Introducing Me & Some Boobs

I came up with a terrible/great idea for a new Tumblr. Every time I shoot a naked girl I always take a photo of me and that girl for some reason. About a year ago I started publishing them at the end of the set and people seemed to get a kick out of them. I tend to make really awkward faces in all of them and I think they are kinda funny. Recently I was building a naked girl portfolio so I was going through all the old sets and pulling my favorite shots and while I was at it I started pulling photos of me with naked girls. At the end I had almost 200 images in that folder and this bad idea was born.

Starting today I am going to post several photos of me and a naked girl over at Me & Some Boobs. Yes, I realize that it’s a terrible name for a site, but when I asked my Twitter & Facebook friends the suggestions I got were awful so I decided to just name it the dumbest most obvious thing I could think of and Me & Some Boobs was born.

Anyway, the real point of this site is to promote my new app while at the same time providing links to older naked girl galleries that people haven’t looked at in a while. Also I get to be bragging and self loathing at the same time which is pretty much what I am all about. Yeah well, we all got problems.

Go follow this damn Tumblr and then have a lovely holiday weekend. See you guys soon.

Me & Some Boobs

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Route 66 Signage

By now I hope you guys are aware of my 18 day Route 66 road trip (The entire road trip was actually 31 days). I had been wanting to drive Route 66 for years and it was even better than I imagined. Tons of Route 66 is still there and much of it is an absolute pleasure to drive and I hope I can do it again some day. Route 66 goes from Chicago to Los Angeles and for years was really the only way to get to California. The Mother Road as they called it represented the American dream, car culture and manifest destiny. For some it was a vacation and for some a new life out west.

Despite not being particularly interested in cars (I don’t own one) I have always loved the motor history of the united states. After coming across the photography of John Margolies I fell in love with the idea of documenting roadside Americana in my own way. It’s been done by a million people so I had to put my own spin on it. Since I am known for shooting naked girls I figured I could probably get people to give me money for the trip if I added nudity to the equation.

Thanks to two different naked lady clients, a couple event photography gigs in Chicago and crowd funding I was able to raise enough money to make the trip a reality and it was amazing. I took a bunch of models on the road with me and every day was a completely new adventure. It was honestly life changing.

Along the trip I shot very little digital photography. I took 66 rolls of film (total coincidence) and close to 150 polaroids. Something about the historic nature of the trip made me want to shoot mostly analog film.

I am in the process of putting together a short run self published book of my Route 66 road trip so I don’t want to give away too many images now so I am not going to post any of the shots with models yet BUT I uploaded a bunch of nude Polaroids from my road trip on the DBB Girls App so if you want a sneak peek of the sexy stuff from my trip, sign up! These images are exclusive to the app!

That being said, I do want to get some photos up from the trip so I decided to post a bunch of photos of some of the amazing signage that is all over Route 66. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants and curio shops make up the bulk of this signage, but it’s always amazing to see how inventive people got along 66. By the way, if you love this stuff you need to visit Tucumcari, NM. It’s ground zero for amazing American signage.

Lastly, before I post this stuff, there are a few great shots on here, but most of this stuff was just snap shot photography just designed to get a photo of the sign. So many people have come before me and taken amazing shots of this stuff so I wasn’t worried about getting fantastic shots. It was more of a “Gotta catch em all” kinda vibe when it came to the signage. I was almost collecting signs.

Anyway time for me to shut up and give you some pictures, especially since most of you will just skip over this post anyway, but I hope the ones of you that do take the time to check these photos appreciate it. Hope to see you on the Mother Road.

Click here to see 35mm photos of amazing signage from Route 66!

Palomino Motel

Blue Swallow Motel

La Cita

Midpoint Of Route 66


Rainbow Rock Shop

Copper Cart

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Alysha Nett

You guys probably know about Alysha Nett already. I mean she’s super internet famous and all and is a super hot tattooed lady that models for all sorts of super hip street wear brands and all. Super. Alysha is also really awesome and we hang out once in a while and sometimes we even take photos of her boobs which is always really exciting. Last time we shot she was sick and we shot in a kitchen in Austin, TX using just the kitchen lights and despite her being really hot and me being really awesome the photos just came out okay. Neither of us was fully psyched about the images so clearly we would have to shoot again.

