Route 66 Road Trip Digital Outtakes

Now I realize that posting a bunch of awesome naked photos on Christmas eve is not exactly a good strategy since this is pretty much the worst possible time for web traffic, BUT after Christmas I am going to be dealing with some family stuff and will pretty much be off the grid until the 30th. I wanted to give you guys something good to look at while I am away.

When I was on my epic 18 day route 66 road trip this summer I took a LOT of photos, but by day three of my trip I had pretty much abandoned my digital camera. I really wanted to shoot just 35mm and I ended up shooting 66 rolls of film and of course making my “Get Your Kicks” book from only the analogue stuff. But I still broke out my digital camera from time to time. I have two full sets with Sidney Scarlet waiting to go up because she was my first model and I had this idea to do proper shoot with everyone along the way that I gave up on. I also have a pretty awesome set of Ash Hollywood at the Grand Canyon and a couple shoots from when I took a detour to Vegas for two days. I already published the set I did with Teresa Manchester in St. Louis and I also have some shots of Caprice Capone in Chicago at the start of my trip that will be published eventually. But for now I wanted to give you the quick little shoots I did that weren’t big enough for their own post.

This update features Charlotte Stokely in a crazy silica mine in Pacific, Missouri and some more shots of her in  Oklahoma City playing with sparklers that she bought at the Blue Wale in Catoosa a couple days before the 4th of July.  There are also shots of Ash Hollywood getting naked in front of a huge Cracker Barrel billboard just minutes after I picked her up from the Albuquerque airport as well as under a couple of bridges a long the way. I picked up Coco Velvett in Vegas and drove her to LA and we did some quick shoots in the desert, near some train tracks and at the Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, CA! And lastly I included some shots of Crash in her apartment in Los Angeles after we went to the end of the road in Santa Monica. The Crash photos were originally only available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app, so to make things fair for those who pay for my app I uploaded a few fairly explicit photos of Charlotte Stokely taking a bath to this set just for app subscribers. So sign up for that shit for a Christmas present to yourself!

Now click here to see all the NSFW digital outtakes from Route 66 road trip featuring Charlotte Stokely, Ash Hollywood, Coco Velvett and Miss Crash! And then have a merry Christmas or whatever.

Coco Velvett

Charlotte Stokely


Ash Hollywood

Charlotte Stokely

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