River Stark

I was hoping to post my new book Kickstarter today but apparently I am having issues convincing Amazon Payments that my LLC actually exists and now I have to find a fax machine to fax them tax documents because the largest e-commerce website in the world employees a technology that has been out of date for twenty years.

But my problems are your windfall as I now have to post some naked photos instead. It’s only fair right? The other day I shot this girl River Stark who has done very little nude modeling but was a delight to shoot. I was introduced to her by a friend several hours before she was leaving NYC to head back to her home in NOLA and she came over to my apartment around midnight before her red eye flight.

We didn’t have a place to shoot so we just took to the streets and shot a bunch of public topless stuff because #freethenipple and all of that… or just because you can be topless in public in NYC and neither of us really felt like getting arrested. We didn’t shoot very long so it’s a pretty small set but I think there are some nice photos in there anyway. River is a babe and she has amazing boobs so I think you will be psyched no matter what.

She has almost no web presence as a sexy model but you can go follow her on Instagram after creeping on all her photos. Oh, and the photos are available in high resolution on my Girls of Driven By Boredom app!

Lastly, I just wanted to apologize to the 20 or so girls waiting for their sets to go up… Rivers just lucked out because her set was super short and on the same roll with some photos I was already editing. I swear your photos will go up one day!

Now click here to see all the photos of River Stark topless in Brooklyn!

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

River Stark

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2014 New York Art Book Fair

I have a mild problem with art books. I don’t spend a ton of money on the shit most people do. I wear the same pair of pants until they fall apart and most of my clothes I get for free anyway. I have fun and travel and get paid to do it. I don’t really drink or do drugs, I prefer fried chicken to fine dining and I haven’t moved in 8 years so my rent is surprisingly affordable. But, I have a real problem with art books.

I know whenever the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair comes around I’m in trouble. I knew going in I was gonna spend too much money on too many books and zines so I tried to keep my budget under $250. It worked pretty well on my first day there on Friday but by the time I left Saturday I had gone over by at least $100. Fortunately, the Village Voice to asked me to photograph zine covers for them so while I didn’t exactly break even I still did okay and got a ton of amazing books and zines.

The two days at the fair were a lot of fun and I feel like I got a lot done. Aside from spending money and taking photos I met and reconnected with a bunch of publishers and hopefully I found some people I can work with in the future. Plus when my new book comes out I found a few people who seem like they will help me sell it.

As far as my book haul goes, Dead Beat Club took a bunch of my money for the second year in a row and I got a couple of insane zines from Pogo Books and traded a copy of my Route 66 book for a third zine. I got Sean Maung’s two newest zines and my friend Chelsea’s first zine. She put it out with Paper Work NYC and I hope I can do something with those guys one day. They are doing awesome stuff. Speaking of people doing awesome stuff I picked up an issue of Hamburger Eyes with a bunch of my photos in it. I didn’t even know they had been published. My favorite book at the fair was probably Harrison Freeman’s book “Food Boobs” which was a hit on my Instagram.

I got so much shit I can’t list it all, but thanks to everyone I met and all the artists I was glad I could support. Print is not dead. Keep making amazing shit and I will keep buying it!

And I hope you guys buy my amazing shit too… the Kickstarter for my new book should launch Monday or Tuesday! Be on the look out!

Now click here to see some of the zine and book covers I photographed at the New York Art Book Fair at MOMA’s PS1!

Another Juggalo Book!

Paper Work NYC

Fuck You Dude


Currency Exchange

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Road Strip With Ash Hollywood

A new episode of Road Strip came out a few days ago! I have been so insanely busy working on my Vegas photo album and my new book, Dinner With Igor, that I totally forgot to do a post about the new video!

The new episode takes up a few days after our last episode with Charlotte Stokely. When I left Stokely I had a few days without any models booked, but I was lucky enough to run into my friend Heidi in Oklahoma City and she spent two days on the road with me. She didn’t get naked and didn’t want to be on Wood Rocket since it’s a porn site and all so I left her out. We did have some fun adventures and even rescued two runaway dogs that were wondering the highway! I left Heidi at a bus station in Amarillo and met up with a Annalee Belle at the Cadillac Ranch. I was only with her for an hour so I guess none of that footage made it in the web series. After that I spent a day on the road by myself before ending up in Albuquerque.

Ash Hollywood just happened to be in Las Vegas at the time and it was an insanely cheap flight to Albuquerque so I flew her there and scooped her up at the airport. We made our way west ultimately detouring to Las Vegas so I could drop her back off where she started but that took us a few days.

