Black Bell Records Party – 3.13.14

On day three Sailor Jerry House was taken over completely by Black Bell Records. Pretty sure 150 bands played in 14 hours but I could be off slightly with that number. Black Bell is Ayad from Passion Pit’s passion project and I have been to a few of his SXSW parties and they are always a good time. This year was no exception.

Before I get into any music I should mention that the day started with me getting a big Oliver Peck tattoo, TJ Miller showed up and we also tattooed these rad fashion blogger babes Christina Caradona and Bonnie Barton. Oliver and I played a trick on Bonnie where I drew her tattoo and Oliver put my stencil on her and she kinda freaked out about it but she was super polite. I kinda think that she would have gone ahead and got this crooked ass tattoo because she didn’t want to be rude to Oliver. Fortunately he put the real stencil on her and she got a (straight) arrow on her bicep.

The day time highlight was Ayad’s own band Team Spirit. Those kids killed it and set the tone for the wild night a head. The night party really went crazy about the time the The Lovely Bad Things went on. Their “frontman” was sort of their bassist who didn’t sing but played in between the two singers and played like a maniac getting the crowd involved. By the end of the set the rest of the band was going crazy too and as you will see below I got some rad shots of guitar playing, beer drinking stage dives.

The next band to really impress me was The Garden. They are a two man band made up of weirdly dressed male models who played loud aggressive rock and roll before launching into a weird rap break before returning to the rock shit. They were so weird, put on a great show and filled the crowd with tons of hot babes. Loved that shit. One of the two headliners was Brooklyn’s own So So Glos. They played manageably poppy punk rock  and the crowd fucked shit up along side them.  I wasn’t expecting to like them nearly as much as I did. They are playing Mishka’s 350 Broadway 5 year anniversary on Thursday and I am excited to see em again.

The night ended in totally insane fashion with a incredible performance by Diarrhea Planet. As much as I hate their name I love their live show. They have four guitar players which would seem really pretentious and awful if they weren’t all dedicated to rocking the fuck out. There was nothing pretty or masturbatory about their sound and they just put on a fucking amazing show. They started out by bringing the Lovely Bad Things out with them and throwing a shit ton of ball pit balls into the crowd and ended by bringing up the So So Glos for a cover of Fight For Your Right To Party. In between it was constant stage diving and crowd surfing and amazingness. They couldn’t hear themselves play because all their monitors got unplugged during the show but it didn’t really matter because everyone had an amazing time and I got so many good pictures…

So click here to look at all of the rad pictures from the Black Bell Records party at the SXSW Sailor Jerry House takeover of the Gypsy Lounge in Austin!

Black Bell Group Photo

Diarrhea Planet

TJ Miller

The Lovely Bad Things

The Garden

Christina Caradona & Bonnie Barton

So So Glos


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