Space Witch Party – 10.25.13

Happy Halloween kids! I am currently on a plane from LA headed to NYC on no sleep and trying to update this site before I lose my mind.  I was in LA for two days with a day in Vegas in between. I shot a very fancy fundraising gala one night and headed to Vegas to shoot some strippers for Hustler the next day. This is my life.  This is also the first time I have had Internet in several days as the internet at my friends place in LA was down and the hotel in Vegas decided that I didn’t know my own last name and wouldn’t let me log into their internet. So now I am spending $20 to update my site on a plane with pictures that are nearly a week old. Still, they seem pretty relevant since today is Halloween so let’s do this…

Last Friday my buddy Kristoph was in town and aside from being one of my favorite people he is also an insane person and I needed to show him a good time. Earlier in the day my friend Jamie Peck hit me up about a “Space Witch” party that was going to be super weird and that I should come by. I just planned on hanging out with Mike but I decided to bring my camera in case it was as weird as promised. Fortunately it was. When I walked in my friend Callie was out of her head and working on some sort of black magic ritual and everyone was pretty down to participate in the pre-halloween weirdness. There was a naked guy chained to the wall and this band Dust was playing and the whole thing was super weird so I took some photos and now you get to look at them.

Click here to see all the photo from the “Space Witch” party at 35 Beadel St.

Space Witches

Space Witch

Space Witch

Dust @ Space Witch

Space Witch


Kiss Space Witch

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Sovereign Syre At The Cecil Hotel

Back in January a girl named Elisa Lam who was staying at the run down Cecil Hotel in downtown LA went missing. The only clue was this incredibly creepy video of her in the hotel’s elevator. A month later her body was found in a sealed water tower after hotel guests reported a rotting smell from their shower water. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning but no one knows how she got in the water tank. The mystery combined with the video and the hotel’s otherwise frighting history have caused her story to once again go viral. I have been seeing the video posted over and over again on Facebook and Twitter the last few days.

In April, just a few weeks after her body was found I was in LA visiting my brother for his 30th birthday. I slept on his couch most of the time I was there, but on one night I decided to stay at the Cecil. I felt like it would be the really creepy thing to do and I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Murder Motels.

I wasn’t going to spend $100 to stay in a shitty hotel if I didn’t have a girl to photograph so I texted a few friends and ended up reaching the amazing Sovereign Syre. She was just coming from a shoot and rushed through rush hour traffic to make it to the hotel right as the sun was creeping below the buildings. The room was dark but the window light was just enough to give us time to shoot. Sov has the best lips and eyes that exist so she is pretty fantastic to shoot no mater what the conditions. Her butt isn’t so bad either.

Thirty minutes later the light was gone and we had a super sexy kinda spooky photo shoot that I am posing just in time for Halloween. Boo!

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Sovereign Syre at the creepy Cecil Hotel in downtown LA.

Sovereign Syre At The Cecil Hotel

Sovereign Syre At The Cecil Hotel

Sovereign Syre At The Cecil Hotel

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Web Weekend X

In a growing list of posts you don’t care about comes a small gallery from my recent trip to Miami. I went down for the 10th annual Web Weekend, the nerdiest of all things in my life. Web Weekend is a yearly conference of Miami Dolphins web masters hosted by the Miami Dolphins. I am one of only four people who have gone to all ten of these things and the other three are named Dave.

I used to just go down every weekend for free tickets to a Dolphins game and a chance to tour the locker rooms and the stadium and get to talk to coaches and things like that. Things have changed in the last few years as I founded Dolfans NYC the New York City Miami Dolphins Fan Club with a woman that I met at Web Weekend. Our club has quickly become the biggest Dolphins fan club in the country and we have started big fundraising efforts for charity.

This year we have already raised $3000 for the Miami Dolphins Foundation and we presented the money to the Dolphins new CEO Tom Garfinkle. He was so appreciative of what we do that he invited us up to his suite to watch the game. The seats were amazing and Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew was watching the game a few feet from me and I was high fiving millionaires when the Dolphins scored. It was completely surreal and completely amazing until the Dolphins managed to lose and then it went downhill fast. Such is football.

