Amarna Miller & Silvia Rubi

Headed to New Orleans today for a mini vacation with my lady friend. My whole life is a vacation so I don’t really do relaxing very well but I am going to fucking try. I am sure I will take some photos and we also picked a terrible time to go (50 degrees and rainy all week!) but I wouldn’t expect any updates this week. 

I wanted to get something ready to go so I edited one of the last shoots I did because it was still on my computer and not a hard drive. It actually was on my camera’s memory card for a week because I didn’t shoot anything for a while after I got back from my most recent trip to LA. 

Anyway, I met these two cute Spanish porn stars, Amarna Miller and Silvia Rubi  at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. I posted the picture I took of them and mentioned on Twitter that I wanted to shoot them. They got back to me right away and a few hours later they were naked on a roof at the Hard Rock. (You can see those photos right now on Girls of DBB!)

I hung out with them a bunch over the weekend and probably took way too many photos. I wanted to shoot them again when we were all in LA the following week so they came over to my weird hotel room and we took a ton of pictures of them just fucking around.

This is one of those shoots where the quality of the photography doesn’t really matter. I was shooting with flash and they were just wrestling each other and we were all laughing and just having a weird time. It was a lot of fun and I think we got some great photos — both funny and sexy ones — that are pretty mediocre photographically. 

It actually reminds me a lot of one of my favorite sets ever, with Skin and Asphyxia (also in Vegas!). They just got high and I took random photos of them wrestling. This was pretty much the same except Silvia and Amarna had beers instead of weed. All of it really fun/funny.

This set is huge and the edit I posted on Girls of DBB is even bigger. It has 22 extra photos that are extra explicit and all of them in high resolution. That’s like a whole bonus set with nothing but vagina shots. Good times.

Okay, I edited these photos and am writing this post on a train from DC to NYC and this is getting kinda long so I am gonna go now.

But click here to see all the photos of Spanish babes Silvia Rubi and Amarna Miller wrestling naked in a creepy Hollywood motel room!

Ps. None of these photos are even slightly safe for work. This one photo preview below is the best I could do.

 Amarna Miller & Slivia Rubi

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#MetLifeTakeover Videos

You can file this under stuff you don’t care about.

I have done so much weird shit in my life that you probably wouldn’t expect based on everything else about me. I was thinking recently about creating a resume featuring just the stuff I have done that isn’t related to photography. The #1 thing on that list is founding the world’s largest Miami Dolphins fan club: Dolfans NYC.

Today Dolfans NYC released two videos from the events we through around the NY Jets/Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football game in December. My Dolphins won and we through one hell of a tailgate so I was happy even though our season was all downhill from there.

It took us a while to get the videos together but they are finally out. The first one is from the Dolfans NYC pre-party we through the Sunday before the game. A ton of people were in town from all over the country so we wanted to show them our bar Slattery’s and have some fun. It was a pretty good time.

The second video is the tailgate and footage from the actual game. We had 1200 people sitting together and it was a pretty amazing time even though it was fucking freezing. A ton of Dolphins players shouted us out after the game. It’s a pretty great feeling knowing that you impacted the game in some small way.

I know 99% of you don’t but if you want to know more you can read my post about it over on Dolfans NYC or go back and look at the original write up I did on DBB with my photos from the events.

Now even if you don’t care about this shit you should watch the second video. It’s a pretty impressive thing we have built. Enjoy, or something.

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Wastewater Valentine’s Day – 2.14.15

I hope you guys had a good Valentine’s Day; I know I did. I haven’t really cared about Valentine’s Day since my mom stopped giving me candy but this year romance (and methane) was in the air. My lady person freelances for the Village Voice and decided to write a story on the Newtown Creek Wastewater Plant’s Valentine’s Day tour and she told me I had to come with her so she could best judge how romantic the experience is. Luckily I also freelance for the Voice so I got to take some photos for her story.

So essentially 1/5th of New York City’s sewage is cleaned by Newtown Creek in Greenpoint. It’s the largest wastewater plant in New York and for some reason they do Valentine’s Day tours. There are beautiful views from the top of these giant shit filtering eggs but they aren’t heated and are mostly outdoors so it’s fucking freezing. I didn’t wear gloves because I am not a pussy so my hands were pretty much ruined while taking photos of couples try to keep warm while avoiding the smell of raw sewage as much as possible.

Perhaps it was not the most romantic of adventures but they did give us candy and a pin that looks like a manhole cover which is pretty much my favorite thing ever now. It was also awesome to get to work with my lady on such an absurd Valentine’s Day assignment — clearly she is a keeper.

Click here to read her story about our trip on the Village Voice.

And click here to see my photos from the Newtown Creek Wastewater Valentine’s Day Tour!