This first episode is mostly just Ash naked in the car, and then naked in a swimming pool with some fun driving shots and some not so fun music in between. It’s not the most exciting episode, but there is a ton of nudity! The next episode with Ash is one of the best of the series though, so look forward to that… it has donkeys!

So check out the new episode of Road Strip and I will be back soon with some info about my new book!

Ps. As of this moment there’s still one signed Polaroid of Ash in my Etsy store! Go buy it!

Road Strip W/ Ash Hollyood

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Buff Monster

I met Buff Monster at Art Basel in Miami a few years ago and since we have become pretty good friends. I used to hang out with him whenever I was in LA and now that he’s moved to NYC I get to see the guy more often. I even introduced him to his girlfriend so that’s gotta count for something. He paints these crazy pink melty monsters everywhere, makes collectable toys and seems to have every type of clothing imaginable. He also makes trading cards.

Buff is obsessed with the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from the ’80s. As a kid I was a MASSIVE GPK fan and when I found out Buff made his own version of them called Melty Misfits I immediately bought a box from him. I was out in LA visiting my girlfriend at the time and I sat on her floor and opened all the packs as soon as we got home. She said it was the happiest she had ever seen me. It was honestly so much fun to get hit with that nostalgia and also get to see these really cool pieces of art from my friend.

Today at 3pm Buff is releasing series 2 of the Melty Misfits trading cards at P!Q in Grand Central Station and I will be there. I helped fund his Kickstarter so I got my cards in the mail yesterday but I might buy a few extra packs anyway. Clearly you should come if you live in NYC, but if not you can buy Melty Misfits series 2 from P!Q here.

A few weeks ago I went over to his studio “Melty Manor” to take some press photos for him and then we walked around SOHO and I shot him in front of a couple of his murals. I also got to see some of his original paintings that became the Melty Misfits cards. (The He-Man and Motorhead Melty Misfits are my personal favorites…)

Anyway, I figured I would post some of the stuff we shot the other week in order to promote his card release, so check the photos out and then go buy some trading cards ya nerds.

Click here to see a bunch of photos of my Buff Monster studio visit!

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

Buff Monster

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Moni Love Returns

I met Moni Love in Vegas (speaking of Vegas, go buy my book!) a couple of AVNs ago and we did a photo shoot at the Circus Circus hotel. I checked in there a day after the AVNs were over just so I could have a place to edit photos before I drove to LA the next morning. My friend had a 4am flight so she just wanted a place to store her bags so we split the $25 it costs to stay at the Circus Circus on a Sunday night.

Anyway, the point is that the photos were mediocre because we were shooting in an ugly hotel room at midnight so clearly we needed to shoot again. Fast forward to March and I was staying on my friend Mike‘s couch in Austin, TX for South By Southwest. Moni lives a couple hours away so she came down to check out the festival and to take some photos with me. We shot in Mike’s guest house/ garage area that is just covered in stuff and smelled like gasoline. They told me I could sleep in there but I opted to share the couch with two giant dogs instead. I figured getting no sleep on the couch was better than dying from fumes from motorcycle fuel.

So yeah, we shot, there are photos and you should look at them. You should also go give money to Moni when she is doing her web cam thing and she’s also a Suicide Girl hopeful so you could lurk her there. I also should point out that there are a bunch of spread leg shots on my app that you could do creepy things to yourself with if you had my app. You should have my app.

Now click here and go look at the NSFW photos of Moni Love!

Moni Love Aka Mew Mew

Moni Love Aka Mew Mew

Moni Love Aka Mew Mew

Moni Love Aka Mew Mew

Moni Love Aka Mew Mew

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What Happens In Vegas…

On the road trip I went on a few months ago I picked up a cheap touristy Las Vegas photo album at a flea market. It was $2 and I figured it would be hilarious to fill it with some of the craziest photos I have ever taken in Vegas. It just seemed hilarious to have this tacky photo album on my coffee table and when you open it it’s just filled with naked porn stars and people doing drugs and just total fucking insanity.

So a few weeks ago I went through all the 35mm photos I have taken over the last 7 years in Las Vegas. I’ve been there for six or seven AVN Awards, on assignment for Hustler, to cover some Rockabilly event and a couple of trips just for fun. In all it’s probably about a dozen trips to the sin city that I pulled images from. Once I compiled 300 totally insane photos I edited it down to the best and craziest 200 35mm snapshot for the album.

I made this album and kept it on my coffee table and just as expected it was a hit, but what I didn’t expect was the reaction from every single person who saw it. Everyone thought I should make more of them and sell them and suddenly an idea was born!

Since then I have purchased a bunch of corny Vegas photo albums off eBay and Amazon and I reached out to a bunch of people who have bought my work in the past. I ended up selling four super limited edition versions of the photo album that includes 100 photos for $250, but I also wanted a cheaper version that more people could afford.