Anyway, I didn’t take many pictures this year because I was focusing on promoting the DolfansNYC brand while we were down there and I have done this trip now ten times so some of it does get a little repetitive. That being said there are some pictures from the locker room tour, some from the meetings with coaches and players and former players and some more photos from the “Webby Awards” where our club ended up winning the award for best community for the second year in a row!

If you make it this far in the post I commend you on being curious enough about this weird part of my life to keep reading. Don’t worry, I will put up more girls tomorrow…

Click here to see the small gallery of photos from Miami Dolphins Web Weekend 10!

Miami Dolphins Coach Joe Philibin

Brandon Fields & John Denny

Two Things Richie Incognito Doesn't Like

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Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

I have no idea how I haven’t posted these photos. This is the only shoot left from my AVN Awards behind the scenes shoot for Hustler Magazine. This was actually the first shoot I did for the story and it was very spur of the moment.

Before I went out to Vegas I spent a few days in LA. I generally like to make a longer trip out of the AVN Awards so I fly into LA, rent a car, drive to Vegas for the awards and then spend a few days in LA after the trip. I do that because if I meet anyone in Vegas that I want to photograph we can set up a shoot in LA after the awards.

So back in January the night before I was supposed to leave for the awards I had dinner with a friend and then no real plans after that. I hit up Ash Hollywood about shooting or hanging out and she said she was already in Vegas. We talked a bit more and I decided just to drive to Vegas in the middle of the night. Her and her boyfriend got a big suite and they said I could sleep on their couch since my hotel reservation wasn’t until the next day. I said fuck it and I started driving to Vegas.

By the time I got there around 4am I had lined up Sasha Pain to shoot as well. I followed her on Twitter for ever and she is both super hot and super hilarious. She happened to be staying in the same hotel as Ash so they met up while they waited for me to get to Vegas. I finally got there and took some photos of them smoking weed and then I suggested a pillow fight.

The pillow fight was really fun and they pretty much tried to kill each other while I took photos. The photos were taken with my on camera flash so they look more like my old night club bathroom photo shoots than my new work but I knew I only needed a few good shots for the magazine. I thought we got some great shots even if the whole shoot looks pretty amateurish but when you have two naked girls pillow fighting who the fuck is going to complain about the technical photo quality?

I should also mention that if you had my Girls of DBB app you would have seen these photos already because I posted them on there first.

Also I should plug my book again because Ash Hollywood is one of the stars of it. If you are a fan of mine or Ash’s you need this book! It’s only $20 and is available from the Mishka stores in Brooklyn & LA as well as from this Etsy store that I set up. There aren’t many left so I would order soon.

None of these images are safe for work enough to post on the main page so click here to see all the uncensored photo from the sexy naked pillow fight between Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain!

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain Naked Pillow Fight

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Get Your Kicks NYC Book Release – 10.17.21

I am on the way back from my trip to Miami this weekend and I had meant to get these photos up already but I didn’t have time to work on this post until I got to the airport. On Thursday before I left for this trip I threw the New York release for my book “Get Your Kicks” at Mishka’s 350 Broadway location in Brooklyn. There was no art show with this release so I didn’t push it as hard so it was significantly more subdued than the wild LA book release but it was a lot of fun.

Sailor Jerry provided free booze and we played this Drop The Lime Route 66 themed rockabilly mix that he curated for the show. A ton of my favorite people showed up and I actually think I sold more books at the NYC event because I had a chance to really talk to everyone and the books were a bit easier to see. They were more the star of the show instead of the art gallery in LA.

The highlight of the show was a girl getting so drunk that she tried to take off her pants and piss in the middle of the store. She got dragged outside, dropped her pants and pissed right in front of the store while everyone watched. Surprisingly I decided against taking photos until she tried to get back into the store which was hilarious. Gawker’s Camille Dodero Tweeted that it was the first book party she had ever been to where someone was thrown out. This is something I am very proud of.

Complex wrote up the book too but there was no mention of the pissing drunk lady but I will take what I can get!

