Finch Linden

The first time I met Finch Linden she was visiting NYC and we walked around Brooklyn taking naked photos in public. In New York state it’s legal to be topless in public so I took her to the busiest intersection in Williamsburg, N. 7th St. and Bedford Ave. and had her take off her dress. She was completely naked underneath which I was not expecting because I wasn’t really planning on going to jail, but we got away with it and got some pretty cool shots in the process. The only problem was that everyone stopped dead in their tracks so we didn’t really get any people in the shot because they were all watching her!

Last summer I drove up to the Bay Area in California after I finished up my epic Route 66 road trip in LA. I shot Krysta Kaos in Oakland and Tori Lux in Berkley and I knew I had to hit up Finch since she lived in San Francisco. I was running late because people in Northern California drive like little old high as fuck ladies and it is impossible to find parking. We only had a few minutes to shoot before a bunch of her friends showed up for a very serious game of Dungeons and Dragons. We ran over of course and as the house filled up with nerds there was a very naked hostess in the other room shooting with me. It was kinda great.

As you can see Finch has pretty much the greatest body in the history of naked babes and she is adorable and fun to hang out with and I would shoot her all the time if she didn’t live thousands of miles away. You can see more of her on Gods Girls and hopefully on this site again soon! You can also see this full NSFW photo set on the Girls of Driven By Boredom App in much higher resolution. Remember it’s a web based app so you can get it on any smart phone or just on your desktop!

Now click here to see all the naked photos of the babely Finch Linden in her bedroom in San Francisco!

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

Finch Linden

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Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary Party!

This web site is turning 13! I cannot believe this fun thing I started in my college dorm room in 2013 has somehow become my job. Since 13 is such a punk rock number I decided I needed to throw a party! It should be a wild time.

Firstly, it is at The Flat in Williamsburg on March 1st from 6pm-11pm. It’s an early show and there will be happy hour prices until 9pm so you can use DBB’s website as a reason to get drunk before whatever else you are doing on Saturday night.

Secondly, it’s going to get weird. I have Tim Acupunx doing free Driven By Boredom tattoos! Seriously! I know you want to tell you friends you got tattooed in a bar right? Plus I am doing naked photo shoots live at the bar. I feel like it’s mostly going to be hot tattooed girls, but if you or your grandpa want want to get naked and pose for photos I am not going to stop you! Let’s ruin lives.

Lastly, I got Roofeeo, Prince Terrence and RekLES DJing. It’s a great line up of DJ’s that have spanned my entire New York history. I have known RekLES nearly the entire time I have lived in NYC and I have photographed so many different parties he’s thrown up to his wildly successful Friday night Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall. I met Prince Terry a few years into my NYC life when he started DJing one of my favorite parties ever, High Voltage, when it moved to Annex. Since then he’s become great friend and I went to the god damned Kentucky Derby with him and slept on his grandfather’s couch. I met Roofeeo a few years ago when he was the drummer of the Death Set. Since then he’s started drumming for TV On The Radio and DJing for comedian Hannibal Burress. I do a lot of events with him for Sailor Jerry too. All three of them are great DJs.

In conclusion there will be good music, tattoos, naked people and cheap booze. What more do you need? Oh, you need a really amazing flyer? Done. Click it for the Facebook invite.

Driven By Boredom 13th Anniversary

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Lit Lounge 12th Anniversary – 2.23.14

It seems like I go to Lit’s anniversary party every two years. I went to the 8th and I went to the 10th and last night I decided I had to swing by for the 12th. I try to avoid the city these days as much as possible, as it has turned into a nightmarish hellscape of yuppies but last night I made the right choice. I saw a ton of old friends, had a lot of fun and found out that Lit is opening a new bar in Brooklyn so I might never have to go into Manhattan ever again.

