Thanksgiving Dinner

If I were to take this most delicious of holidays seriously and actually take time to reflect on what I am thankful for, instead of just slamming as much food down my throat as possible, I would probably think about how thankful I am for everyone who helped make my Route 66 book possible. The book has all but sold out and it’s been an overwhelming success. I would be thankful for everyone who helped me raise money for the project, all the girls who got naked in the book for almost no money, the people who designed the book, who printed the book, Mishka for helping me throw some parties and of course everyone who bought the book. But instead I am just going to eat a ton of turkey and pass out with my hand down my pants watching football Al Bundy style.

Seriously though, this book project has been so amazing and I am so glad to have been able to do it. And because of the success of my first self published book I have already started working on not just one but a series of books! Once the books are laid out I am going to do another crowd fund campaign so that people can pre-order the books and depending on how much money I raise might release several books at once. Why would I release several books at the same time you ask? Because they are all thematically linked. They are all about food. I know that sort of sounds weird but I have been working on this idea of releasing several food zines and hopefully early next year they will become a reality.

So on this day of turkey and thanks I wanted to give back by giving you guys a small preview of a few of my favorite (Safe For Work) food images that will no doubt make their way into one of the books. Happy thanksgiving!

Emily Parker & Veronica Ricci Pig Out

Whitney Eats Avacados

Lena Dunham Loves Ice Cream

Francesca Creeps On Butter

Kitties Love Nesquik

Donuts & Cupcake Tattoos

Abby Eats

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Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Ages ago I went to Galapagos Art Space with Madame Rosebud to take some photos. I posted the first Rosebud set we shot but I wanted to wait a while to post the second set we shot and then of course I forgot about it. A couple days ago, I was going through all my unpublished photos to figure out how I was going to get all these naked lady sets up and I found a bunch of them that I forgot about including this shoot! Clearly I had to publish it right away!

As you can see Rosebud is a huge Brooklyn Nets fan and while my love of basketball was drained from me growing up a Washington Bullets/Wizards fan I still pretend I like the Nets too. I have never actually seen the Nets play and can’t name a single player on their team but if they ever make it to the Super Bowl I will vote for them.

Whatever the case, these photos are hot and they rep Brooklyn pretty hard which is always good since both of us live in Brooklyn and this set was shot in Brooklyn and currently I am typing this from Brooklyn. Shot out to my homies in Brownsville, RIP Biggie Smalls, etc. (I don’t have any homies in Brownsville.)

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Madame Rosebud in and out of some sweet Brooklyn Nets gear!

Ps. There are a lot more photos of Rosebud on the DBB App. Get that shit already, someone needs to pay for my new tattoo!

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets

Madame Rosebud Loves The Brooklyn Nets


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Foot Clan Tryouts -TMNT Screening – 11.21.13

Last night I went to see a screening of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie in the party warehouse spot Villain. I had so much shit to do and I almost blew it off, but I had told the Village Voice I would photograph it for them and the event looked like it would be pretty fun. Thank god I went; It was probably best event I have been to in months.

TMNT was pretty much my favorite movie as a kid. It came out when I was 9 and it was the most excited I was about any movie ever. To this day I remember exactly where I was when I first saw the trailer. It made that much of an impact on me.

BBQ Films hosted the event and all they do is create amazing pop up movie events where they bring you inside the movie. Last night they turned Villain into the Foot Clan headquarters and pitched the events as a foot clan try out. If you haven’t seen the movie, the evil Shredder recruits his army by going after troubled New York youths and offers them a Pleasure Island style headquarters equipped with arcade machines, skate ramps and even free cigarettes! At Villain there were no cigarettes but there were video games, skateboarding, plus free pizza and beer! There was a video game room upstairs where you could play the Super Nintendo version of TMNT as well as the new video game. They also had free pop corn, breakdancing and you got a foot clan headband when you walked in. They even had the Turtles leader Splinter chained up in a corner just like in the movie! It was pretty epic.

Before the movie started BBQ Films tried to introduce the film but were rudely interrupted by motherfucking Shredder! He came out to the hoots and hollers of the wanna be Foot Clan audience members. Reenacting a scene from the movie, one audience member was granted an opportunity to join the Foot and of course she did so with great honor before the movie finally started.