I am so proud of my Route 66 photo book and I am so glad these release parties are over. I am going to be sending out over 100 of them towards the end of this week so if you want to buy a copy I would suggest you do so ASAP cause I am leaving town again in a week and you might not get a book if you don’t get on it.  So buy one now! Get your Get Your Kicks!

Thanks everyone for coming out to both events and thanks everyone who has already bought and will buy my book!

Click here to see all the photos from the Brooklyn Get Your Kicks book release party at Mishka’s 350 Broadway!

Lamour Supreme & Lee Trice

Buy My Shirt!

Get Your Kicks Babes

Pissing At Mishka

Greg Mishka

Dan Cronin, Camille Dodero & Tod Seelie

Irina Get Your Kicks


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Get Your Kicks LA Release Party Pictures – 10.11.13

The LA release party for my Route 66 book “Get Your Kicks” was a huge success. It was so humbling to see all the people who came out to support me. I sold some art, a bunch of books, and Mishka LA was packed all night. Art shows are terrifying to me because as much as I think I like attention I really hate it when it’s actually happening. In retrospect it was awesome but during the show I was kinda freaking out. Talking to people about my “art” is pretty much the worst part about this whole process. I was running like a chicken sans head and trying to talk to everyone.

It was such a cool group of people who came out to the show and they well represented the diversity of the things I like to photograph. Two of the stars of the book Charlotte Stokely and Ash Hollywood came out but so did a lot of other adult film stars including Kimberly Kane, Dana DeArmond, Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, Andy San Dimas, Veruca James, Claire Robbins, Catie Parker, Phoenix Askani, Tommy Pistol and Lee Roy Meyers, plus nude models Alysha Nett and Shay Laren. A bunch of nightlife peoples came out including DJ Skeet and Justin Tranter of Semi Precious weapons. In the tattoo world Oliver Peck and Brooklyn Payne. Comedians Maddox and Steve Agee showed up and so did amazing fine artists Coop & Shark Toof. A bunch of my photographer friends showed up including Rony Alwin, Tyler Curtis, JM Darling, Steve Diet Goedde & Victor Lightworship. Plus tons of my really good friends including my brother and CHIPS the designers of the book!

These photos kinda suck because I was too busy having an art show to take photos. I just sort of mindlessly snapped shots without a flash and hoped they would come out. I think I took better photos on my Instagram but whatever, hopefully I will eventually see some of the photos that other people took. Also, this gallery is NSFW thanks to both the art in the show and Veruca James & Catie Parker taking their clothes off.

Thanks Mishka LA for hosting the event, thanks to Kimberly Kane for helping me hang the show, thanks to Sailor Jerry and PBR for the booze and thanks to everyone for coming out! Oh, and the show is up until late November if you are in LA and still want to check out the photo show!

Lastly, remember that the NYC release party is tomorrow night! Hopefully you can make it out, but if not I just put the book on Etsy! Go order one!

Now click here to see all the photos from the Get Your Kicks book release party and photo show at Mishka LA!

Charlotte Stokely - Get Your Kicks

Kimberly Kane, Aiden Starr, Andy San Dimas, Dana DeArmond, Veruca James

Oliver Peck - Get Your Kicks

Skeet & Rony Alwin

Shay Laren - Get Your Kicks

Alysha Nett - Get Your Kicks

Skin Diamond, Steve Agee & Kimberly Kane - Get Your Kicks

Coop & Lee Roy Meyers - Get Your Kicks
height=”752″ />

Ash Hollywood - Get Your Kicks

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Brooklyn Get Your Kicks Book Release!

So Friday’s LA release of my limited edition Route 66 book “Get Your Kicks” was a huge success. Mishka LA was packed all night and I sold a bunch of books. The whole thing was really awesome and there will be a bunch of photos from it when I get back to NYC on Wednesday. I posted a few photos on Tumblr if you want to check that out and there should be a video soon.

But the more important news is that the book release party is coming to NYC! We are doing this all again (minus the photo show) on Thursday at Mishka’s 350 Broadway location in Williamsburg (Marcy or Hewes JMZ train stop). I will be selling the books and signing books if you want. There will be free Sailor Jerry rum and beer and Drop The Lime curated a rock and roll Route 66 themed play list for the event.  There is also going to be a limited edition Mishka t-shirt for sale as well.

