the car. It was either just park it along the road or drive back in there and try to hide it behind a building or something. You could still see the car from the highway and there would be no escaping if a cop pulled up. Even once you were inside in most places it would be easy to see the naked girl and photographer walking around the abandoned water park.

We were also pretty nervous that we would run into other people but we never did. We explored for nearly an hour and I took photos of her in the empty lazy river ride, up top where the highest waterslides used to be and even climbing on to buildings that have been closed since 2004.

The whole thing was an amazing experience with an amazing model and I think Raven and I killed it. I am usually pretty underwhelmed with my work but this is one of my favorite shoots of all time. And I really hope you guys dig it as much as I did.

As per usual I held back a few of the slightly more explicit shots for Girls of Driven By Boredom. You should sign up because it’s cheap, you get photos before everyone else and there’s a lot of exclusive content and higher resolution images. Plus, as my life implodes it would be nice to have some money to pay for a fucking lawyer. Huzzah!

Anyway, go look at these photos of Raven Rockette at the abandoned Rock-A-Hoola water park because they are fucking awesome.


Raven Rockette @ Abandoned Rock-A-Hula Water Park

Raven Rockette @ Abandoned Rock-A-Hula Water Park

Raven Rockette @ Abandoned Rock-A-Hula Water Park

Raven Rockette @ Abandoned Rock-A-Hula Water Park

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