Ho99o9 – 3.21.15

The perfect conclusion to my SXSW photos is shots from the band Ho99o9 aka Horror. They were the very last thing I did at SXSW. I caught their late night show at the North Door as part of the We Are Family showcase. I only saw a couple bands all week, but the one set from Ho99o9 made up for it. They were fucking incredible.

I have known Eaddy from Ho99o9 for ages and he used to come see my old band Fucking Bullshit, but I hadn’t seen his band Ho99o9 yet even though I was at the LA Art Book Fair up until about 30 minutes before they played. I did want to see them, but I sort of hate bands and I didn’t know how  a punk band with no guitars was going to go over. Plus nothing is worse than seeing one of your friends bands and realizing they suck.

That was not a problem with Ho99o9. I had been hearing all this hype about them all week in Austin but I didn’t think I was going to get to see them. I was booked up and it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out. Fortunately the We Are Family showcase was less than a block from the Sailor Jerry Gallery and Saturday night was rainy and pretty relaxed everywhere so I knew I could slip out for a minute.

The show was even better than the hype. Ho99or put on one of the best shows I have seen in years. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had that much fun watching a band. Between the two vocalists, a sequencer and a drummer they put out so much fucking noise and put on a hell of a punk show without it feeling tired. Eaddy is one of the best front men I have ever seen and his partner in crime, Jean Lebrun, would be outstanding on his own.

When they launched into the Bad Brains anthem Attitude I forgot I had my camera in my hand and jumped into the mosh pit to sing a long. Fucking Bullshit used to cover it and I had just received an Attitude themed tattoo just hours earlier. I also ended up starting a circle pit at Eaddy’s request because the crowd seemed incredibly confused by the concept. Nothing some circular violence couldn’t fix.

I needed to head back to the SJ Gallery before their set was over but Eaddy kept jumping off shit and I kept missing it. I waited and waited and waited with my camera fixed on Eaddy. He finally jumped off an amp and nearly hit the ceiling and finally I caught it. Once I got the shot I needed I got the fuck out of there, totally pumped about the band and the photos I shot. One of my shots of them ended up in Rolling Stone’s gallery of SXSW photos and I can’t wait to see these dudes again. Honestly I just want to tour with them even though I know it will end up in my camera getting destroyed.

Now go look at all the photos of Ho99o9 at SXSW and keep up that PMA.

Ps. In totally unrelated news there is a sale on Girls of Driven By Boredom today. 20% off using code “america”.










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2105 SXSW Film Portraits

One of my favorite galleries every year is my SXSW Film portraits. It’s a chance to put a lot of photo related skills to use and shoot some stuff that’s not naked people or some crazy party or something. I spend the first few days of SXSW running around shooting very quick portraits with actors and directors that have movies in the festival and then the Village Voice and LA Weekly (and a bunch of other Voice Media papers) run a slideshow of all my photos.

It’s really fun to see what you can get in sometimes just seconds with an actor. Last year I promised a publicist that I could shoot three people by themselves and then all together in under 90 seconds if she let me take them out onto the balcony where it was slightly raining. I was done in 60. It doesn’t always work out for the best, like when I have to shoot seven different people in the same location, or when there are a dozen people there distracting the actors while I am trying to bang shots out, but over all I am pretty happy with a lot of this work.


  • Adrien Brody was excited about the shoot because his mom, Sylvia Plachy, used to shoot for the Voice.
  • Everyone in the cast of the Final Girls was really fun to shoot with even if the location wasn’t ideal.
  • Speaking of the Final Girls…  I want to take Alia Shawkat’s photo every day forever.
  • I shot Jason Schwartzman for 7 Chinese Brothers and The Overnight. Decidedly not a dick.
  • Always shooting Robert Duvall. That’s three Duvall related posts in a row.
  • Getting the Duplass Brothers to take a nap.
  • Shooting the Babysitter cast/crew on a lake. Fun kids, nice location.
  • Putting my brother in the gallery. The film he edited, A Wonderful Cloud, was fantastic.
  • Running into the homie Heems. He was in Creative Control and it was good to see that dude.
  • Shooting Ava’s Possessions, Excess Flesh and Lamb one at a time in the same room in under 10 min.
  • Fresno. Love Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer and Natasha Lyonne so much even if the photos are mediocre.

Now click here to see all of my 2015 SXSW Film Portraits!

Jason Schwartzman

Alia Shawkat

A Wonderful Cloud

Collin Hanks

Jay & Mark Duplass

Malin Akerman

Adrien Brody

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Wild Horses After Party – 3.17.15

My South By Southwest was pretty crazy and I took a lot of photos, but it was actually slightly tamer than normal. I had some days free during music week and for some reason I had nothing booked on the last day of SXSW Film. Fortunately for me I was asked to shoot the after party for the Robert Duvall film Wild Horses on the roof of a bar called Summit. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and I spent the afternoon taking photos of Duvall and friends, eating free food and partying with legit cowboys including Matthew McConaughey amazing older brother Rooster.