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

Wastewater Plant Valentine's Day Tour

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2015 LA Art Book Fair

If you know me at all you would probably agree that I am not the most exuberant of humans. I tend to be monotonous and often pessimistic. I live a pretty great life and while I appreciate it, there are few things that really bring me joy. If you were to ask me what makes me the most happy in life I would immediately answer the Miami Dolphins winning a game, but that happens pretty rarely. My second answer would be when I open the first box of something I have created.

When I was 15 I started a magazine and a record label and assembling that first box of records was one of the greatest moments of my life. Since then I have made all manor of media and merch and it always brings me great pleasure. Recently I have produced four photo books/zines/albums and I brought them all to the LA Art Book Fair and it was the best thing to happen in ages despite spending the previous week photographing naked porn stars.

I have been to the NY Art Book Fair a bunch of times and it’s always great but thanks to PaperWork NYC this was the first time I have ever sold anything at an art book fair. I had copies of my new book Dinner With Igor, the zine Food Tattoos, my expensive Vegas photo album and the special Fuck LA zine and print I made just for the fair.

I actually sold a ton of stuff. I got back less than 10 Dinner With Igor’s and I had Dana DeArmond sign five of those. I got back about 15 of the 50 Fuck LA’s that I made and I had April O’Neil sign five of those. I even sold one of the Vegas albums even though I mostly brought them for display. I have sold more than 10 of them but they have all been to fans of my work, not just people who picked it up randomly at the book fair. I got a ton of Food Tattoos back but I brought a ton of them too but still I think I have less than 100 of the 300 I originally printed. All good news.

Aside from selling stuff I also bought a ton of stuff and met a few of my favorite artists. I bought Ed and Deanna Templeton’s out of print zine collection and I finally got to meet Ed. I ran into Tony Stamolis who I love as an artist and have been friends with via the internet for years. He loved Fuck LA so I traded him one for a print which actually came in the mail today. I met Tom Neely of Henry and Glenn Forever fame and got him to sign a copy of the first book. I also got to meet Bill Daniel an old punk rock photographer who I have bought several photos from over the years (including photos of Henry Rollins & Glenn Danzig oddly enough) and got a photo he shot of Glen E. Friedman who I also own a photo (and many books) by. I probably spent another $200 on top of that so I probably didn’t make quite as much money as I could have, but I have no complaints. Pretty epic weekend.

I took a handful of black and white photos and a few snapshots at the book fair and a few at the Love//War show. I figured they made sense together as a small 35mm gallery you guys might enjoy.

So click here to see my 35mm shots from the 2015 LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA! (Very mildly NSFW)

And click here to see my recently updated Etsy store featuring all my books, zines and other photography items perfect for Valentines Day or Presidents Day or some other holiday that you could justify spending money on my arts.

Ed Templeton


Booth Babe

Ray Potes Of Hamburger Eyes

Day By Day

April O'Neil

Bill Daniels

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Janice Griffith

I have known Janice Griffith for while now and we have been though a lot. I actually met her before she ever did any porn or nude modeling or anything like that. She was only 17 but somehow had snuck into the last Is Anyone Up party and was wearing a Pokeball bra. Let’s just say I am very glad I didn’t try and get her out of it. A year later someone Tweeted a photo of her and I thought she was a babe so I followed her on Twitter. She immediately followed me back and DMed me that we had met before and sent me a link to that Pokeball photo.

A year ago when was in Vegas for the AVN Awards we met for the second time. I ended up photographing her with Veruca James but I have yet to publish the photos for some reason. A few months later I was in LA and we took photos again. Then a few days later we both had one of the worst days of our life together which for both legal and emotional reasons I won’t mention. After that horrible bonding experience we became pretty close friends and I have hung out and taken her photograph a ton of times since then.

Despite the amount of times she has been in front of my camera we have only done two proper shoots. One in Vegas and one in a hotel in LA. The Vegas one I will get to one of these days but for now I have the second set we did shot in LA maybe 9 months ago. Janice is such a babe so I know you are going to dig these. Also, we shot these with the idea that they might end up in a certain men’s magazine which would required a lot more graphic photos than what I normally shoot so if you want to see those photos I put them all on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Go lurk them there.

Now click here to see all my NSFW photos of Janice Griffith!

Ps. Janice is in Fuck LA and my Vegas album.

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

Janice Griffith

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Love//War – 1.31.15

I have been back from LA for nearly a week and I think by tomorrow I will be caught up on life. I still have a pretty serious Gmail inbox problem but I hope to bang all that shit out tomorrow. The catching up process continues with the photos from the Love//War art show at MAMA Gallery that I was in exactly one week ago today. I posted about it on the Road Trip blog but here’s a better write up.

I was really blown away when I saw the artists in this show and saw my name listed as one of them. Photo legends? Check: Ed Templeton and Boogie. Friends I respect and love as artists? Check: Slutlust, Erik Foss, Mike Krim & Sean Maung. People who are famous for other shit that you can name check? Check: Norman Reedus and Leo Fitzpatrick. Babes that make rad art? Check: Rachel Roze and Natalie Krim. Grafitti artists selling artwork for five figure prices? Check: Mint&Serf and Skullphone.

