Thanksgiving Leftovers

One year ago on Thanksgiving I announced the series of food books I wanted to do. The first of them, Dinner With Igor, is about to come out! I got the book proof in the mail yesterday and after a few tiny changes it should finally go to print tomorrow! That means I will get the book by mid-December and I will be shipping books out in time for Christmas!

The only problem is that I don’t have time to plan a proper book release party. I could rush it and just throw something together (okay, I still might) but in all likelihood the release party won’t be until January. All the Kickstarter backers will get Dinner With Igor by Christmas, but no one else will and that will clearly make everyone very sad.

But in the spirit of the bullshit non-holiday that is Black Friday, I am going to offer 10 signed books for sale as a pre-order and they are also $5 off the normal price because I am a god damned saint.

So, get a pre-order copy of Dinner With Igor before they are sold out! And check out the incredibly sexy cover!

Dinner With Igor

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