Lit was pretty much the first bar I ever went to in NYC and I have so many good (and completely insane) memories there. Speaking of insane memories last night I saw Earl Sweatshirt carried out by his entourage totally blacked out. (I didn’t take a picture cause I am not nearly as exploitive as you probably think I am.) Evidently it was not Lit’s birthday but Earl’s as well. So happy birthday Lit & Earl, glad you guys had a good time.

And speaking of birthday’s Driven By Boredom is turning 13 on the 1st and I am throwing a party at The Flat in Williamsburg on Saturday. There will be free DBB tattoos, naked ladies and DJ sets from Roofeeo, Prince Terry and rekLES. Should be a good time. Full announcement coming tomorrow but put it on your calendars now!

Now click here to see all the pictures from Lit Lounge’s 12th anniversary! 

Erik Foss & Alessandra Nicole

Malik & Sophia Lamar

Lit Lounge 12th Anniversary

Nate Turbow

Lit Lounge 12th Anniversary

Har Mar Superstar

Lit Lounge 12th Anniversary

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Road Strip Episode 1: Dixie Comet

As you may know, over the summer I did this crazy road trip. To pay for 31 days on the road I did crowd funded a book, shot some stuff for Hustler, booked the trip around a gig in Chicago and shot a web series called “Road Strip” for a company called Wood Rocket.

The book sold out almost completely in a month. I actually JUST got back a few unsold copies from Mishka so the book is back in my Etsy store for the moment. Get on that quick if you didn’t get a copy. The Hustler issue comes out in a few months. They sat on it a while because they wanted it out in a summer issue. I just approved the layout a couple days ago. They picked some really nice selects and even though I shot a bunch of digital stuff specifically for them they went with mostly 35mm stuff. I really love the work I get to do for Hustler even if I can’t always show it off…

Anyway, “Road Strip”, came out yesterday and I am really excited about it. Originally it was really just a way to help pay for the trip, but it ended up becoming a big part of what I was doing while I was on the road. As you will see in the video I don’t really know what I am doing as far as shoot video or recording sound, but it was a lot of fun to experiment, especially with the GoPro Camera I bought for the trip.

Because the episodes are being edited as they go, and posted every two weeks, I don’t really know how many episodes their are going to be, but I would imagine since I shot eight nude models on the trip it might be close to eight episodes. That being said a few models I only spent a few hours with and a few models I spent a few days with so who really knows.

Wood Rocket is a VERY NSFW site that features actual hardcore pornography on it, so it’s not exactly a site you can show your mom, but it has a lot of very cool content on it. It’s a free porn site, paid for by ads, but the trick is that they shoot a ton of original viral content involving sex and porn stars. One of their most popular shows is James Deen Loves Food where James just eats weird food or buys everything on the Burger King menu. I went with them when they filmed this episode and it was pretty hilarious.

So yeah, my show features fun adventures on the road with naked girls. Tons of public nudity and fun facts about Route 66! The first episode is a bit of an introduction to the series and actually takes place BEFORE I hit Route 66. I started my trip by flying to Detroit because it was way cheaper to rent a car there than it was in Chicago and I had never been to Detroit and it’s such a magical place. I was introduced to a fetish performer named Dixie Comet who lived in Detroit by my friend Nate Liquor who was hanging out with her a lot when she would come to LA to shoot. Since this was shot she moved to LA and they live together. It’s pretty romantical. Dixie and I go to an abandoned Packard plant that looks like ruins of a war. I ended up stepping on a nail that went through my shoe and I thought I was going to die. Good times!

So go watch the first episode already! I hope you love it despite how awful I am in front of a camera and how terrible I am at shooting video. Fortunately Wood Rocket is pretty awesome at editing and making me look a lot more competent than I actually am. I can’t wait to see more episodes!

Ps. Check out the photos I shot of Dixie Comet in this video here or on the Girls of DBB app!

Road Strip Episode 1 - Dixie Comet

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Naked Polaroids For Sale!