The show was curated by Mint&Serf and Mike Krim’s Paperwork NYC and those dudes did one hell of a job. The show was about conflict: love vs war, New York vs LA, sex vs violence, street art vs contemporary art. They packed MAMA Gallery with art and then with people. Supposedly over 2000 people made it out to the opening. When the gallery first got really packed I looked down at my watch and it was 7:03pm. The show started at 7. It was packed all night and when it was over there were still probably 100 people in the streets hanging out front.

It was an amazing event and I didn’t do a great job of capturing it because I was too busy hanging out with friends and trying to avoid talking to anyone about my “art”. Speaking of my art, my two pieces in the show were nice and fucked up. I don’t actually know that they didn’t sell but I am going to assume no one wanted to spend $750 to hang a photo of a dead fighting cock or a crack head getting arrested on their wall. I sent those dudes probably 40 photos and they chose the two least sellable images of all time and I am totally fine with that. It was nice to watch people make their way around to my images, look up, recoil and move to the next works as quickly as possible.

Next up the show is coming to NYC and then a book is apparently coming. I can’t wait for all that shit. I spend a grand and a week of my life going to Puerto Rico to do a story on cockfighting that was never published so it’s pretty awesome to see my dead rooster make it’s way around the country.

Before I get to the photos I should mention one thing… photographer Pretty Puke was supposed to be in the show but never got his shit together. Sadly two days after the show he got badly injured in a car accident. He of course doesn’t have health insurance and needs your help. I am tragically broke right now so I could only throw in $25 but if I get a couple of you guys to throw in too it would be awesome. I really wanted to talk to the guy about doing some project together and I hope that can still happen one day. Donate to Pretty Puke’s medical fund now.

Now after that depressing news, click here to see all my photos from Love//War at MAMA Gallery in LA.

Bonus coverage of the event: PurpleBullett – Live Fast

Yung Jake & PJ Monte


Vivianne Lapointe Of Live Fast



Cat Marnell

Julia Barna



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2015 AVN Awards & Adult Entertainment Expo

I am finally back from the West Coast. After one of the worst travel experiences of my life I arrived back in NYC to 16 degree weather and find that the car I was borrowing was completely covered in ice! I am still glad to be back though because warm weather is for cowards and California is full of beautiful flaky people who go to bed really early.

I already posted my galleries from the 2015 AVN Awards and the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo over on my Road Trip blog, but I wanted to get these up on the main page and perhaps give you slightly more info on the whole thing. And I mean slightly because I need to go dig out this fucking car right now.

The Adult Entertainment Expo is the trade show that happens around the same time as the AVN Awards at the Hard Rock in Vegas. It features lots of naked ladies standing around getting hugged by dudes who waited in long lines to hug naked ladies. It’s always a weird thing to watch but I sort of love taking photos of people obsessed with anything. Fans are the best. Also it’s sort of like a family reunion and it’s nice to see all the people I only see once or twice a year.

The AVN Awards are the porn Oscars and they are always a good photo op. My back was fucked up so I didn’t quite nail my coverage as hard as usual but I still took a lot of damn photos. Rae Sremmurd played and my buddy Tommy Pistol was one of the hosts so that was all great.

Anikka Albrite won best female performer of the year which makes I think the 4th year in a row that the award has gone to a Spiegler Girl. Mark Spiegler is my favorite agent in porn and I tend to get along with his girls better than most people in the industry so I am always glad when his ladies win stuff. Anikka once watched me eat a giant hamburger in one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to in my life so we are pretty much bonded for life. Her dude Mick Blue won male performer of the year so that was really cute.

Carter Cruise won best new starlet and she is also a Spiegler Girl. I hadn’t heard of her before so I googled her and saw that she followed me on Twitter so I hit her up and we went out on my last night in LA and we took a ton of fun pictures that you will get to see one day. She rules so congrats to her too.

Other friends that won stuff included Adriana Chechik, Samantha Bentley, Bonnie Rotten and some other people I haven’t photographed naked… Okay, I have some photos of James Deen naked somewhere… but none of Lee Roy Meyers.

Lastly, I should mention that I shot a ton of naked photos while I was in Vegas and a lot of them are up on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Drunken Stepfather ran a gallery of some exclusive shots and you can get 10% off the app with the code “stepfather”.

Now click here to see all the photos from the 2015 AVN Awards in Vegas.

And click here to see all the photos from the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo.

Ps. This was way longer than it was supposed to be.

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Adult Entertainment Expo

Rae Sremmurd @ AVN

Adriana Chechik @ AEE

James Deen & Gaby Dunn

Bonnie Rotten @ AEE

Mark Spiegler & Jessie Andrews

Adult Entertainment Expo

AVN Awards Hosts Tommy Pistol & Alexis Texas


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