35mm Artist Portraits

For some unexplained reason I haven’t really picked up my camera recently. Not sure if it’s the winter or the holidays or what but I just haven’t had a reason to shoot. So I figured this would be a good opportunity to publish some of the outtakes from my Arts zine. I photographed a ton of artists for this, and then I also had a bunch of shots I had taken in the past that sort of inspired the zine in the first place.

Essentially this is a collection of 35mm black and white photos of artists. This gallery includes the shots that are in the zine, and some outtakes from those shoots, but it also includes a handful of photos of artists that didn’t make the zine for whatever reason. They didn’t make the zine because they are photographers or don’t make work on paper, didn’t get the art into me in time (God dammit Oliver!) or I just didn’t know them well enough to ask.  Whatever the case there are a bunch of pretty black and white photos in here that you should look at.

So take a look at the photos and then buy a copy of the zine. You need Arts in your life!

Click here to see the full gallery of 35mm artist portraits.


Lamour Supreme

Penelope Gazin

Molly Crabapple


Minka Sicklinger

Nicholas Gazin

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T-Shirts, Turtles & Takeovers!

Hi there. I have some stuff for you guys and I figured I could throw all of it in one post and use alliteration in the title to make it seem more like this post has a real purpose and not just a thinly disguised attempt to sell you more shit you don’t need. Let’s begin.

First up, I found 17 old Driven By Boredom t-shirts under my couch. These shirts were for DBB’s 8th anniversary back in 2009. Apparently I forgot they were there. I threw them up on Etsy last night and now there are only 12 left and honestly I might keep a couple of them so if you want one, you should do it soon. Just saying. ORDER NOW!

Damon James In The DBB T-Shirt


Next up… Remember my Arts zine? I am really proud of that thing. It features really lovely black and white portraits of some amazing artist friends of mine and a selection of their art work. It’s printed well, inexpensive and fairly collectable given it’s small edition and great collection of artist… but because it doesn’t have any nudity in it, no one bought it. Seriously, I have sold like 30 of them. All of my other zines have done great, but this one? Not so much. I have learned my lesson… Fuck art, more tits.

Anyway, at the Zine Friends release party for Arts I traded amazingly talented human Penelope Gazin a print of a tiny puppy on a giant butt for a bunch of 5″x7″ drawings of the art school test turtle on the cover of Arts. (Side note – that turtle has an actual name and that name is Tippy.) I am keeping one of the drawings because it was a drawing of a turtle vomiting at the site of my genitals which seemed important. But the other four turtles are now for sale with the zine! So get your own Penelope Gazin drawing now! Do it!

Art School Turtle By Penelope Gazin

Lastly, tonight my Dolphins are playing in their first and only Monday Night Football game of the year. Seemed like a perfect occasion to debut the video from the 2015 #MetLifeTakeover. The Takeover is a massive tailgate party/group trip that my club Dolfans NYC organizes to MetLife Stadium when the Dolphins come up to play the Jets.

The game went very poorly for the Dolphins but we threw a hell of a party! We had  nearly 1000 people go with us and had a huge tailgate with live music, catered food and free drinks thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, Sailor Jerry rum and AquaHydrate water. We had the CEO and Vice-President of the Dolphins stop by the tailgate and even Ace Ventura showed up! Check out the video!


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Introducing Kate

This is Kate. She is real pretty. I met her at the Boobs of Bushwick party last winter. She was topless then and now she’s topless again. I was reminded that I hadn’t yet published her photos when I was posting the Finch Linden photos on Monday because we shot those on Kate’s roof.

Kate is a hairdresser and has one of those cool dryer things in her house that she actually uses which is wild. I came over to her place and she was just hanging out smoking weed in that thing so I took some photos of that and then she proceeded to get real high… maybe too high as I had to get rid of about 50 photos because her eyes were closed. Still, we got some lovely photos I think. I mean as I mentioned she is real pretty.

At the end of the shoot we went outside and took some naked photos of her on a bike for this public nudity zine that I just finished (comes out in January). I only had a few of them so I decided that they would be exclusive to Girls of Driven By Boredom because people like public nudity and I like money.

Now click here to lurk the rest these lovely NSFW photos of Kate!







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Finch Linden Returns

Did you know I haven’t posted any naked photo sets in almost a month? I didn’t. That shit changes this week.

First up, one of the best humans, Finch Linden. Finch is the most adorable but she also looks really rad naked and that sort of combination is pretty unstoppable. Add the fact that she is a talented photographer herself and real fun to hang out with and you get a super crushable human.

I met Finch through Gods Girls and the first time we took photos I was pretty sure I was going to go to jail because she got fully naked in the middle of the busiest intersection in Williamsburg. The second time we shot was when I was visiting San Francisco and we took some photos I really love. This time we shot on the roof of this girl Kate’s apartment in Brooklyn which reminds me that I haven’t posted the photos of Kate yet. Perhaps this week?

