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First of all, happy Mother’s Day! Check out my mom at her wedding in 1978!

Do to one of my best friends weddings and a strange series of coincidences and cancelations I haven’t touched my digital camera in weeks. I couldn’t get into the (first day of the) NFL Draft and I even had a dentist appointment postponed. It’s been a weird month but it’s been a great excuse to start getting my life together. I am in NYC until the end of this month so I am going to use these three weeks to hopefully get a TON of work done.

I have two big projects that I am going to take on while I am in town. I am working on a series of food books as I mentioned way back in November. Finally I am going to really get my shit together. I have a pretty good edit and a great idea how I am going to do it. Hopefully by June I will have at least a layout done.

The second big project is building a damn portfolio site. Not sure why I don’t have one or why you would even care, but hopefully me organizing thousands of photos will end up being good for you somehow. Moving on.

Back in the day on Driven By Boredom I used to post links to websites I thought were cool and things like that. I don’t really do it anymore, but here is one link you should really check out: a group of people are trying to create a road out of solar panels. It’s an amazing project that could completely change the world as we know it. It only took 35 years to build the interstate highway system. If this road actually works there’s no reason we couldn’t see a complete end to gas powered cars in our lifetime. Go donate some money now. 

In other news my Tumblr just hit 10,000 followers. It was my first social network to hit 10k followers and it features a ton of my 35mm work and just random shots from my daily life. Check it out if you haven’t already. My Instagram would have hit 10k if it hadn’t been deleted the first time. Go follow my new one already…

Hmm… What else? Oh! My web series Road Strip has a new episode coming out this week. There are a bunch of good ones coming up so catch up on the whole series already! Very not safe for work!

Last bit of news is that NYC’s own Superchief just opened an art space in Los Angeles and they are having a big show on Thursday for the grand opening. I have at least one photo in it (I gave them a bunch of stuff to choose from) and a bunch of artists I love are in it as well. My buddies (and amazing photographers) Tod Seelie and Brock Fetch are two of the featured artists and other people I dig like Lee Trice, Eddy Segal and Prettypuke are in it as well. So if you are in LA go to the opening on Thursday. If you can’t make it the show will be up until the end of July. Hopefully I will be able to make it out there to see it myself! Really psyched to be in this show!

So check out the flyer for the show and I will be back Tuesday with some photos you do not want to miss…

Superchief LA Opening



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