Halfway through the film Turtle pal and hockey fan Casey Jones broke into Villain and rescued Splinter while the Foot Clan were distracted by the movie. Before they could escape Shredder showed up with his team of Foot Clan and confronted Casey Jones. There was only one way to settle this… a break dance battle! Several 80’s street toughs represented Casey Jones and Splinter and break battled the hip hop dancing foot clan. Boogaloo ensued and it was looking like the good guys were in trouble. Just then the actual Ninja Turtles broke in and saved the day. The tides were turned and Shredder limped off defeated. The movie would continue!

Just when you thought shit couldn’t get any more awesome, when the final credits to the film started and the classic anthem “T.U.R.T.L.E Power” hit, Golden Voice himself of Partners in Kryme showed up and started singing his hit over the credits. He was followed by the Turtles and Casey Jones and even Shredder joined in on the dance party. After performing the greatest movie theme song of the early 90’s (Yeah you heard me right Hammer!) , he played a BRAND NEW Turtles song called “Rock The Half Shell”. It was fucking incredible. I bet it must have been awesome for him to get to play that song along side a bunch of Mutant Ninja Turtles (who I am pretty sure are no longer teenagers) in front of a crowd full of TMNT fans dressed up as foot clan thugs.

After the show was over the dance party continued and I got to tell Golden Voice about how I lost the talent show in the third grade to two kids who rapped Turtle Power. He thought it was hilarious, but what I didn’t tell him was that we both actually lost to a fucking ballerina. Bullshit. They came in 2nd though and me and Michael Grunenberger had to settle for 3rd for our rendition of the McDonalds menu song.

In conclusion, that shit was awesome. The movie held up too. It looks bad ass. Makes you wish CGI wasn’t a thing. TMNT is so dark and creepy and the costumes are amazing. It’s still really funny (although probably in more of an ironic way than it was in 1990) and it was a really great way to watch a movie. This was really the most fun I have had at a party in ages. Shout out to BBQ Films and Flavorpill and everyone else who worked on this event. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Click here for some truly bodacious photos from the Foot Clan Tryout’s an Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles screening at Villain. Cowabunga dudes!

Ps. For bonus credit, watch the mumble core/ TMNT parody my little brother directed!

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

TMNT Foot Clan Tryouts

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Theresa Manchester Shows Me St. Louis

Before we get started I want to point out that the title of this post didn’t intentionally reference the fact that Missouri is known as the “Show Me State”. I am just that brilliant that even my subconscious is insanely clever. And by brilliant I mean that it only took me three tries to figure out how to spell Missouri. Moving on…

Remember when I shot Theresa Manchester? It was awesome and her and I became friends pretty much instantly, so much so that I actually remembered that she grew up in Saint Louis, so when I was in STL on my Route 66 road trip I reached out to her to see if she knew any models that I could shoot when I was in town. Turns out she could do me one better, she was going to be in town! It was her grandmother’s birthday so she was in town the very weekend I was going to be there. Her plane got in at like 5am and I happened to be staying right by the airport so she showed up at my hotel around 6am, took a quick nap and then we woke up and she took me to her favorite dine for breakfast.

From there we went to the amazing City Museum. It’s this insane building that is pretty much just a massive art project. The whole building is filled with slides and tunnels and things to climb on and there are kids running around everywhere. It’s so amazing. I wish I was a kid growing up there. I climbed on a bunch of stuff but it would have been way more fun when I was 10. We went up to the roof where they had a ferris wheel and a bunch of slides and we took photos of her flashing me all over the place. The ferris wheel operator caught us and started following us around. Eventually they told us that we had to stop but they didn’t even kick us out. They just told us not to get caught. One of her friends who works there told us they catch people having sex in there all the time so I guess taking some boob photos wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately none of the City Museum photos made it into my book and they were all 35mm photos so they aren’t in this digital set but you guys need to see them so I just posted a bunch of them to my Tumblr!

Check out all these 35mm pictures from my trip to the City Museum with Theresa Manchester!

After we left the museum the serious business began. I knew I needed the famous Gateway Arch in my Route 66 book and I knew I needed to shoot a girl in front of it. I didn’t think it would be that hard because you can see that thing from everywhere. All we needed to do was find a roof top or something that had the arch in the background. I asked Theresa if she knew anyone with an apartment with a view of the arch and she wasn’t having that bullshit. It had been a life goal of hers to shoot dirty pics in front of the arch and she wanted to do it right. I had no problem with this. We went down to the park right in front of the arch and did a little mini photo shoot there. Most of the time she had her clothes on but whenever enough tourists were distracted she would pull her tits out and we would shoot. It was pretty funny because it was downtown St. Louis and there were people EVERYWHERE. I actually filmed the whole thing so hopefully some of that will end up in my Route 66 web series whenever that comes out.

