Good Luck Karaoke – 12.8.13

Oliver Peck is back in town filming the newest season of his tattoo competition reality show Ink Master and he decided to throw another party. Last time he was in town he threw a “Wig Party” which involved karaoke, a drag Ramones tribute band and a ton of Sailor Jerry rum. This time it was exactly the same except the Ramonahs were the only people in wigs.

It was a hell of a good time at Arlene’s Grocery last night. I am not a big karaoke fan but Oliver and his Dallas based Good Luck Karaoke partner Josh Hammertimez are pretty hilarious and join people on stage for their karaoke jams. Oliver’s Ramonahs killed it again and his Ink Master co-hosts Dave Navarro and Chris Núñez showed up to support his deviant rock and roll performance.  Carl Hallowell works at Oliver’s Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas and was back doing Sailor Jerry flash tattoos all night. It was the most people from Dallas I have been around since I was at Elm Street’s music and tattoo festival.

I have a big ad gig this week and I brought my clients to the party and they had an amazing time. They are from Switzerland but it turns out one of their favorite bands is the Ramones. It was pretty awesome and we ended up casting model Leah Jung in the ad after meeting her there. Leah can sing her ass off and it was pretty impressive watching her and this hilarious dude Roman do “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together. I did some Minor Threat karaoke but I pretty much just embarrassed myself when I realized my mic was up way too high and I was just horrified by the sound of my own voice. Good times.

Seriously though, it was a great party and I am not sure how those dudes make me enjoy karaoke, but if you ever get a chance to see Good Luck Karaoke I highly recommend it.

Now click here to see all the pictures from Oliver Peck’s Sailor Jerry presented Good Luck Karaoke and Ramonahs throw down live at Arlene’s Grocery!

Good Luck Karaoke - Josh Hammertimez & Oliver Peck

Leah Jung & Carl Hallowell

Ink Master's Oliver Peck & Dave Navarro

Good Luck Karaoke

The Ramonahs

Good Luck Karaoke

Good Luck Karaoke

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