Spank Rock Upside Album Release – 12.9.14

On Tuesday Spank Rock released his new EP The Upside at Baby’s All Right. Spank Rock as always put on an awesome show and you can get The Upside right here. It’s amazing that Spank Rock isn’t one of the biggest names in music. He constantly puts out great music and has a great live show. Plus my dude Johnny Nelson is his hype man and Amanda Blank rules as well.

My old friend Contessa Suto aka Cunt Mafia opened the show with Lil Internet and put on the supremely weird and wild show she is becoming known for. She played half the set topless and had people moshing to her “trap metal” jams like Reign In Ratchet. Even if you hate Cunt Mafia’s music the show is very worth seeing.

Roxy Cottontail, Mike Q, Blue Jemz & Eli Escobar DJ’d the after party but unfortunately I got some pretty shitty news right after the show so I had to bounce early. I didn’t really feel like partying after that. But even with the shitty news it was a fun night and I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ages.

Now you guys should go look at these photos while I add some new photos to the Girls of DBB App.

Click here to see all the photos from the Spank Rock The Upside Album Release Party at Baby’s All Right.

Spank Rock The Upside

Cunt Mafia

Roxy Cottontail

Amanda Blank The Upside

Matt & Kim

Lil Internet & Mike Q

Spank Rock & Amanda Blank The Upside

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