New Road Strip W/ Charlotte Stokely!

There’s a new Road Strip episode up on Wood Rocket and it is the first episode to feature Charlotte Stokely! Charlotte is pretty much my favorite model ever and is an amazingly fun person to have on a road trip. I loved all the girls I brought along (or they wouldn’t have been part of this project!) but I booked the trip around Charlotte’s schedule. I picked her up on Saint Louis after my adventure with Theresa Manchester and had her for three days of Route 66 road trip fun! In this first episode you get to see amazing silica mining caves in Missouri and a bunch of gratuitous footage of Stokely taking a shower in a St. Louis motel shitty motel. It’s pretty fun.

I had a bunch of unpublished 35mm pictures of Stokely ready for this update but I am on vacation until Wednesday so I only have time to do a quick update today so you just get the video, BUT I had time to upload the pictures to the Girls of DBB App! So enjoy them over there if you have signed up to my app, but the rest of you cheap bastards will have to wait until the next episode comes out!

Personally I can’t wait for the next episode… I haven’t seen it yet, but Charlotte and I went on some epic adventures an I am sure it’s gonna be amazing.

Now click below to see the newest (Very NSFW!) episode of Road Strip featuring Charlotte Stokely!

Road Strip Charlotte Stokely

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