The End Of The Road W/ Miss Crash

This is it – the last episode of Road Strip! It’s been over a year since I returned from my 18 day Route 66 road trip and over a year since the book of my adventures came out. But the web series created from my journey kept the fun alive for more than a dozen episodes. That ends today. The 13th and final episode is finally out!

If you haven’t seen all (or any) of the very NSFW Road Strip web series, start at the beginning and watch the whole insane journey from Detroit to LA. (Route 66 actually starts in Chicago but it was way cheaper to rent a car in the Motor City.)

Thanks to all the models… Dixie Comet, Caprice Capone, Sidney Scarlett, Theresa Manchester, Charlotte Stokely, Annalee Belle, Ash Hollywood, Angel Beau, Coco Velvett and Miss Crash! And an even bigger thanks to Leeroy Meyers and the Wood Rocket crew for helping me fund this insane adventure and buying this super amateur web series from me. It’s pretty clear that I have no idea what I am doing video-wise but I think in the end these things came out pretty well.

The final episode features a day at the beach with Miss Crash. We drove down to the technical ending of Route 66 which is not at all marked before heading down to the ceremonial ending, the Santa Monica Pier. We got her naked in a Ferris Wheel (for the third time on my trip!) and then took her under the board walk for a few more photos. After I went back to her place and we shot a mini set that is available exclusively on the Girls of DBB app.

It was a pretty great day and a great end to my Route 66 trip and a nice ending to the Road Strip series!

Watch the final episode of Road Strip here and check out these three fun unpublished 35mm outtakes below from our trip to the end of the road!

Miss Crash Route 66

Miss Crash Route 66

Miss Crash Route 66

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Exxxotica NJ – 11.8.14

I try to get to the Exxxotica porn convention in NJ every year at least for a few hours. It’s a good chance to see a bunch of my LA porn friends on the east coast. Usually I just snap a few pictures, hang out with some friends and maybe meet some new girls that I could photograph. It’s pretty casual.

This year was a bit different because I brought my friend Pinky Guest who went to Antiques Roadshow with me. She wrote two articles for the Village Voice including this hilarious holiday gift guide about the weird things one can buy at Exxxotica NJ.

The last item on her gift guide happens to be the creepy highlight of my Exxxotica. My friend Sydney Leathers is a lovely human who also happens to be a fame whore who made headlines when she published sexts from Anthony Wiener. She then made a porn film called Wiener and Me and made headlines again when she brought Vice Magazine to her labiaplasty. The final piece in the PR stunt puzzle was to put her removed labium on eBay!

Unfortunately (or in my case fortunately!) eBay took down her auction because apparently you aren’t allowed so sell human body parts. Fortunately for me it’s legal to give people your human body parts! I randomly was talking to Facebook about how I have a creepy collection of dead things in jars and she told me I could have her labium. She just wanted it out of her apartment. I realize it’s insanely creepy to be as excited as I am about getting part of a vagina in a jar but I totally am.

So yeah, it was great seeing my porn friends and I had fun with Pinky photographing weird stuff for sale at the convention, but honestly nothing could top owning an infamous labium! Thanks Sydney!

Now click here to see all my NSFW photos from the 2014 Exxxotica porn convention in Edison, NJ!

Sydney Leathers' Labia!


Belle Knox

Asa Akira & Ash Hollywood




Evan Stone

Ms. Exxxotica

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Jenna Valentine Is Back!

Jenna Valentine is one of my favorite humans and I am glad I got to shoot her again even if it was really quickly and in the middle of nowhere.

I met Jenna though Gods Girls and I got to shoot her at the Gods Girls lair and then again we shot in the back yard of my buddy Tom’s house. This time I had to shoot her at a truck stop in between LA and Vegas.

I happened to be in LA and Vegas a few months ago and I hit Jenna up about shooting again. She was also going to be in LA and Vegas but on opposite days. We realized we would actually be on the road at the exact same time so we made plans to meet at the first exit in Nevada and we shot behind Whiskey Pete’s casino!