Time passes and I am in LA and we decide to go out for lunch. During said lunch we talked bout finally shooting at some point and then suddenly that some point became that point and we went to a roof top and took a bunch of photos. It was super bright on the roof which is not really ideal unless you have screens or bouncers or things like that, but I have no patience for any of that so we just took photos. Fortunately we are both really amazing as I mentioned before and we got some lovely shots anyway. FRONT Magazine actually ran one of them (I haven’t seen the issue yet but it’s out now!) and I was pretty happy with that because shooting for FRONT has been on my bucket list.

In conclusion Alysha has an amazing butt and she is the type of girl you want to take out on tons of really fun dates. Also, once again I have written some weird rambly write up about nonsense instead of just showing you photos of hot girls, so I am gonna shut up now and get to it. Go look at this NSFW gallery!

Click here to see all the photos of the babelicious Alysha Nett!

Ps. These photos (and exclusive nude Polaroids) are available in high resolution on the DBB Girls App! Go sign up!

Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett


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Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

Two of my favorite naked girls on earth both are so called “alt” girls that have made it in the mainstream porn world, and they also happen to be dating each other. I have wanted to shoot Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir since the moment I heard of their existence. I got to meet them both when I picked them up at a Vegas bus station several years ago as a favor to Burning Angel. BA was throwing a party in Vegas and everything was running behind so they asked me to pick up the girls. I figured I couldn’t say no and I ended up shooting them quickly in a bathroom that night.

Fast forward several years and I hadn’t managed to shoot them for real, outside a night club bathroom. Skin always seemed really interested in shooting with me but she is an amazingly busy human and I am only in LA so often so it never happened. Fortunately at the AVN Awards this year I was shooting a behind the scenes story for Hustler and I caught them right after the awards ended. They just wanted to go smoke weed and relax after wearing high heels and getting their pictures taken five million times, but I told them they could just go smoke and since they were changing out of their AVN dresses anyway all they had to do is be themselves and I would take photos. Easiest photo shoot ever.

We ended up in comedian Brian Redban’s room and they got naked and just started smoking and getting super posey because they are both amazing models, but I sort of wanted more real life shit. Fortunately after a few puffs they were just laughing their asses off and it quickly became one of my favorite shoots ever despite shooting it with an on camera flash in a hotel room. These are probably technically the worst naked girl photos I have posted on here in a while, but they are some of my favorites anyway. These girls are so rad and so hot that it was just amazing to shoot them while they were just fucking around after a long day. My guess it was one of the easiest photo shoots they have ever done, and as much fun as you could have on a shoot without anyone having sex.

Thanks again to Redban for the use of the room and the photos he took of me in my AVN suit (Driven By Boredom was nominated for best website) and thanks to Skin and Asphyxia for finally sucking it up and shooting with me. You guys rule. And thanks for Hustler for actually paying me to party with hot naked girls all the time.

Click here to see these amazing and uncensored of Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir relaxing after the AVN Awards.

PS. These photos were posted to the DBB App long before they were on the site. Check the app for early updates, exclusive images and more!

Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

Skin Diamond & Asphyxia Noir

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And Thus Ends Your 2013 Gathering Of The Juggalos Coverage

It what is always the saddest update of the year we must bid farewell to the juggalos. Fortunately this update is action packed with not one, but three galleries of juggalo goodness! I had a few Gathering of the Juggalos galleries that didn’t really justify their own post and I really wanted to move on to some naked porn stars and party pictures so I decided to combine the galleries into one update.

To start with I have photos from the totally insane Juggalo Night Court. Basically what happens is that crowd favorite Upchuck the clown acts as judge and juggalos bring up their complaints about other juggalos. Upchuck then hears their complaints, let’s the plaintiff defend themselves and the crowd votes on who wins. The winner gets a t-shirt. The loser? Well the loser gets fucked. He (or she) has to spin “The Wheel of Bone” to find out what horrible punishment they must suffer. Once they have picked their Bone they get literally tortured to the delight of the juggalos. I saw a guy get covered in honey and then covered in feathers, I saw a guy get dicks drawn all over him with “tattoo markers”, and I saw a guy get pelted with eggs and a giant bucket of Faygo poured on him. I also heard a girl got a paintball to the neck with the wrong C02 canister installed in the paintball gun which almost crushed her throat and killed her. Whoops. Also one of the nights I was there Violent J (out of make up!) was one of the guest judges!

Click here to see all my photos from the totally insane (and NSFW) Juggalo Night Court at the Gathering of the Juggalos! 

