Secret Walls Basel – 12.6.14

Secret Walls is a live art battle where two teams of artists have 90 minutes to paint a massive wall with only black markers and paint. The Art Basel event took place at Basel House in Wynwood and a bunch of my friends were involved so I figured I had to check it out.

My homies Greg Mishka and Lamour Supreme where on a team with Elle, Greg Mike and several other bad ass artists. My friends Buff Monster and Sucklord also happened to be judges. Greg and Lamour’s team won despite Sucklord voting against them because they blew him off earlier that day.

One of my photography heroes Martha Cooper was a judge so I was pretty psyched to take her photo. I had actually just purchased one of her books literally a few minutes earlier so that was pretty cool.

Lastly I should mention that Elle was wearing a Miami Dolphins hat which is important because I am obsessed with the Dolphins and she is an unreasonably talented super babe so she get’s bonus points for the hat. The end.

Click here to see all my photos from Secret Walls at Basel House in Miami.

Reeps One

Elle Secret Walls

Martha Cooper

Secret Walls Art Basel

Sucklord & Terry From Secret Walls

Greg Mishka & Greg Mike

Lamour Supreme Victorious

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