I found the perfect Vegas photo albums for the slightly less limited edition. They contain 64 photos and they are displayed horizontally which works even better for me because I tend to shoot mostly horizontal images. They are also have four images to a spread which makes them skinnier compared to the two per spread editions I started with. They look really nice and I am selling them for $150.

So I have now put 10 copies of the smaller $150 version in my Etsy store. You get 64 4″x6″ prints which is close to $2 a print. The album comes signed and while not numbered I can’t imagine that more than 20 of these will ever be available. Aside from being a really cool conversation piece it’s probably a decent investment incase I am still a mildly well respected photographer 10 years from now.

The book features photos published in Hustler and Vice as well as a ton of unpublished photos. It includes naked shots of a ton of adult actresses including Charlotte Stokely, Kimberly Kane, Stoya, Skin Diamond, Bonnie Rotten, Veruca James, Raven Rockette, Janice Griffith, April O’Neil, Asphyxia, Lilly LaBeau, Zoe Voss, Ash Hollywood, Samantha Bentley and many more. It also includes some really crazy other photos that for some reason don’t involve any nudity although there’s a lot of images in the album that are even more graphic than the stuff I post on this site.

Lastly if I sell at least 7 copies in the next two weeks I am going to book a trip to Vegas and send everyone who buys a copy a postcard from there and send everyone four more prints from the rolls of film I shoot there. So there’s an added crowd funding thing there that may give you more reason to buy a copy and gives me a good excuse to go back to the west coast for a few days.

So yeah, buy this album. It’s kinda fun. Oh, and I have one final copy of the $250 limited edition version left too. Contact me if you want it!

Below are a few safe for work outtakes from the 300 I printed to get down to the 64 that will be in the book. Click through to the album to see a few of the NSFW samples that will be in the actual album.

Click here to buy “What Happens In Vegas…” the limited edition print series photo album!

What Happens In Vegas

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Sweet 10th Anniversary – 9.10.14

In 2006, one week before I moved to NYC I came up here with a band I was managing at the time, The Gaskets. I had already signed a lease so I brought up a car load of stuff and ended up sleeping on the floor of my apartment because I was so happy to have my first New York apartment. Eight years later I am still in that apartment, but that has nothing to do with this post.

That night The Gaskets played a show at some bar that probably doesn’t exist anymore but while we were there we met comedian Zak Orth and his girlfriend (now wife) Kat. They loved the Gaskets and ended up taking us all to Ruff Club and Kat invited me to a weekly comedy show called Sweet at the Slipper Room in the LES.

I immediately became a regular and was going nearly ever week for probably a year or two. At some point the Slipper Room had some crazy renovations and it was closed for a few years. Sweet moved all over the place and ended up at Ella for a while before moving back to the Slipper Room when it opened a couple years ago. Clearly my timeline is very precise. During the move I started going to Sweet less and less often but I still try and make sure to check it out every now and then. It’s always very funny and an excellent place to take a lady.

Anyway, Sweet turned 10 this week and I caught the last of three anniversary shows last night. The show is hosted by Seth Herzog who is actually one of my oldest friends in NYC since I met him the first week I moved to NYC. I think he hated me for a while because we were both hanging out with the same girl but I’ve always loved the guy. Really proud of him and the show and how big it has become.

Last night Seth pulled out all the stops. Normally he has one co-host but this week he had four! Dion Flynn was the most active co-host, but Questlove was DJing, Jess Hudak was singing and playing piano as comedians came on and Seth’s mom, a weekly show highlight, asked comedians questions before they left the stage. She also freestyle rapped at some point.

The show opened with an extended monologue from Seth recounting the last 10 years of the show followed by a supremely weird act by the owners of the Slipper Room that involved ironing a veal cutlet that Seth then ate. If he is dead right now let it be said that he gave his life for comedy.

Up next was Ted Alexandro who I have seen do stand up a bunch of times but I never realized that he has a web series that he does with my old friend Hollis James. I found that out while googling him to make sure I got his name right and I haven’t watched it yet, but I will and clearly you guys should too. He did a bit about a pot brownie that lasted 36 hours and then performed a song for Seth and his mom to dance to. It was that kinda night.

At some point there were a series of contests to win Seth Olenick’s new book of comedy portraits Funny Business. I was pretty jealous of the winners and I gotta get a copy of the book at some point. As a big photo book collector and comedy nerd it’s a must have for my shelf.