After the party I moved all my stuff from the couch I was sleeping on at my buddies house, to the couch I was sleeping on at the Sailor Jerry house and spent the rest of the day editing my film week photos and eating more food. No complaints.

Anyway, the Wild Horses party was a good time and I ran into a bunch of people I had photographed earlier in the week. The director of The Goob, Guy Myhill, asked me to take a photo of him with his Leica M6 and believe it or not it was the first time I had ever shot with one and ever since then I can’t stop thinking about getting one. Hopefully my shots with it came out okay.

Oh, and also Josh Hartnett was in the movie and at the party and apparently every lady I know was really excited about that. So enjoy photos of him too.

I have no idea where this write up is going, but you should probably just look at the photos and see the movie whenever it’s out in theaters. The end.

Click here to see all the photos from the Wild Horses after party at Summit. 

Wild Horses SXSW

Wild Horses SXSW

Robert Duvall & Josh Hartnett - Wild Horses

Wild Horses SXSW

Wild Horses SXSW

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2015 SXSW Film Red Carpet

Still trying to get up all this SXSW stuff but doing my taxes sort of interrupted my life yesterday but let’s switch gears to SXSW Film for a minute. I have three SXSW Film updates and I want to get one up today, tomorrow and Monday and all the SXSW should be wrapped up by Monday or Tuesday and then I have a pretty awesome set of my friend Erica to go up shortly after that. So keep checking back. Lot’s of stuff to lurk.

Today I want to give you probably my least favorite update from SXSW, but the one with the largest amount of famous people in it… SXSW Film red carpet photos. I really can’t stand photographing people on a giant wall of advertising but I would rather do that and shoot the shit with fellow photographers than stand in line for the movies. Plus people seem to like red carpet photos for some insane reason. I completely half assed this stuff, but enjoy looking at mediocre photos of celebrities anyway.

I shot the red carpets for Hello My Name Is Doris, Fresno, Lost River, Love & Mercy, Spy, and Wild Horses. Probably the coolest for me was getting to photograph Brian Wilson and John Cusack on the Love & Mercy step and repeat. Also shooting Sally Field was great because not only is she a legend but she seems like the nicest human ever. Shooting Robert Duvall is always amazing but I have now shot him three times off the red carpet, three times on the red carpet and I got hired to shoot the after party for Wild Horses so I’ve got plenty of Duvall shots, or as I know call him “Bobby”. Just kidding, he still terrifies me.

Okay, go enjoy your Saturday but quickly lurk my red carpet shots. Be back tomorrow with the Wild Horses after party pictures!

Click here to see all my photos from the 2015 SXSW Film Red carpet.

Ryan Gosling - SXSW

Sally Field SXSW

Hello My Name Is Doris Red Carpet

Robert Duvall Selfie

Fresno Red Carpet

Brian Wilson SXSW

John Cusack SXSW

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The SXSW Sailor Jerry Gallery

This is by far my biggest post of SXSW! Get ready for a LOT of photos.

Sailor Jerry flipped the scrip on South By Southwest this year by abandoning their yearly takeover of the Gypsy Lounge and decided to do stuff completely differently. Everyone has a million bands playing at SXSW every year but not everyone has priceless original Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins art work to show off.

Sailor Jerry took over an art gallery and over a four day period showed off original paintings, stencils and drawings from the most legendary tattoo artist of all time. I have been a fan of his art and have worked for the company that shares his name for years and I have never seen more than a handful original pieces and most of them were just stencils.  This collection had never been show in the US and it was amazing.

Aside from showing off the art during the day, in the evening Sailor Jerry turned the space into a private invite only lounge featuring free cocktails that changed every night. Instead of having a bunch of bands play, they had a bunch of bands DJ and it kept the thing way more mellow and a way to relax and get away from all the madness for a bit. The DJs included members of Thee Oh Sees, Spits, Ice Age, Lust For Youth plus Cheetah Chrome, Andy Animal, Al Lover and a bunch more.

You could tell the parties went really well because you could find editors of major music blogs hanging out drinking booze in the air conditioning instead of catching the new hip buzz band. Plus the homie Hannibal Buress came there straight from his Jimmy Kimmel appearance and came back the next day as soon as we opened. You know it’s a good time when the spot is bumping from the moment it opens until the weird after parties we had back at the Sailor Jerry house!

Anyway this gallery is MASSIVE and it features four nights of partying plus some day time shots of the gallery. It’s worth the click through. But the real question is how am I going to pick just 5-7 images to represent the whole week? I guess we are about to find out…

Click here to see all the photos from The Sailor Jerry Gallery at 2015 SXSW.

Hannibal Buress

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW

King Tuff

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW

Sailor Jerry Gallery SXSW


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Levitation Day Party – 3.19.15

As my SXSW updates continue I bring you some photos from the only music week day party I photographed. During music week for the most part I only had stuff to do at night. When it ended up raining on Friday and Saturday I just decided eating and sleeping were a better use of my time than seeing another band. I had already been in Austin for a week and I was already pretty beat up. Fortunately Thursday was really nice out and I got a chance check out Hotel Vegas.

