Route 66 Signage

By now I hope you guys are aware of my 18 day Route 66 road trip (The entire road trip was actually 31 days). I had been wanting to drive Route 66 for years and it was even better than I imagined. Tons of Route 66 is still there and much of it is an absolute pleasure to drive and I hope I can do it again some day. Route 66 goes from Chicago to Los Angeles and for years was really the only way to get to California. The Mother Road as they called it represented the American dream, car culture and manifest destiny. For some it was a vacation and for some a new life out west.

Despite not being particularly interested in cars (I don’t own one) I have always loved the motor history of the united states. After coming across the photography of John Margolies I fell in love with the idea of documenting roadside Americana in my own way. It’s been done by a million people so I had to put my own spin on it. Since I am known for shooting naked girls I figured I could probably get people to give me money for the trip if I added nudity to the equation.

Thanks to two different naked lady clients, a couple event photography gigs in Chicago and crowd funding I was able to raise enough money to make the trip a reality and it was amazing. I took a bunch of models on the road with me and every day was a completely new adventure. It was honestly life changing.

Along the trip I shot very little digital photography. I took 66 rolls of film (total coincidence) and close to 150 polaroids. Something about the historic nature of the trip made me want to shoot mostly analog film.

I am in the process of putting together a short run self published book of my Route 66 road trip so I don’t want to give away too many images now so I am not going to post any of the shots with models yet BUT I uploaded a bunch of nude Polaroids from my road trip on the DBB Girls App so if you want a sneak peek of the sexy stuff from my trip, sign up! These images are exclusive to the app!

That being said, I do want to get some photos up from the trip so I decided to post a bunch of photos of some of the amazing signage that is all over Route 66. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants and curio shops make up the bulk of this signage, but it’s always amazing to see how inventive people got along 66. By the way, if you love this stuff you need to visit Tucumcari, NM. It’s ground zero for amazing American signage.

Lastly, before I post this stuff, there are a few great shots on here, but most of this stuff was just snap shot photography just designed to get a photo of the sign. So many people have come before me and taken amazing shots of this stuff so I wasn’t worried about getting fantastic shots. It was more of a “Gotta catch em all” kinda vibe when it came to the signage. I was almost collecting signs.

Anyway time for me to shut up and give you some pictures, especially since most of you will just skip over this post anyway, but I hope the ones of you that do take the time to check these photos appreciate it. Hope to see you on the Mother Road.

Click here to see 35mm photos of amazing signage from Route 66!

Palomino Motel

Blue Swallow Motel

La Cita

Midpoint Of Route 66


Rainbow Rock Shop

Copper Cart

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