After we hit the arch we headed to a giant Vess soda bottle. It’s a pretty iconic Route 66 landmark that you can see from several highways and I really wanted to get a shot of it. I didn’t realize that it was in a sort of shady neighborhood with not much other than warehouses by it and conceivably I could put Theresa in front of it. We pulled into the empty parking lot where it stands and Theresa got naked in the car. Then she would run out and I would take pics really quick and run back. We did this two or three times and every time a ton of people on the highway would honk and yell. After a couple attempts we got the fuck out of there and got some frozen custard and the famous Ted Drewes.

Ted Drewes is another 66 landmark and while we didn’t take any naked photos there we did take a nice one that ended up in my Get Your Kicks book and I got to try some iconic St. Louis food. Culinarily Ted Drewes, BBQ and deep fried ravioli are all St. Louis has and I had BBQ three times in two days there so I figure I mostly covered my bases. I guess the ravioli I will have to get next time…

So yeah, it was a really fun day in St. Louis and I took a lot of cool photos of Theresa. Months ago put all of them up in high resolution on my Girls of Driven By Boredom app as a special App exclusive. You really should sign up for that app so I can afford to eat food and you can get all sorts of awesome content that you can’t get on DBB. High res photos, early photos, extra explicit photos, etc. You need my app!

Now, without further ado, click here to see all the public nude shots of Theresa Manchester in her former home town of St. Louis, MO!

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public In St. Louis

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public In St. Louis

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public In St. Louis

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public In St. Louis

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public In St. Louis

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday – 11.10.13

On Sunday I knew I was going to take it easy at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I hadn’t really slept in three days and the first band I was dying to see didn’t start until the late afternoon. A friend of a friend wanted to do a photo shoot with me so I photographed a girl in my friends kitchen, had tacos with his roommate and then slowly made my way down to the fest just in time to see the Cro-Mags.

I have photographed the Cro-Mags before and the legendary NY hardcore band is always impressive even during a day time festival show. I ran into their intense frontman John Joseph at the airport and said I had a blast at his performance. (They were one of the only bands I stuck it out for their whole set.) I was with Chris Weingarten from Spin and he just immediately started telling us amazing stories from the bad old days in NYC. He told us about getting stabbed defending the Beastie Boys and touring with Motorhead and a bunch of other amazing things in the 5-10 minutes we talked to him. Such an interesting, badass dude.

After Cro-Mags I made an attempt to shoot Deltron 3030 with a full orchestra but the photo pit was too full and by the time they let me in there I only got five shots or something before they kicked me out. This is why I hate music festivals. From there I hit the MGMT set and I got a few nice shots before these Absolut Vodka beach balls were thrown into the crowd as some sort of desperate promotional attempt and one of them landed on stage blocking my shot of the band. When one of the balls fell into the photo pit I grabbed it and tried to throw it at the beach ball that was in the way but I somehow missed and the ball floated right over my target and hit the frontman right in the face. It was pretty funny but I was also kinda embarrassed so I decided to sneak out of there and move on to the next act.

The next act was Texas legend Daniel Johnston. The mentally unstable folk singer is a personal favorite and I was getting to see him for the third time. This was actually my favorite of his performances and it was powerful to see him perform that close. He shakes with nervousness and performs with a vulnerability and sadness that you rarely see from a musician. I am a huge fan of him, his music and his art (I own one of his original drawings) and I just donated to a Kickstarter to make a half documentary/ half fictionalized film about his life. The first documentary about his life, The Devil and Daniel Johnston is one of the best music docs I have ever seen and it looks like this new film could be fantastic as well.

After Daniel I finally got to see the Locust although their set up and lighting made them incredibly hard to photograph. I’m not a huge fan of the band’s music but after one of their members made up some fake lovers quarrel and went on Jerry Springer with my friend Scott I have become a fan of the band as a concept. I was glad to get to see them.

