More Music From The Gathering Of The Juggalos

I didn’t spend at on of time this year shooting bands at The Gathering of the Juggalos. The line up usually includes a who’s who of hip hop legends, but this year the theme was “The Rise of the Underground” which really seemed like an experiment to see if juggalos would pay to see just juggalo bands. It turns out, maybe not… the festival was the least populated of the four I have attended, but there were still some decent acts.

Aside from the bands I have already posted (Icp, Twiztid, Onyx, Wolfpac and Tech N9ne) my favorite musical acts of this years Gathering were Blowfly, Rittz and Lil Wyte with Jellyroll. Blowfly is a legend and I have wanted to see him for years. He played in the middle of the night and was as amazing as expected. I explained him to someone as “imagine a 70 year old man dressed as Superman doing some sort of rap funk music about sex”. That’s pretty on point. I bought a t-shirt. Rittz is a pretty impressive rapper. If you don’t know about him you should google that shit. I saw Lil Wyte at the Gathering last year and was impressed and he killed it this year. The juggalos were getting live.

I wasn’t as psyched to see Sevendust or Soulfly because I hate nu-metal but Sevendust actually put on a pretty good show and I got a pretty great shot of their lead singer and his crazy dreads. Big Hoodoo played his first ever set at the Gathering so I think juggalos were psyched about that, or maybe not at all. Not really sure. Kottonmouth Kings were looking really old, but it seems like they are still able to write new songs about smoking weed. Swollen Members were playing their first US show since Madchild got banned from the country for associations with the Hells Angels. Razhel played again and did some beat boxing or whatever the hell he is all about these days. Um… ABK still has a lisp and I can’t listen to his music, but he actually seems like good people from what I can tell. I am probably missing some bands but  I just spilled coffee all over my office so I clearly need more coffee right now.

I have another Gathering update coming later today but this is it for the music. See you guys in a minute.

Now click here to see the rest of the live music performances from the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos.


Swollen Members



Lil Wyte

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