Hotel Vegas was doing the Levitation/ Austin Psych Fest day party and because my client Sailor Jerry was one of the sponsors and helped curate the bands I had a VIP pass and I got to walk right in seconds before Thee Oh See’s went on. I have probably seen Thee Oh See’s play 15 times and for some reason every single time has been in Austin. I pretty much equate them with SXSW so it would have been weird not to have seen them. Even with a new line up John Dwyer and company killed it as always.

While I was there I also shot my buddy Justin’s band (also with a new line up) Residuels (sic) and I saw the first song by the sitar playing Gourisankar. Plus I invited a ton of people to the Sailor Jerry Gallery party that night and met a girl named Isabel that I ended up photographing two days later. Good times!

Click here to see all the photos from the Levitation/ Austin Psych Fest party at Hotel Vegas.

Thee Oh Sees

Levitation SXSW Party

Levitation SXSW Party


Levitation SXSW Party


Levitation SXSW Party


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2015 SXSW Gaming Convention

Finally I am back home and I nearly feel like a human after two weeks of constant sleep deprivation and a steady diet of tacos and bbq. I have a TON of SXSW photos to get up into a quick seven updates. Let’s start off with an easy one that’s a bit different from my normal SXSW coverage… the SXSW Gaming Convention.

Did you even know that SXSW had a gaming convention? I didn’t until a couple years ago when my friend Seth Herzog hosted a cosplay competition there. The convention is pretty far away from the rest of SXSW but the shuttle bus stops there on the way to some of the theaters that were part of the film fest so I got off at the gaming convention when I had a few hours between movies.

I love shooting conventions because I love passionate fans of anything. Photographing fans and conventions is part of a larger project I am working on and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to shoot some gamers. In the two hours there I got a bunch of stuff that might end up in my final fan project and I got a decent gallery for the Village Voice as well. PLUS I got to see over 100 people watch kids play Street Fighter like they were watching an actual boxing match. Wild shit.

Click here to see all my shots from the 2015 SXSW Gaming Convention!

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention

SXSW Gaming Convention


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Headed Back To SXSW

Tomorrow I am skipping town for the next two weeks. Headed to my 12th straight SXSW. Because I won’t be able to update like I would normally I am moving everything over to the magical Driven By Boredom Road Trip Blog for daily updates while I am gone. So if you get this and it’s any time between now and the 23rd of March I you should click over there!

For those in Austin or just interested in my life for some weird reason I will be shooting SXSW Film stuff for the Village Voice/ LA Weekly media empire as part of my yearly SXSW Film Portraits. I start Friday on that stuff and go until Monday. On Tuesday I am working the premiere and after party for the new Robert Duvall directed film Wild Horses which should be a lot of fun.

Then South By Southwest Music starts and I am working the art gallery of original Sailor Jerry flash that is part of the official SXSW program (flyer below). Wednesday through Saturday night I am working some private parties that I can’t technically talk about but if we are friends and you want to go hit me up. During the day during SXSW Music I am freelancing for Rolling Stone and Noisey so hopefully I will find some cool stuff for them too.

Should be a fun trip and hopefully I will take an insane amount awesome photos.

Now click here to visit the Road Trip Blog while I am at SXSW! 

Sailor Jerry SXSW Gallery


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Louisiana Adventure In 35mm

My lady Pinky had some vacation she was looking to take and I am constantly looking to take photos of weird roadside attraction’s and world’s largest anything so we decided to go on a trip down to New Orleans. Our last road trip was both weird and wonderful so I had high hopes for the always weird Louisiana. I brought my digital camera with me but I ended up only shooting film the whole trip. I edited a few rolls down to about 20 photos but there’s some fun stuff here and absolutely no nudity which is a nice change of pace!

Most of the trip we spent in New Orleans eating amazing crawfish related foods and getting weird tattoos but we also took a day trip to Abita Springs on the north shore of the massive Lake Pontchartrain. If you haven’t driven on a 20+ mile bridge before I would recommend it.

Our destination was the Abita Mystery House home of the bassigator, dogigator and several other alligator related nightmares. It was the highlight of the trip and that is saying something considering I would rather eat etouffee than do just about anything. If you are ever near Abita Springs you NEED to go. Pinky ended up getting a Darrel the Dogigator tattoo and I got the Mystery House’s question mark logo tattooed to my shin. It was a memorable trip.

Thanks to my buddy Downtown Terry Brown and Downtown Tattoos for the hook up!

Oh and we also went to the world’s largest safety pin and the supposed world’s largest Ronald Reagan tattoo but honestly Ronnie wasn’t that big. I feel like America’s first president to star in a movie with a chimp deserves a bigger statue.

Click here to see the 35mm photos from our trip to New Orleans and the Abita Mystery House!

Pinky & A Biking Gator

Abita Mystery House

New Orleans

Ronnie Reagan


Pinky Doing Pinky

Giant Safety Pin By Claes Oldenburg

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