Next up was the always hilarious Kurt Braunohler who used to host a show with Kristen Schaal called Hot Tub that was always fantastic. I’ve known Kurt for years too as he was a judge on the first LVHRD events I ever went to. My buddy Drop The Lime was another judge that night. And Doug from LVHRD was at Sweet last night. LVHRD doesn’t exist anymore but it’s worth a Google… Oh, by the way it was probably the best Kurt set I have seen and I have seen a lot of his sets.

After Seth’s mom freestyled with Shockwave and Victor Varnado my dude Hannibal Burress killed it as always. I haven’t seen him since he did a joke where he told me to fuck myself in the middle of his last Comedy Central special so it was good to see him and find out that he didn’t actually want to murder me. He’s one of the funniest humans on earth so normally a show would go down hill from there but this was no ordinary comedy show!

Next up was the legendary Jeff Ross. Now that Joan Rivers is dead he’s just gotta outlive Don Rickles to become the greatest living insult comic. He did a set making fun of Joan Rivers which was probably the most touching roast I’ve ever seen the guy give and then went into other dead celebrity jokes including Robin Williams. If pretty much any other comedian did that they would be booed off the stage, but you know Joan and Robin would have been more upset if he didn’t do stand up on their graves.

Artie Lange was essentially the closer and did a set that went from hilarious to offensive to depressing and back again. This is a guy who nearly stabbed himself to death while losing his mind on heroin just a couple years ago. He’s dangerously overweight and constantly joked about his own death.  His jokes stepped over the line into just blatantly racist a number of times. Yet for all that he still managed to kill at points in his set. He said “you have to live a little bit for comedy” and he’s a guy who has lived 10 lives for comedy. It was brilliant and sad at the same time and his set alone was well worth the price of admission.

The night ended with a cameo from regular Sweet co-host Justin Long who you couldn’t walk a block in the LES without running into him a few years ago. (He literally ran into me once actually.) He’s in LA now but was in NYC promoting a movie and got a chance to stop by Sweet. He and most of the other comedians then performed the creepiest rendition of We Are The World ever where they took turns impersonating celebrities. The perfect ending to a fantastic night of super weird underground comedy, which is exactly what Sweet has delivered every week for the last 10 years.

So congrats Seth and everyone else go look at the photos!

Click here to see all the pictures from the 10th anniversary of Sweet at The Slipper Room.

Sweet Turns 10

Seth Herzog

Jeff Ross & Artie Lange

Hannibal Burress

Kurt Braunohler

Ted Alexandro & We Are The World

Justin Long

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Baking With Courtney

As you may know I am working on a series of food books. The first should be out sooner rather than later although it’s taking WAY longer than I expected. While putting together early edits one of the things I wanted was naked photos of a chef so I went to the internets to see if anyone knew any sexy chefs. My friend Courtney hit me up and while I knew of her as a photographer, I didn’t know that she also runs a side business selling “special” baked goods.

Courtney is really cool looking with her awesome gap tooth and she seems constantly positive and fun even if it makes you want to murder her when you are trying to get work done and/or sharing a house with her for a week during SXSW. I figured shooting her would be great and I was totally right.

So I went over to her place and she just cooked some sort of sugary chocolate Check Mix madness and I just took photos. Basically we just hung out for an hour and once in a while I would tell her to take off some more clothes and try to get her to laugh cause she looks awesome laughing. It was a lot of fun.

Obviously I am not going to link you to Courtney’s 420 friendly side business but if you ever get the chance to order something from  her I would recommend it.

All these photos went up in high (no pun intended) resolution on the DBB Girls app yesterday so you would have seen them already if you had my amazing app.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Courtney cooking in her kitchen!






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Dolfans NYC – 9.7.14

It’s football season again and that means occasionally I force you guys to look at mediocre photos of random Miami Dolphins fans! Get excited!

As many of you know I run the official New York City Miami Dolphins fan club, Dolfans NYC. Our club has grown from just a couple dozen of us to hundreds of members. Yesterday around 400 people showed up to our Miami Dolphins home base, Slattery’s Midtown Pub. It was a pretty amazing event.

We did a bunch of raffles and sold t-shirts and ended up raising over $1000 for charity. On top of that our Dolphins beat the bloody Hell out of the New England Patriots which gave us the added bonus of getting to see Tom Brady cry although maybe he was just upset to be missing New York Fashion Week.

My parents were in town for the game too which was a lot of fun and then they took me and my brother (who was also in town) to dinner at WD-50. That was amazing because I don’t have $150 to spend on a damn dinner, but it was a pretty special dining experience.

Anyway, yesterday fucking ruled and now you get to look some random photos of stuff you don’t care about. Sorry!

Click here to see the gallery of the Dolfans NYC event at Slattery’s Midtown Pub!

Dolfans NYC


DJ Tropic

Dolfans NYC

Dolfans NYC


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