Nighttime Madness

In my efforts to finish getting up all my photos from the Gathering of the Juggalos I just through a bunch of stuff into a gallery called “Nighttime Madness”. This gallery includes a bunch of stuff including shots of the late night after parties, comedy showcases, wrestling, and much more. Let’s see if I can walk you through it…

Every night at the Gathering there is an after party. In the past they have been some of the Gathering’s best events. This year they did them on the main stage and something about that got away from the intimacy of a small tent in the middle of the woods. A couple years ago I sat on the stage and watched Pharcyde and Warren G did a tribute to Nate Dogg. This year not so much.

The comedy highlights were Gilbert Gottfried who I see all the time in the Lower East Side just walking around and former wrestler Mick Foley. Gottfried did a set of really old jokes which was honestly amazing to see. These are jokes you have heard your entire life done by the guy who wrote them. Watching him get a kick out of the juggalos was the best part though. He just kept getting them to chant insane things like “Fuck Jack Parr!” and then would laugh to himself. It was great. He also did a particularly offensive telling of The Aristocrats which you should clearly watch. Mick Foley really impressed as well. I always enjoyed him as a wrestler, and the guy has written a bunch of best selling books, but he is a fantastic raconteur and told stories that even people who aren’t wresting fans would enjoy. Not that it would matter since pretty much all juggalos are also wrestling fans.

Also included in this gallery are some shots of the girls of the infamous “Passed Out Juggalos“. They find sleeping jugglaos at the Gathering and put their butts on their heads. I realized those pronouns might be confusing and the concept seem mildly awful, but in reality it’s a good time for all and kinda hilarious at 5am.

We also have a few shots of lady wrasslin’, the legendary and mysterious burrito men, and a camp set up by fire juggling steam punk maniacs RIFT (Rhythmic Illusions Fire Tribe). Oh there is also a terrifying wheel and some fire works. Whoop whoop.

Click here to see all the nighttime madness from the Gathering of the Juggalos. NSFW as you would expect.

Gilbert Gottfried GOTJ

Fireworks GOTJ

Burrito Man

RIFT Fire Tribe

Mick Foley GOTJ

JCW Wrestling

Passed Out Juggalos

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