It was insanely windy and super sunny out. Jenna has long hair and insanely fair skin. This meant we only had a few minutes to shoot before she would catch on fire and that her hair was going to be everywhere. We also got caught by some people in the parking lot but they seemed to appreciate Jenna as much as I do.

Jenna’s boobs are magical and she is a babe so the photos were easy to bang out really quick and then she bought me a burrito and we continued on with our adventures. It was a great break on a long boring drive.

Click here to see all my new NSFW photos of Jenna Valentine!

Ps. These photos are available in HD on the Girls of DBB App!

Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine

Jenna Valentine

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2014 Miami Dolphins Web Weekend

I spent the weekend in Miami and photographically I don’t have much to show for it but the Miami Dolphins fan club that I run won three awards including an award honoring our club’s commitment to the community. We donated $5000 this year to the Miami Dolphins Foundation bringing our total to over $10,000 to just that one charity. We also won a social networking award that I will probably put on a resume if I ever have to get a real job again.

I also am really sick and you guys probably don’t care about any of this, but I will just say the weekend was a blast and the Dolphins absolutely obliterated the San Diego Chargers so that was fucking amazing. Honestly for a football nerd like myself the weekend couldn’t have been much better.

In other news here’s an update on my Dinner With Igor book… I just got all samples from my new printer and they look great. I can’t wait to get this book finally finished and send it off to print. Hopefully this time next week that will be a reality. We shall see…

I only took a few photos this weekend but the Miami Dolphins had a couple photographers on hand to document it so there are a bunch of shots of us as well as the photos I took.

Click here to see both my photos and the Dolphins photos of us over on the Dolfans NYC Flickr account and I will be back soon with some naked photos since I am too sick to go out in public to take new photos…

Dolfans NYC With Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey

Miami Dolphin Michael Thomas

Dolfans NYC Donating $500 To The Miami Dolphins Foundation

Photographing Michael Thomas & Jordan Tripp

Dolfans NYC In The Building


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Ivy Diamond

Last time I was in LA I met up with some New Yorkers who were in town for the Support, Therapy & Instability LA book release and one of them grabbed me and said “This is Ivy. She used to live in NYC. Get her naked.” Within five minutes of talking to her we had planned to take some naked photos. These are the friends I like to have.

The next day I went over to the Superchief LA headquarters to check out their space. I had some photos in their first LA art show and they were still up. I was shooting the shit with them when I realized I didn’t have a place to shoot Ivy yet. Fortunately Superchief was down to let me shoot there and we all had a bunch of fun watching Ivy skateboard topless and climb ladders and stuff.

Later we went out on the roof to shoot some more but the sun was setting and it was setting in the wrong direction. I decided I needed to shoot there at sunrise so two days later I photographed Raven Rockette up there but sadly it was so overcast we didn’t even get to take advantage of the great light.

Whatever the case these shots of Ivy are a lot of fun. She has done some nude modeling but not a ton so it’s fun to shoot people who haven’t been broken by a million shitty photographers. She also has a weirdly devoted fan base and very little content out there so I am sure they are going to really dig these photos.

It should be pointed out that Ivy is kinda awesome as a human, so much so that I actually brought her to my shoot with Alex Chance (coming soon!) later in the day. Alex loved her too and I took a few photos of them together for my Tumblr. I can’t wait to get back to LA and shoot Ivy again and get into weird adventures.

Lastly, I am only posting the stuff we shot inside Superchief on this site. All the rooftop stuff I uploaded to the Girls of Driven By Boredom app yesterday and it’s going to be exclusive there. So you can get both sets in high resolution if you have my app… Just saying…

Now click here to see the photos I shot of Ivy Diamond at Superchief LA!

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond

Ivy Diamond


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Motley Crüe – 10.28.14

Yesterday started off all wrong.

I slept at my lady friends place and right before I went to bed I saw a mosquito and realized I had been bitten several times. I got out of bed and killed it and then I killed two others. I figured that was all of them but I was sadly mistaken. I woke up the next morning with 15 mosquito bites all over me including three on my face.

I only had two things on my calendar yesterday… My Kickstarter for the Dinner With Igor book was ending and I had to shoot Motely Crüe’s last show in NYC later that evening. It seemed like it would be a pretty good day. I was mistaken.