Juggalo Justice

Juggalo Night Court

Up next I have a gallery of Kaiju Big Battel madness. I had heard about Kaiju Big Battel for years but had never seen it until the Gathering. Basically giant Japanese monsters fight each other and crush entire cities in their wake… or something like that. Maybe it’s more like really shitty wrestling but in really amazing costumes. I saw a waffle fight a bunch of random monsters and end up victorious. It was pretty delicious. There were also some sort of beans who kicked the shit out of some drug monsters. Really I have no fucking clue what was going on but it was awesome. I would have stuck around much longer but I had some actual work to do, so my monster photography only lasted a couple of rounds. Still, it was pretty hilarious and awesome. You should look at the photos.

Click here to see all my photos from the wild Kaiju Big Battel at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Kaiju Big Battle @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Kaiju Big Battle @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Lastly I just have a bunch of shit that didn’t fit any where else. We got some lovely scenic shots, some random signs offering discount handjobs maybe some deadly weapons that got confiscated at the entrance? Which do you like more juggalo teepees or juggalo castles? Whatever the case it is clearly worth looking at. I mean, why not right? This is the last gallery so you just have to look! I mean there’s nothing else to look at! I know, I am as sad as you are. Don’t worry, there is always next year! Whoop Whoop!

Click here to see the rest of my 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos photos. Until next time, MCL!

Confiscated Hatchets!

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Psychopathic Radio Returns

So I am still on vacation until tomorrow but I figured I could a little bit of work done. I only have two more Gathering of the Juggalos updates left so I figured I would get this one up today and then we will be done tomorrow and we can get back to normal around here. I love my juggalos but I can’t stop dreaming that I am still at the Gathering so I think I need to get back to tits and NYC party photos or I might lose my mind. I might not get back til NYC until late tomorrow so my last update might actually come on Wednesday, but whatever, we are moving forward soon!

So my second to last update is about  Psychopathic Radio aka W Fuck Off hosted by my scumfuck pals in Wolfpac. Aside from putting on crazy performances as a band, they also do this insane radio show twice a day during the Gathering. It’s pretty much your standard shock jock morning radio program… except that they play mostly Psychopathic Records music and they ruin peoples lives. They make people beat the shit out of each other on stilts, they force people to consume massive amounts of booze until they puke and they make people take shots of 1,000,000 SHU hot sauce. They also have strippers on stage dancing around doing whatever strippers do.

In past years I spent a lot of time hanging out with the Wolfpac crew because their fucked up contests and naked girls make for great photos, but this year I didn’t bring my own car and I was subjected to the whims of my fellow juggalo journalists who were not that interested in getting down to the camp grounds at a reasonable hour. Once I finally got down there every day I had other work to do so I really did’t get much of a chance to photograph Wolfpac’s W Fuck Off show, but when I did I got some good shots like these two dudes beating the shit out of each other. You might recognize the guy in the blue helmet as the dude who got his ass kicked last year. This year he returned with a vengeance and beat the dude in the red helmet pretty severely. Good times.

So yeah long story short there are some crazy photos in this gallery but not as many as in previous years. It’s still properly NSFW and there is some fun stuff but if you want to see more search the archives for Psychopathic Radio. It’s worth a look if you haven’t seen this stuff before. Now, I just have one more GOTJ of the Juggalos update to go and we get back to real life. Whoop whoop!

Click here to see all the photos from Wolfpac’s insane Psychopathic Radio show on W Fuck Off live from the Gathering of the Juggalos!

W Fuck Off Radio

Psychopathic Radio Audience


Neko Necro


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And Now For The Motherfucking Juggalos

So I am going on vacation in a few minutes and I wanted to leave you with a shit ton of photos from the Gathering of the Juggalos to digest while I am gone. I have a few Gathering updates left but they are all random shit like Kaju Big Battel, Juggalo Night Court, and the Psychopathic Radio shenanigans an I will get to that shit next week. But before I left I had to get up the naked juggalettes and I now have to get up all the random pictures of ninjas and ninjettes that didn’t fit anywhere else.

We are talking about nearly 300 photos of motherfuckers getting weird at the Gathering of the Juggalos for five straight days and there is a lot of total madness here. If you were at the Gathering and I took your photo, chances are it’s in this gallery. And yes, even this gallery is NSFW. There might be a random boob in here, or even a very small dick covered in crime scene tape. Whatever man, this is the Gathering, shit gets real.