Speaking of this week, I am gonna get three naked lady sets up this week since I have been slacking on the babes. I already uploaded two of the galleries to Girls of Driven By Boredom but you have to be a subscriber to find out who the second set is… but it’s totally worth it because you can see this Finch set (and many, many others) in high resolution plus you get tons of exclusive content and early previews. Yeah, get on it.

Now click here to see all the babely NSFW photos of Finch Linden. 

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

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2015 #MetLifeTakeover

I have thrown a lot of parties in my life and honestly most of them have been pretty successful. I started out booking punk bands in highs school before moving on to managing bands and helping throw the occasional dance party. When I moved to NYC I decided there was too much competition to spend that kinda energy but I have thrown a couple parties a year for the last decade or so anyway. Out of the probably hundreds of events I have thrown or helped thrown I can only think of a handful that were disasters so I think over all I have had a pretty solid party throwing career.

All that being said, nothing compares to the #MetLifeTakeover.

For the last five or six years my Dolfans NYC partner Michelle and I have been throwing massive group trips to the Dolphins/ Jets game every year when the Dolphins come up to New Jersey. It really started with a loosely organized group in 2010 before getting a pretty serious group of about 70 in 2011. In 2012 the name #MetLifeTakeover was born and things really took off with about 200 people gathered the day before Hurricane Sandy hit. In 2013 the Jets ticket sales people took notice and actually started helping us organize a much bigger purchase when we had 750 people sitting together!

Last year we hit our all time record with 1200 Dolphins fans sitting together across four sections. This year we only had 900 because of the Thanksgiving holiday (Okay, the real reason is because the Dolphins are terrible) but we threw our biggest tailgate party yet with catered food, drink sponsors and music care of DJ Tropic and Solo D. We also threw a party the day before the event at our bar Slattery’s and raised about $5000 for charity over the two days not including the money we made from ticket sales.

The Dolphins got embarrassed on the field (although our record is still pretty good as our last loss in New Jersey came in 2o11) but we had a hell of a time off it and even at the end of the game you could still hear us loud an clear when the Dolphins scored a garbage time touchdown with 5 seconds left.

Aside from the game everything was amazing and I actually think you might dig looking at the photos even if you don’t care about sports. Fandom is always fun to lurk. But before I get to that I just wanted to thank our sponsors Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry & AquaHydrate. Taking photos of drunk people for a living sometimes has it’s benefits and getting lot of free booze (and water!) is one of them. Thanks guys!

Now click here to see all the photos from the 2015 Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover and Pre-party!

Fintroopers Love PBR

Sailor Jerry & Cider

Ace Ventura Was At Our Tailgate

Michelle & Solo D

Jarvis Landry Unicorn

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Prince Terrence’s Wedding – 11.9.15

I have spent my career refusing to photograph weddings, but sometimes I go to weddings and I always have my camera on me so I sometimes take pictures. A couple weeks ago I went to Prince Terrence’s wedding in Vegas and of course took some photos along the way. He got married to video director, bad ass babe and baby momma Bijoux Altamirano and it was a great time.

In less awesome news apparently my Contax T2 broke and most of the photos I took came out terrible. I got 8 rolls back the other day and the six rolls I shot on the T2 were mostly usable because of horrible light leaks and one of the other rolls was scratched somehow. Fucking wonderful.

That being said I decided to upload a gallery of 20 whole photos from the vVgas weekend because there’s nudity and their adorable two year old (Happy birthday Angel!) and people like looking at stuff like that even if the photos aren’t that awesome.

So yeah the first night was Terry’s bachelor party which was also Bijoux’ bachelorette party at the same time. Our buddy (and reality show judge) Chris Santos couldn’t make it so he got Terry hooked up with a bottle at Hakkasan which is kinda hilarious because everyone at the wedding was a too cool for school hipster and we just drank the bottle and got the fuck out of there and on to a strip club where we were waaay more out of place.

Honestly going to Sapphire with a bunch of people wearing skinny jeans and all black everything was kinda hilarious. After Terry’s best man Brad (from this band) somehow talked the strip club into giving us a free $600 bottle we all just sat there uncomfortably drinking free booze. I think other than a couple of ones (and tipping our waitress) we didn’t spend a penny. I explained to one of the girls that I have dated way too many strippers to feel comfortable getting hustled for money. She just gave me her number and told me she wanted me to take her photo next time she was in NYC.

After that I won $200 playing penny slots, Brad lost like $500 betting on black over and over again (he had his reasons) and then we stayed up until 7am eating horrible food. By the time I went to sleep I hadn’t slept in 48 hours. Good times.

The next day they got married at the absurd drive-thru wedding chapel that Joan Collins and Michael Jordan got married at (although apparently not to each other). Britney Spears also got married there which I was reminded of at least a dozen times throughout the wedding. They didn’t get married by an Elvis impersonator but there was one hanging out and they did play Elvis during the wedding which I appreciated.