Before I went back to my place I decided to walk my friends dog so I took the puppy out and managed to lock myself out of the apartment. I also left my cell phone in her apartment so I had to find a pay phone. Amazingly there was one a block away but it took all my quarters. There were two cops watching me fail and actually let me use their phone to call my friend. It’s probably the first time in my life that a cop has helped me with anything, so thanks for that NYPD! I got her on the phone but she was in meetings all day so she didn’t know if she could get me her keys.

I went back to my place and got on my old, barely functional, computer (my MacBook was also locked in her apartment) and Facebook messaged her until we came up with a plan. In exactly 30 minutes one of her co-workers would be out front and hand me the keys.

Thankfully Car2Go Brooklyn suddenly exists and my Car2Go Austin account works with them so I was able to get in a tiny Smart Car parked just down the street and drive myself (and a small dog) to my friends job in Manhattan at 4pm and manage to get there right in time, grab the keys and turnaround and drive back to Brooklyn in rush hour traffic.

I did all of this with all my camera gear on my back because I knew I had to shoot Motley Crüe later, but since I had to go all over the place I decided to only take this cheap plastic long range lens that I might have used once in the last 15 years. It’s really light and I figured it would be okay. It wasn’t.

When I finally got to Madison Square Garden I started shooting portraits of Crüe fans and then made my way to the media entrance so I could shoot Alice Cooper. I was a huge Cooper fan as a kid and I was psyched to shoot him. Unfortunately they didn’t know who I was at the media entrance. I checked my email and the publicist told me to go to will call to get my pass which seemed odd but I went. I went through the line and security and I got to will call and they told me to go back to the media entrance. When I got there they still didn’t know who I was and wouldn’t let me talk to anyone so I emailed and called the publicist twice and then texted my editor at the Voice and the woman writing the story. No one could help.

I finally got an email from the publicist and she told me to meet her back at will call… so I went through the line, and security and found her and she still didn’t have my pass. We waited around for about 25 minutes before they told me to go back to the media entrance for a third time. By now I had missed Alice Cooper’s entire set but I was finally in for Motley Crüe.

They put us so far away from stage that I knew I was in trouble. There were people standing in front of me so when the band started playing I had to climb up on a security wall and shoot from there. The stage was too dark for my shitty lens so I was shooting with a slow shutter speed and my photos were coming out blurry. I started “spraying and praying” as they say and just hopped that with the pyrotechnics and stage lights I would get lucky. I finally just switched to my real lens and got some decent wide shots. After ONE song all the photographers were kicked out and I walked away with 200 photos of the band with maybe 5 decent shots. It was probably one of my worst performances as a professional photographer and the perfect ending to a shitty day. I actually told the Village Voice that they didn’t have to pay me for the images.

But as bad as they day was, my Kickstarter made over $5700 and pretty much made the day a positive overall. I can’t wait to print this book. It should be pretty awesome.

Now click here to see 22 portraits of Motley Crüe fans and 9 mediocre photos from Motley Crüe’s last NYC show at Madison Square Garden.

Motley Crüe's Last NYC Show


Motley Crüe's Last NYC Show

Motley Crüe's Last NYC Show

Motley Crüe's Last NYC Show

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The Dinner With Igor Kickstarter Is Ending

I wanted to do one final post about the Dinner With Igor Kickstarter before it ends! I have been bugging people for the last four weeks about this thing but it ends tomorrow so you can refollow me on all the social networks that I have been harassing you on.

Yesterday Vice ran an article about the project and a few hours later I had hit $4000. That’s four times the original goal I set! That’s not to say I don’t need more of your money… every thing I raise helps make this book better and goes towards the next book (juggalos perhaps!?) So I figured I would give you guys one more pitch and try to explain why you should donate to my Kickstarter now instead of waiting until the book comes out.

1) If you donate now the book is cheaper. You can get a book for $20 now, plus free US shipping. That will save you about $10 rather than buying it later.

2) You will 100% get a copy of the book. I think I am only going to make 200 of these things and my last book sold out in a month. I saved five copies of that book for the Kickstarter and put them for sale at $75 and they sold out in a day.

