Yan Returns

Yan is one of the most unique looking humans I know and she also looks pretty rad naked so it seemed like a good idea to take naked photos of her. So I did. I shot naked pics of Yan on my friends roof. Unfortunately we got caught by a neighbor, fortunately he was cool with us shooting there, unfortunately he just watched us shoot and was mildly creepy so we wrapped up pretty quickly.

Yan hit me up recently and thought we should shoot again. It seemed like a pretty good idea so when she was in the neighborhood I had her swing by. The plan was to hit the streets and do some public nude stuff but she wanted to take a shower first. Obviously when naked models are showering in your apartment the only reasonable thing to do is take photos. By the time she was done with her shower we were done with a shoot and then instead leaving my apartment to take more photos she went home and I took a nap. And that’s why I get paid the big bucks.

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Yan I took in my shower!

And as always there are some bonus (and higher resolution shots) on the Girls of Driven By Boredom mobile app!




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