I have been shooting topless Polaroids of ladies since I was 18 years old. I have photographed probably close to 500 women topless or nude on some form of Instant film. You can see a part of that collection in this video Models & Rappers filmed in my apartment.

Once Polaroid stopped making instant film I was pretty bummed, fortunately Fuji picked up the slack and released Instax Wide which is slightly more elongated that the 600 or Supra that I was shooting in the past. I wasn’t a big fan at first but eventually I grew to love it.

About a year ago I started shooting sets of 5 Fuji Instax Wide shots of girls when I would do nude shoots with them. I had the girls sign the back and then I signed them and numbered them out of five. I have sold a few here and there over the last year but I kept meaning to get them up online. Well that day is finally here!

I added five sets of nude/topless Polaroids to my Etsy store and you can get your hands on some pretty fun photos of some pretty hot babes! If they sell pretty well I will put up a bunch more. I have about 15 sets ready to go, but I wanted to start slow with these and see how it goes.

So go to my Etsy store now! Or just click any of the photos below to be taken directly to that item. First come first serve!

First we have April O’Neil who I have been trying to do a real shoot with for what seems like my entire life. I shot these on our quick mini shoot for a Hustler article. April is such a babe.

April O'Neil Topless Polaroid

Next we have Skin Diamond from our very recent, yet to be published shoot in her apartment. I am pretty excited about the set so these shots should be a good preview!

Skin Diamond Nude Polaroids

Next we have some shots of my good friend and burlesque performer extroidinare Madame Rosebud from our shoot at Galapagos Art Space.

Madame Rosebud Nude Polaroids 

Up next is the amazing Alysha Nett! She is one of my favorite naked babes and she sells her signed Polaroids for a lot more than I do. Three of them sold when I casually mentioned that I shot them so get these now!

Alysha Nett Topless Polaroid

Lastly we have my homegirl Phoenix Askani. I shot these on my couch when she was in town visiting. We took a bunch of photos in the snow and then shot these for fun.

Phoenix Askani Nude Polaroids

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Tori Lux Returns

When I was on my month long road trip I spent a couple days in the Bay Area in California. Tori Lux lives in Berkley and it had been ages since the last time I shot her so I paid her a visit. We took some photos in her back yard much to the delight of her roommates who for some insane reason had not seen her naked.

After the shoot we went into San Francisco to meet up with hated (and currently awaiting trial) revenge pornographer Hunter Moore. I have known Hunter long before he started that shit, and he has hired me to shoot his events a few times so I figured I had to hang out with the dude when I was in town. Unfortunately for me people hate him and within 24 hours of hanging out with him and Tori my Instagram  had been reported and my account was deleted. Eventually I got my name back but lost all my followers. (Refollow me dammit!)

Go look at these photos of Tori or you can download my app and look at the same photos in twice the resolution. I always put photos on my app first and they often feature exclusive content so you need this shit already.

Now click here to see all the photos of Tori Lux shot in Berkley, CA!

Tori Lux Tori Lux

Tori Lux

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MH The Verb Album Release – 2.14.14

I spent my Valentine’s Day hanging out with hip hop artist MH The Verb. I met him at this weird Game of Thrones themed dance party he and his DJ B-Tips hosted a while back. He just came out  out with a new album called The Balloon Guide and hit me up about shooting his album release party.

The night started out at the secretive bar Larry Lawrence which I haven’t been to in nearly 10 years despite being in walking distance from my apartment. I actually don’t think I’ve been there since I have lived in NYC. I always thought it was a cool spot with a deceptive entrance and an outdoor smoking patio thing that was a big deal when New York outlawed cigarettes in bars. B-Tips and DJ Longarms were spinning the pre-party (Longarms was actually wearing the same shirt from the first time I shot him, which is probably a pretty weird coincidence unless he only owns one shirt.) and there was a bunch of Valentine’s candy floating around.