3) You will get free stuff! Everyone who buys a book via Kickstarter gets a free signed 5″x7″ print, a post card AND a very awesome surprise that I will announce once it’s in my hand.

So I guess that’s all I got. Pretty excited about moving forward on this project. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Here are a few links to articles about the project:

Vice Magazine
First We Feast (Complex Mag’s food blog)
RVA Magazine
Porn For Women

Update: Cosmopolitan!?

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2014 Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Parties

CMJ festival happened again and I shot the two Brooklyn Vegan day parties at Baby’s All Right. I want to get these up now even though it’s Sunday night because tomorrow I want to do the last post about my new book Kickstarter before it ends on Tuesday. There are a TON of photos and a ton of bands but I want to make it quick so let’s break this down.

I was shooting the parties for my favorite client Sailor Jerry (with the Iggy Pop party in Miami I worked for them on four straight days). They were doing another free tattoo and free booze event with free SJ drinks all day and a free tattoo raffle. Instead of doing a ton of small tattoos they did some big nicer tattoos but only did about a half dozen each day. Matt Marcus from Three Kings was doing them and he’s a boss.

Here’s the line up from both days.

Highlights from Friday included King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Single Mothers who both killed it. I dug most of the bands that played on Friday actually. It was a pretty serious show.

On Saturday I was glad to get to see Fat White Family again and Bo Ningen were really intense. I was really into Girlpool when they started but they got a little slow for me after that. I would love to see a full set of their uptempo stuff. Residual Kid were pretty fun. They were a bunch of skate boarding teenagers playing grunge which I didn’t hate at all. Beverly were pretty rad too and I feel like there are a lot of really good female fronted rock bands that exist right now which rules.

So go look at all the photos and then donate to my Kickstarter before it’s too late! Less than 48 hours to go!

Click here to see all the photos from the 2014 Brooklyn Vegan CMJ day parties at Baby’s All Right.

Fat White Family

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Bo Ningen

Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Parties


Matt Marcus Of Three Kings

Titus Andronicus

Brooklyn Vegan CMJ Parties

Single Mothers

Drew Citron Of Beverly

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Iggy Pop Flash Collection Release – 10.22.14

Sometimes this job is really great. On Wednesday I flew down to Miami to photograph the release party for the Iggy Pop/ Sailor Jerry collaboration “The Flash Collection”. The Flash Collection started last year when Sailor Jerry worked together with the Clash’s Paul Simonon to create a very limited leather jacket, two t-shirts and a bandana. This year they teamed up with Iggy Pop to bring you a denim vest and a belt limited to 50 pieces each! The vests are signed on the inside by Iggy Pop and come with a bunch of patches that are based on old Sailor Jerry tattoos.

The party took place at the Garrett in Miami and I was one of the only two photographers allowed to photograph Iggy in the vip upstairs. The party featured free rum, free BBQ and everyone who came walked out with a grab bag of swag. They also had two women sewing on patches all night. I was working too hard to get my vest patched but I grabbed one for the road. Miami natives the Jacuzzi Boys were the main attraction and they played a fantastic set after Iggy introduced them. I have seen them a few times during SXSW but it was great to see them play in front of their home crowd. I took a bunch of photos, met a bunch of babes and hung out with near Iggy Pop all night. It was a pretty great experience.

After that a bunch of the journalists covering the launch were invited by Sailor Jerry to a small after party at the Broken Shaker cocktail bar. The bar designed some sort of insane Sailor Jerry drink that had beef jerky in it. Now that is intense. There also were a bunch of kittens running around which is not a terrible way to end an awesome night. The only bad part was after the party I walked to David’s Cafe to get a Cuban sandwich and found out they closed months ago and no one told me. Tragic.

Now click here to look at all the photos from Iggy Pop and Sailor Jerry’s The Flash Collection release party in Miami!

Iggy Pop & The Jacuzzi Boys

Iggy Pop The Flash Collection

The Jacuzzi Boys

Iggy Pop The Flash Collection

The Jacuzzi Boys

Iggy Pop The Flash Collection

Iggy Pop The Flash Collection

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