The Dinner With Igor Kickstarter Is Ending

I wanted to do one final post about the Dinner With Igor Kickstarter before it ends! I have been bugging people for the last four weeks about this thing but it ends tomorrow so you can refollow me on all the social networks that I have been harassing you on.

Yesterday Vice ran an article about the project and a few hours later I had hit $4000. That’s four times the original goal I set! That’s not to say I don’t need more of your money… every thing I raise helps make this book better and goes towards the next book (juggalos perhaps!?) So I figured I would give you guys one more pitch and try to explain why you should donate to my Kickstarter now instead of waiting until the book comes out.

1) If you donate now the book is cheaper. You can get a book for $20 now, plus free US shipping. That will save you about $10 rather than buying it later.

2) You will 100% get a copy of the book. I think I am only going to make 200 of these things and my last book sold out in a month. I saved five copies of that book for the Kickstarter and put them for sale at $75 and they sold out in a day.

3) You will get free stuff! Everyone who buys a book via Kickstarter gets a free signed 5″x7″ print, a post card AND a very awesome surprise that I will announce once it’s in my hand.

So I guess that’s all I got. Pretty excited about moving forward on this project. Thanks to everyone who donated!

Here are a few links to articles about the project:

Vice Magazine
First We Feast (Complex Mag’s food blog)
RVA Magazine
Porn For Women

Update: Cosmopolitan!?

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