After the show is over I will put the book on sale for those people who couldn’t make it out to the release parties. The books also should continue to be on sale at both the Mishka LA and Brooklyn stores.

Anyway, I hope to see a ton of my friends out at Mishka’s 350 Broadway on Thursday, I know it’s CMJ fest but stop by and say hi, get a free drink, buy a book and get on to whatever hipster buzz band you are going to see.

Get Your Kicks NY Book Release

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Annalee Belle At The Cadillac Ranch

So today I am headed to Los Angeles for the release of my Route 66 book “Get Your Kicks”. If you somehow missed it I traveled all of Route 66 from Chicago to LA with a bunch of hot naked girls taking photos of them and roadside Americana and them in front of roadside Americana. I am doing a big photo show and book release party at Mishka LA this Friday. There will be another smaller event at Mishka’s Brooklyn location on Oct 17th. If you want to know more you could read my original post, or check out write ups on Animal New, and Fleshbot

In honor of the book release I am going to post this set of Annalee Belle at the famous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. The Ranch is a Route 66 classic built by the eccentric oil billionaire/ artist Stanley Marsh 3. It was one of the main attractions I really HAD to see on my road trip and I wanted to shoot a naked girl in front of it. Unfortunately I didn’t have a model for that leg of the trip so I went to the internet to find someone. I only managed to find two possible models in Amarillo and I emailed them both. Annalee Belle hit me up and not only was down for the shoot but was actually a fan of my work. I was pretty psyched.

I picked her up and we headed to the ranch and she kinda ruined my excitement when she told me Stanley Marsh was a child molester and was currently  on trial for sexually assaulting several teen boys. Despite this awful news we headed to the Cadillac Ranch and despite insane winds, dust and tons of people spray painting the Cadillacs we managed to shoot a few photos including the cover of my book! On top of that we only got caught like twice and I had Annalee home in less than an hour from when I picked her up. It was a pretty successful trip.

But yeah, check out these photos and get excited for the release of my first of what will hopefully be many books.

Click here to see Annalee Belle naked in public at the famous Cadillac Ranch near Route 66 in Amarillo, TX!

Annalee Belle @ The Cadillac Ranch

Annalee Belle @ The Cadillac Ranch

Annalee Belle @ The Cadillac Ranch

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2013 Exxxotica NJ – 10.4.13

I had to return I borrowed in DC last weekend so I decided that on Friday I would hit Exxxotica NJ on the way out of town. I’ve covered a bunch of Exxxotica’s in the past but it had been a while. I like to shoot porn trade shows because there are a lot of people there that I pretty much only see at conventions like AVN and Exxxotica. Plus it’s a good chance to find new models to shoot and porn fans are often just as interesting to photograph as the half naked porn stars.

I got stuck in horrible traffic leaving NYC so I was only at Exxxotica for a few hours but it was a good time. I got to meet Sydney Leather’s of the Weinergate scandal. We have a mutual friend and I found out she lives really close to the Gathering of the Juggalos! I got to meet Asa Akira who is a total babe and wants to shoot photos next time she is in NYC. I ran into this girl Raven Rockette who I briefly met in LA last time I was there. Right after the show ended we did a 3 minute mini photo shoot in my car in the parking lot. I also shot a few topless photos of my friend Kathryn who was just there to meet Jenna Jameson.

Anyway, this isn’t a huge gallery but it’s got some fun pics in it, plus that mini photo shoot with Raven Rockette. Obviously this gallery is NSFW and there is probably hardcore porn in the background of some of the photos so you have been warned. I mean it is a porn convention. Now I gotta go get back to promoting my book release party in LA!

Click here to see all the photos from the 2013 Exxxotica NJ convention at the New Jersey Expo Center.

Kathryn & Jenna Jameson Exxxotica NJ

Riley Reid Exxxotica NJ

Sydney Leathers Exxxotica NJ

Exxxotica NJ

Asa Akira Exxxotica NJ

Brandy Aniston & Rikki Six Exxxotica NJ

Raven Rockette Exxxotica NJ

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