Once everyone was nice and drunk the party moved over to the Knitting Factory where MH and his band threw it down playing songs of the new album plus old classics. Aside from the full band there were several guest appearances and more free candy. It was a great show and I found 35 cents so it was pretty much a win-win for me.

After the show I headed home to watch House of Cards until 7am when I went to watch the US beat Russia in men’s hockey and eventually went to bed at 2pm. Probably explains why I didn’t get these photos up yesterday. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Click here to see all the photos from MH The Verb’s Album Release party at Larry Lawrence and the Knitting Factory.

And click here to download MH’s new album the Balloon Guide.

MH The Verb

MH The Verb

MH The Verb

MH The Verb

MH The Verb

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Hello Beautiful Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day kids. I cant think of a time I have really ever done anything interesting on Valentine’s Day and other than in the 10th grade when I asked a girl on a date and she said no have I ever been depressed either. I honestly don’t care about Valentine’s Day one way or another but it makes for a good thematic update. Last year I posted these amazing photos of Amy Rose naked covered in cheeseburgers in a heart shaped hot tub!

This year I can’t bring anything quite as epic as that, but I did get a chance to recently shoot the Hello Beautiful Valentine’s card. My friend Rebecca runs this really rad salon called Hello Beautiful in Williamsburg. We like to barter a lot. She cuts my hair and I shoot photos for her when she needs them. It’s a pretty good relationship and it’s kept me in free hair cuts for years. Although, anytime I have had a shaved head you can’t blame her for that… I usually do that shit myself.

Anyway, I went over to the salon last week and shot some fun Valentinesy photos and then made them all go out into the snow in their underwear. It was a good time and made for some funny pictures. Plus Rebecca ordered a bunch of Thai food after so that was delicious.

So take a look at all the pictures from the Hello Beautiful Valentine’s Day photo shoot and have a lovely day or sad day or whatever people do on such a meaningless holiday as this one!

Hello Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards

Hello Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards

Hello Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards

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Dead Democrats Vote – My Twitter War With The Right

This is going to be an extremely long post, but it ends with a really cool graphic at the end! See how much of it you can get through! Once you get bored skip to the 10th paragraph. That’s about where I get to the point.

On Tuesday the news of Shirley Temple broke on Twitter. My timeline quickly filled with RIP Shirley Temple Tweets. Every time a celebrity dies everyone on Twitter has the need to post something mourning the death of whoever. The bulk of Shirley Temple’s acting career happened during the depression and while I am sure at some point in all of our lives we had to watch a grainy video of a small child singing I doubt it had any real impact on all of my friends Tweeting about how tragic the death of an 85 year old woman (who most people probably didn’t even know was still alive) is. In a particularly antagonistic an grumpy mood I tweeted the following:

That Tweet was then picked up by a site called Twichy in an article about people talking shit about Shirley Temple for being a conservative.  That article was then picked up by sites like Free Republic and Independent Journal Review and for the last three days I have had all sorts of amazing hate Tweets sent to me from conservatives all over the world wide web.

Now to start with, I don’t have a real problem with Shirley Temple. She seems like a nice enough person. She did a lot of good with breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis awareness and has been praised for her work as the ambassador to Ghana. Plus the Melvins loved her.  But, she was also very active in the Republican party in California and a lifelong conservative. The truth is I don’t care one way or another about Shirley Temple. She lived a long life and her death isn’t at all tragic. So why did I even comment at all?

So the point of my Tweet was a) to piss people off b) to remind my liberal friends of her conservative leanings and c) to make a “joke” about how the GOP is out of touch and hopefully dying off. At least I hope the social right is dying off. I don’t agree with purely fiscal republicans but I also don’t wish ill on them. I just tend to think they are greedy and selfish, not morally repugnant like I do anyone who wants to restrict other peoples civil rights.

So yeah, I don’t regret the Tweet but it’s pretty hard to defend too. I was really just trying to piss people off and boy did I ever!

(Read the article)

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