The wedding reception was held at Shake Shack because of course and then we gambled more and Brad made half his money back betting on black three more times in a row while I lost about $150 of my earlier winnings playing an Ellen Degeneres slot machine which seemed like the can’t miss move. Apparently her slots are not as loose as I hoped.

Also in these photos are some boobs cause why wouldn’t there be? It’s fucking Vegas.

Click here to see all 20 of the 35mm photos from Prince Terrence & Bijoux’s wedding in Las Vegas!

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding


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Amy Shapiro

I love bartering for stuff. I try and do a lot of print trades and things like that to collect my friends art and I certainly love trading photo work for tattoos. At least a quarter of my tattoos have come from trading photo work for them so when tattoo artist Amy Shapiro asked me to photograph her band for a tattoo I was totally psyched.

Unfortunately by the time Amy actually tattooed me she was no longer in the band. The tattoo also took much longer than the photo shoot did so I told her I owed her some more photos. A couple months ago Amy reached out to me saying she needed some press photos. I was working on my new “Arts” zine at the time and it seemed like a perfect reason to head over to Amy’s studio and get a portrait for my zine while at the same time helping Amy out with some press photos. Everyone wins.

I also though these photos would be a great opportunity to promote the Arts zine that Amy is in and all these other amazing artists are in and you should fucking order it right god damn now.

Also, you should go get a tattoo from Amy at Three Kings Tattoo because he rules and Three Kings rules and yeah.. do it.

Now click here to look at some photos of Amy Shapiro looking adorable as per always.

Amy Shapiro

Amy Shapiro

Amy Shapiro


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Aria Alexander

I was in Las Vegas for a few days and now I am in LA and I haven’t really had any time to sit in front of a computer but I wanted to get something up for you guys. Being in LA reminded me that I had a bunch of photos of Aria Alexander and I think you should look at them.

I met Aria Alexander after someone told me that my favorite agent in porn, Mark Spiegler, had a new girl that looked like she could be Lily LaBeau’s sister. Lily, as you may know, is one of my favorite models ever so I had to shoot her porn sister. Spiegler introduced us and a few months later we got to take photos at my ex lady Kimberly Kane’s new place that had some really lovely light. Thanks KK!

I gotta go take some photos so I am gonna wrap this up, but Aria is great and you should go look at these naked photos of her. Also, there are some bonus (super classy) pictures of her vagina and stuff in high resolution over on Girls of Driven By Boredom if you wanna look at those…

Click here to see all the NFSW photos of the adorable Aria Alexander!

Aria Alexander

Aria Alexander

Aria Alexander

Aria Alexander

Aria Alexander

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Zine Friends On Saturday!

I am really excited about Zine Friends this weekend. I know I wrote about it a little bit last week but I wanted to do an official post since I have been working my ass off getting ready for it. Zine Friends is a zine fair put on by Killer Acid and Wizard Skull at Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg. It’s part of Comic Arts Brooklyn, it’s happening this Saturday from 11am to 7pm and I will be there the whole time.

An yeah, I realize that I should not be excited about sitting in a chair for 8 hours but I am real happy to be doing my own table. I have sold stuff at zine fair in the past but never had my own table. I went out and bought dumb stuff like displays for the zines and things like that and made a bunch of new stuff for the fair.

The main thing I have for the fair is my new Arts zine. It features black and white 35mm photos of artists with their art. It’s my first collaborative zine and the first one to feature exclusively black and white photos. Very different from anything I have done before. Plus it has that art school turtle on the cover which is awesome.

I will be of course selling my older zines/ books like Same Old City, Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. I might break out the artist proof editions of Fuck LA that I was saving for something special and maybe even some proof pages from the long sold out Get Your Kicks. Oh, and I will have the super rare What Happens In Vegas photo album!

A big thing I have for zine friends is a ton of photo prints. I don’t normally sell 8″x10″ prints because they don’t make me enough money to make it worth to pull images and print them, but I made a ton of 8″x10″ prints just for Zine Friends (and hopefully future zine fairs!). I will also have some Polaroids including some I have never published or made available for sale and some left over prints from Dinner With Igor and Fuck LA.

On top of that I will have Driven By Boredom shot glasses which at the moment you can only get as part of the DBB Grab Bag, I will have a bunch of post cards and stickers I even made some new buttons! Plus there should be a big surprise that I collaborated on with another artist… but I don’t want to give that away until it’s completely finished. It’s pretty fantastic though…

I think that’s all I can remember for now, but I will probably bring a bag full of stuff from my archives. I have some old DBB shirts laying around and I am sure I can find some other crap around my apartment that won’t really be for sale unless you ask about it. So if you read this, and can can make it out and care, let me know.

I guess that’s all I have to say. I will of course be signing anything you want and I am sure some of the artists there in the zine will sign stuff as well. Oh, and everything will be on sale and cheaper than on my Etsy store and you can barter with me and shit. Now here’s Facebook invite and here’s the flyer. See you in Brooklyn Saturday…

Zine Friends!

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