Return Of The Road Trip Blog

Last summer I left town for 31 days on a cross country road trip and I came up with the idea of creating a specific Road Trip Blog. It was a way for me to create smaller daily posts that I could get up very quickly from the road. That way there would be constant new updates but I didn’t have to spend all day in front of the computer to get them up. I then brought the blog back when I was at the Gathering of the Juggalos last year because the internet was so questionable. Once again, I am bringing it back.

Today I am in Austin, Texas for my 11th straight trip to the South By Southwest music/interactive/film/comedy festival. I will be here for almost two weeks and starting Friday I will be shooting constantly. The first week I will be shooting mostly SXSW Film related stuff with some interactive or comedy stuff thrown in. On Tuesday night I start work for Sailor Jerry shooting the Sailor Jerry House at Gypsy Lounge all day every day for 4.5 days. The next day I am getting tattooed my pretty much my first tattoo artist every and then I will be heading the fuck home on the 18th. Should be a crazy trip. So follow along!

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