Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary – 3.1.14

So Driven By Boredom turned 13 on Saturday and the party was a total shit show of amazingess and undeniable weirdness. I only drink on special occasions and for some reason I decided the DBB anniversary was going to be one of those occasions and people kept buying me drinks and by 10pm I had about 15 shots of rum and left my party before it ended, went home, vomited, napped and came back to the Flat around 2am to apologize and ended up staying there til 4am and for whatever reason went to bed around 7.

The party itself was pretty fun, or at least that’s what people keep telling me. My friend Friday Jones talked her former apprentice Tim Acupunx to do Driven By Boredom tattoos live. We only ended up getting three done but two of them were on hot girls who got tattooed topless for no real reason other than boobs.

I was supposed to do live nude photo shoots and  technically I did do one but I was so drunk by that point that the photos are terrible. Like when you look at these photos you will see a pretty steady decline in quality and a steady increase in insanity and nudity. I think somebody should graph it. There’s a lot of photos of me in there too which is odd. I think Mark from Return To Nuke Em High took those photos and I am pretty sure we started a band but what the fuck do I know?

Shout out to Scarlett Storm and Alicia for being my nude models for the evening and getting tattooed! Pretty sure there were other people who were supposed to get naked but I was too drunk to deal with that. For example Deanna Deadly was supposed to come and I texted her the next morning to see why she didn’t make it and then I looked at my photos and I had taken her photo and apparently talked to her but I have no memory of that. And shout out to my friend Joy who just took her shirt off and started hanging out because I guess that’s what you do when you have boobs the size of your head.

Thanks to RekLES and Prince Terrence for DJing and extra special thanks to Roofeeo for DJing last because I was obliterated the entire time he was there and I left before he was off cause I am an asshole. Shout out to Bad Brilliance for showing up in and staying in his weird costume all night. Glad to see Buff Monster, Sucklord and Tod Seelie there cause they are three of the raddest artists in NYC. Awesome to have one of my best friends come up from DC and bring his brother who I haven’t seen in a decade. Great to have a ton of the people I watch hockey with show up, was awesome to have them in the awkward mix. And thanks to everyone else who came out especially my old friends I rarely get to see. Oh, and thanks for the Village Voice for running these insane photos.

I am legit embarrassed that I got so drunk. I haven’t vomited from drinking in probably a decade. I spent all day yesterday feeling shitty, not from being hung over but from regretting the shit I did Saturday night. But whatever, it seems everybody had a great time and nothing bad actually happened. I just felt like a moron. So fuck it. Enjoy the very NSFW photos and maybe I can pull something even more epic together for my 14th anniversary.

Click here to see all the photos from the Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary party at The Flat.

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

Driven By Boredom Tattoo Flash Sheet

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

Driven By Boredom Tattoo

DBB Tattoo

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary



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  1. March 4th, 2014 | 10:37 am

    That guy with the Bud looks pretty pissed that everyone’s trampling all over his expensive new bar counter…

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