From there it was finally time for the headliners. Slayer was probably the biggest draw at the festival but I shot them the last time I was at Fun Fun Fun so I was running a little late for their set. I knew the photo pit was going to be a disaster, especially after shooting M.I.A. on that stage. There is a huge speaker wall set up in front of the stage and so even if you can get in the photo pit you can’t move around because of this speaker wall. When I got into the pit I had no view of anything so I ended up crawling under the stage and popping out right next to the speaker wall. I still had almost no shot but it was better than before.  After I took a few shots I said fuck it and jumped on top of the speaker wall and to get out of other photographers shots I ended up wedging myself down into the gap between the wall and the stage. My legs were actually under the stage and I would pop out, get a few shots and then duck back under so other photographers wouldn’t get pissed. A few of them got pissed at me but I did what I could to get out of their way and a bunch of them were actually cracking up. One of the photographers told me it was a highlight of his fest and sent me this photo of me wedged down in there. The whole thing was pretty metal, but not quite as metal as the guy crowd surfing to Slayer in a wheel chair. Just sayin’.

Finally I decided to catch Jurassic 5’s set. I was a big fan of them in the late 90’s early 2000’s but I sort of stopped listening to them at some point. Not sure why but I just hadn’t listened to them in years. I was exhausted from three days of festivals, mosh pits and not sleeping so I figured I could just chill by the side of the stage and enjoy their set for a few songs and then get the hell out of there. I made it to their set before they even started so I got to photograph them and I was instantly blown away. Those guys are fucking amazing live. It’s so great to see hip hop where the artists are working together instead of each person taking a verse. They finish each other’s sentences and like they say “take four MCs and make ’em sound like one”. After I shot their first three songs I moved to the little media area and watched their whole set with a bunch of journalists who were dancing and singing along. They were really one of the best sets of the whole festival if not the very best. It was a perfect way to end a pretty epic weekend.

Click here to see all the photos from Sunday at Fun Fun Fun Fest 8 at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX.

Cro-Mags @ Fun Fun Fun

Stage Diving @ Fun Fun Fun

Daniel Johnston @ Fun Fun Fun

MGMT @ Fun Fun Fun

Wheelchair Crowd Surfing @ Slayer @ Fun Fun Fun

Slayer @ Fun Fun Fun

Jurassic Five @ Fun Fun Fun

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Saturday – 11.9.13

Saturday at Fun Fun Fun was even more packed with bands I wanted to see. I got there early so I could check out one of my favorite newer bands Bleached. I like them better every time I see them and I listen to their record all the time. Low fi female fronted rock and roll is oddly becoming one of my favorite types of music. After Bleached I got to see Brooklyn’s finest Flatbush Zombies. I once photographed them playing on a skate ramp and they always put on a hell of a show.

I took a quick break to catch some comedy. My old pal Jenny Slate told a bunch of jokes and then the JASH comedy tent turned into a hot box when the weed obsessed Doug Benson came on and proceeded to be hilarious. Either that or I had a serious contact high. Craig Robinson came out and did a pretty epic comedic musical performance with a full back up band.

After that I was walking over to the press tent for a second when I passed the Glass Candy performance. It was super weird and high energy so I stopped by for a few shots. After that it was on to check out Television. I know people love them but I just never got into them. Seeing them live didn’t really change my opinion but I only saw the first few songs before running across the festival to the Black Stage catch mother fucking Body Count!

Unfortunately when I got there Ice-T was already a song into Body Count’s brutal set. My punk band covers Cop Killer and I loved Body Count growing up so I was really bummed when they wouldn’t let me into the photo pit. I said “Fuck it” and jumped into the crowd and watched the show from the mosh pit. I got some okay shots but I missed a lot of others as I was dodging stage divers and trying not to get killed. I ended up smashing my Ray Bans in the process. Damn. It was worth it though and they were one of the highlights of the fest for me. They are coming out with a new album soon and the new shit they played sounded awesome.

After Body Count I got to knock another band off my must see bucket list. I came to this festival mostly to see two bands, Flag and Sparks. Flag’s set yesterday really lived up to the hype and I was so excited to see Sparks. They have been around since the early 70’s and have more than 20 albums and very few people know them in the US. It’s really strange because they are so brilliant. I got turned on to them about a decade ago and I consider myself a huge fan despite owning barely a quarter of their albums. Seeing them live was really awesome but they played so much stuff I didn’t know that I was a bit disappointed over all. But that’s on me. They still put on a hell of a performance to a pretty impressively large crowd.

