Naked At The Grand Canyon

A new episode of Road Strip came out last week! It’s one of the best ones yet and stars Ash Hollywood. It’s really fun and in it we go to the Grand Canyon. I had never been to the Grand Canyon and it was really foggy and rainy and I was worried it wouldn’t be amazing because it was so cloudy. Turns out a big hole in the ground is fucking amazing no matter what the weather is like. Seriously, it was as impressive as people say it is. Plus the rain allowed for a bunch of public nudity!

We didn’t have to walk far to get away from people, but as we shot we could hear people walking the trail a few feet from us. We also could see people across from us the whole time we shot. If they just looked over they could have easily seen us. It was a lot of fun. I even made Ash take photos of me to send my mom.

The video has a lot of other public nudity in it and some hotels that look like tee-pees and another giant hole and a bunch of other fun stuff, but the Grand Canyon is certainly the highlight and I have all the pictures for you to check out too! I already uploaded em to the DBB Girls app in high res, but if you are impoverished and can’t afford my app they are here too now.

In other news my Dinner With Igor book Kickstarter is about $200 from where it needs to be for me to break even and not lose money so that fucking rules. There are some stretch goals too so you get a free print if it hits $2000 and a bigger print if it hits $2500. Got big ones for $3000 and $3500 too so get your money in now!

Now click here to watch the new Road Strip!

And click here to see all the NSFW photos of Ash Hollywood naked at the Grand Canyon!

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

Ash Hollywood Naked At The Grand Canyon

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  1. June 22nd, 2017 | 10:20 pm

    please post more pics of ash hollywood in outdoor nudity

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