Trash Is Dead – 3.28.14

Last Friday night I went to Trash for the last time. Trash was one of the first parties in NYC I ever photographed. I remember lying to the door guy to get in cheap on New Years Eve in 2006-2007. I didn’t know anyone back then but I knew Trash was a fun party. I photographed Trash at Rififi, Home Sweet Home, 40C and finally the Studio at Webster Hall. Every party was different and in my opinion none of the locations were as fun as the original, but after 12 years of a party shit changes.

I threw probably five birthday parties at Trash and I even threw a party for the 10th anniversary of me losing my virginity! I met so many good friends, made out with so many cute girls and did an amazing amount of regrettable things at Trash. Man, I loved that party.

DJ Jess decided to call his party quits because he wanted to move on and travel and do things that he couldn’t do with a weekly party that he was responsible for. I completely understand and as sad as I am to see Trash go, it’s probably time. No party can last forever, even one as legendary as Trash.

Trash went out with a bang too. Jess brought back Alex Malfunction who had gone off to get married and have a family. Twig The Wonder Kid was there of course except he actually let me take his photo for once. The burlesque numbers from Albert Cadabra, Go Go Harder and Dangerrr Doll were extra NSFW with all three of them getting completely naked at some point. My old friend Apathy Angel was gogoing and tons of old friends came out to say good bye. It was lovely.

The party went way later than four am and probably would have gone on even longer with DJ Jess spinning encore after encore, but I decided to unplug everything during the fifth tribute to Trash. Like Terry Schiavo before it, Trash needed to be put to bed once and for all.

I ended up at a diner at 6am with everyone just like back in the day. It really was the perfect way to end Trash. I will miss it but from it’s ashes something else will rise. That’s just how NYC works.

Click here for the extremely wild photos from the last ever Trash at the Studio at Webster Hall.


Death To Trash

Death To Trash

Lady Valtronix

Anna Kickarse

Apathy Angel

Go Go Harder

This Is The End

Death To Trash


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  1. Irvin Kelly
    April 1st, 2014 | 6:33 am

    I will miss this party as well. So many good memories this event created for me. Thanks for posting this.

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