After Sparks I walked over to M.I.A. to see the start of her set. I missed a chance to see what I believe was her first show in the US in Austin about 10 years ago and I sort of always regretted it so I wanted to at least try and take a couple photos of her. Unfortunately the photo pit was overfilled with photographers and I mostly got shots of her from the side or the back of her head. I was pretty disappointed but it was a good lesson in shooting that stage which served me well when I got to shoot Slayer there the next day. My M.I.A. photos were also lacking because I only saw about a song and a half of her set before I ran across the grounds to the Black Stage once again.

The Descendents were about to go on but I made it in time, unfortunately they still wouldn’t let me in the photo pit. I was pissed because I supposedly had a “headliner” photo pass but they still wouldn’t let me in so for the third time in two days I jumped into the mosh pit and took photos from the crowd.  I love the Descendents and I hadn’t seen them since 1998 so it was awesome to see them. I remember thinking how old they were back then and Milo was only two years older than I am now. God damn. They put on an awesome show but I didn’t take great shots. I was having way too much fun. At some point I told a guy in the crowd that if they played “Pervert” I was going to stage dive with my camera. My band covers Pervert so I know every word and two songs later they played it so I climbed on stage, tried to take a photo from stage and then jumped into the crowd, camera in hand. Unfortunately my settings got bumped when I climbed on the stage and I set it on self timer mode so my camera didn’t take a photo. I changed modes while crowd surfing and was getting ready to take some photos from the air when a guy stage dived right on top of me for some reason. I got dropped but my legs stayed in the air. Fortunately I have a life time of crowd surfing practice and I let myself fall but kept my camera up. I got trampled on the ground and fucked up my shoulder but managed to keep my camera safe. I did lose my flash diffuser but it could have been a lot worse.

I limped out of the pit to a bunch of high fives and slaps on the back. It was a lot of fun but I was done for. The fest was almost over so I slowly walked out of there with the sounds of the Decendents soothing my painful trip back to my friends couch. I was ready to call it quits but I had 1400 photos to edit and another whole day of the fest. Bring it on.

Click here to see all the photos from Saturday at Fun Fun Fun Fest 8 at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX.

Craig Robinson @ Fun Fun Fun

Bleached @ Fun Fun Fun

The Descendents @ Fun Fun Fun

M.I.A. @ Fun Fun Fun

Sparks @ Fun Fun Fun

Body Count @ Fun Fun Fun

Thurston Moore & Bob Mould @ Fun Fun Fun

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Friday – 11.8.13

Normally I don’t shoot music festivals unless I am getting paid a lot of money. I shot nothing but bands for the first 8 years of my photo career and I sort of hate doing it now. With digital camera’s and the “three songs, no flash” photo pit rules every single photographer gets nearly the same shot of every band and every band gets photographed by a million people a year. So what’s the point? On top of that shooting festivals is even worse. But yet I headed to Austin over the weekend to shoot a music festival and I will be lucky if I break even.

Fun Fun Fun Fest has year after year the best line up of bands in the country. They bring in legendary artists in hip hop, punk, metal, pop and even comedy. They tend to have very diverse bands that all work so well together that you are running back and forth because so often there are multiple bands playing at the same time that you want to see. During the fest I knocked a couple bands of my life time bucket list and got to see FOUR bands that my punk cover band Fucking Bullshit covers. It was epic.

On top of that I love Austin and will take any chance to spend time there. I got to see a bunch of friends and I even photographed four naked girls there including one I ran into in the street and a stranger I was introduced to who had never posed nude before. Did I mention breakfast burritos and BBQ? I fucking love Austin.

Anyway, I got to a late start on Friday after photographing Quinn Cornchip again, but I got to see Little Boots, Kurt Vile, Big Freedia, Lupe Fiasco, Patton Oswalt and mother fucking Flag. Black Flag is probably the most important band to me in my life. They were my introduction to punk and their early material when they were fronted by Keith Morris was fucking life changing. Keith got the band back together with four Black Flag members but can’t call the band Black Flag because guitarist Greg Ginn owns the name. Ginn started his own band called Black Flag that only has two former members (although Ron Reyes was my favorite singer) and they just released a new album which is honestly better than expected. Still, I was way more excited about Flag than I was about Black Flag and they did not disappoint. Two songs into their set I jumped out of the photo pit and into the mosh pit and it was honestly one of the best experiences I have had at a concert in years.

