Thanksgiving Dinner

If I were to take this most delicious of holidays seriously and actually take time to reflect on what I am thankful for, instead of just slamming as much food down my throat as possible, I would probably think about how thankful I am for everyone who helped make my Route 66 book possible. The book has all but sold out and it’s been an overwhelming success. I would be thankful for everyone who helped me raise money for the project, all the girls who got naked in the book for almost no money, the people who designed the book, who printed the book, Mishka for helping me throw some parties and of course everyone who bought the book. But instead I am just going to eat a ton of turkey and pass out with my hand down my pants watching football Al Bundy style.

Seriously though, this book project has been so amazing and I am so glad to have been able to do it. And because of the success of my first self published book I have already started working on not just one but a series of books! Once the books are laid out I am going to do another crowd fund campaign so that people can pre-order the books and depending on how much money I raise might release several books at once. Why would I release several books at the same time you ask? Because they are all thematically linked. They are all about food. I know that sort of sounds weird but I have been working on this idea of releasing several food zines and hopefully early next year they will become a reality.

So on this day of turkey and thanks I wanted to give back by giving you guys a small preview of a few of my favorite (Safe For Work) food images that will no doubt make their way into one of the books. Happy thanksgiving!

Emily Parker & Veronica Ricci Pig Out

Whitney Eats Avacados

Lena Dunham Loves Ice Cream

Francesca Creeps On Butter

Kitties Love Nesquik

Donuts & Cupcake Tattoos

Abby Eats

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