On top of all that I got to meet BMX legend Mat Hoffman and eat free Twinkies (they are back and way worse than I remember). It was a pretty good Friday and I was wrecked by the end of Flag’s set but I was ready to do it all the next day and Saturday was jam packed with bands. I will have those photos tomorrow but in the mean time check out the pictures from Friday!

Click here to see all the photos from Fun Fun Fun Fest Friday at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX!

Flag @ Fun Fun Fun

Big Freedia @ Fun Fun Fun

Patton Oswalt @ Fun Fun Fun

Lupe Fiasco @ Fun Fun Fun

Kurt Vile @ Fun Fun Fun

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Kimberly Kane & Sueño

Despite breaking up nearly a year ago, Kimberly Kane remains one of my favorite people in existence and I stay with her when I am in LA and we talk every day despite our better judgement. She is one of the most interesting, raddest, people I have ever met so it’s no wonder I keep hanging out with her, but she does have some additional weapons at her disposal to keep me around. This set we shot in Elysian Park in LA showcase two of the main reasons I just can’t quit her: her dog and her life changing butt.

Sueño is half chihuahua and half Italian greyhound. He is the raddest dog I have ever met in my life. I seriously love that thing so damn much. I was never a chihuahua fan until I met him but now when I see people walking their little dogs around NYC I get all excited. We took him to the park while we shot this set and honestly there are probably more photos of him in this set than there are photos of KK. She told me “If you put this set up you are pretty much letting everyone know you are in love with a dog.”  I accept that. He is the greatest. (Plus everyone loves naked girls and adorable puppies!)

Aside from having custody of my favorite four legged being, KK also has one of the best butts every put on a white lady. I became an ass man late in life and fortunately I was blessed to get to hang out with this thing once in a while. Thank you based butt gods.

This set was shot specifically as a cross promotion for the new Kimberly Kane App! After the success of my Girls of Driven By Boredom App, I hooked her up with the fine folks over at Findrow and they set to work on her app. Not only is KK a hot naked lady but she is also a photographer and an adult film director and has a ton of photos of her, her friends and behind the scenes shots from some of her movies on there. It’s a pretty awesome App if you like that sort of thing (you do).

To celebrate her APP I went through and reedited some sets of her and pulled higher resolution shots and never before published from the first two times I shot her PLUS the set of her and Kory Minx! I uploaded those three galleries plus this newest set to my app and sent them all to her for her app as well. Lot’s of KK no matter which app you sign up for (sign up for both)! Get excited!

Click here to see the NSFW public nude shoot I did with Kimberly Kane and her puppy Sueño at Elysian Park in LA! 

And then sign up for the Driven By Boredom App and then sign up for the Kimberly Kane App!

Kimberly Kane & Sueño

Kimberly Kane Naked In Public

Kimberly Kane & Sueño

Kimberly Kane Naked In Public

Kimberly Kane & Sueño

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Chuck Palahniuk

A few months ago I got a chance to shoot author Chuck Palahniuk for an interview in Hustler Magazine. Palahniuk is most famously the author of Fight Club but has written tons of incredible and fucked up books like Choke, Survivor and Haunted. As someone who doesn’t read much fiction I always enjoyed Palahniuk mixing of disturbing stories with massive amounts of interesting facts so you are learning things as the tales unfold.

I was pretty excited about the shoot and I don’t often get a chance to shoot celebrities that aren’t drunk or naked. The shoot was at a sex shop (Thanks Pleasure Chest!!) but I was still not sure how comfortable Mr. Palahniuk was going to be with all the sex toys behind him. The shoot started out pretty tame but at some point I got him to pick up one of the sex toys and he just started tossing it up in the air and I got some kinda amazing shots. It’s not every day that you get to take photos of a best selling author juggling dildos. I was pretty psyched.

I haven’t had a chance to read the Hustler interview yet but it’s in the February 2014 issue which is somehow in stores now! Magazine publishing is a mystery to me but go buy that shit, read the interview and look at my photos. In the mean time you can check out the outtakes below!

Click here to see a full gallery of outtakes from the Hustler interview with author Chuck Palahniuk at The Pleasure Chest!

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk

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