Wanna see a guy with a giant weed leaf tattooed in his arm pit? It’s in this gallery. Wanna see a juggalo driving around his chubby ‘lette in a beach chair that’s being towed by his scooter? That shit is in this gallery. Wanna see passed out juggalos getting mooned and molested by cute juggalettes? I got that shit. Wanna see the secret burrito men who took over for the real secret burrito man while he is in the hospital? That shit is in here too. How about the guy who cut off his own nipple? And the nipple? Yup, got all that shit motherfako! Wanna see the armless Penguin Boy lift a bucket with just his lip? I got you. Wanna see some fights, a dude with a split tongue, fire spitting, Faygo fights and terrible tattoos? Just look at the photos already. Damn.

Click here to see nearly 300 crazy party photos from the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave In Rock, IL.  Whoop whoop!

Ps. And dont forget to check out the DBB Girls App for 900 photos of naked juggalettes (plus 8000 non-lette naked photos).

Juggalo Face Paint

Juggalo Cut Off His Nipples

Catch Me On The Drug Bridge

Muddy Juggalo

Penguin Boy

Lil Wyte

Dark Carnival Tattoo

Whoop Whoop

Passed Out Juggalos

Mexican Hatchetman

Clown Love

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Naked Juggalettes

Everyone’s favorite part of my Gathering of the Juggalos pictures every year is the naked juggalettes. The Gathering is a shame free environment where everyone regardless of body type is free to express themselves. In other words everybody gets to see some giant floppy titties. It’s pretty amazing. It’s a great mix of horror and horny that terrifies and electrifies all who gaze upon my yearly naked juggalette galleries. Please, share these with your friends, neighbors and church group. These images are for everyone.

This gallery is a little smaller than in years past, partially because the Gathering was a bit under attended, but mostly because I photographed a special “Girls of the Gathering” gallery for Hustler Magazine. That’s right, Hustler is going to be running at least 4 pages of naked juggalettes and I gotta save some of the best shots for them. I did full shoots with a half dozen girls and little mini shoots with another half dozen. It’s going to be a pretty epic spread and of course I will eventually be posting the outtakes here, but we gotta wait until the issue comes out.

That being said, if you NEED more naked juggalette photos (and I know you do) check out the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. It’s available for all smart phones and I just uploaded a MASSIVE gallery of 900 juggalette nudes from the past four Gatherings. Plus it has a full gallery, including extra outtakes from my shoot with my favorite naked juggalette Pepper Kester. If you love juggalettes, or any naked girls for that matter, you need this app. It’s close to 10,000 photos all at your fingertips.

Anyway, sorry about the plug but I gotta pay for these adventures some how. Someones gotta bring you naked juggalettes right? I AM DOING GOD’S WORK HERE! Okay, I will shut the fuck up now, but you guys gotta go look at naked ‘lettes. Enjoy these very NSFW photos. Merry X-mas.

Click here to see a lot of UNCENSORED naked juggalettes from the Gathering of the Juggalos! Remember, you deserve it.

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes

Naked Juggalettes


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Gathering Of The Juggalos After Parties

My last update of the day is a pretty good one. Every day at the Gathering of the Juggalos bands playing on the main stage stop around midnight. From that point on the tent set up on “Hepatitis Lake” called “Bomb House” goes off. There are nightly parties that go until five in the morning. In the past there have been some pretty awesome acts that play to a small tent of people. For example I sat on the stage and watched a pretty amazing Pharcyde set last year.

This year the parties didn’t feature the amazing performances, but they did feature some good times and some good DJs (DJ Clay is an amazing hip hop DJ even if you hate ICP). There was a black light party and a foam party and a “sluts and butts” party or something. All I know is that there are only a hand full of really hot juggalettes at the Gathering and chances are they are going to be either dancing or hanging out on the Bomb House stage late night. These parties featured a lot of scantly clad and naked girls dancing plus a lot of the Psychopathic Records family hyping the crowd. I even got a photo of the Insane Clown Posse without their make up.

This gallery is going to feature a lot of NSFW goodness so don’t look it at work, as if anyone ever looks at my site at work. But if you DO want to look at naked juggalettes at work, you should download the Girls of Driven By Boredom App (works on all smart phones) and take it in to the bathroom with you because I just uploaded 900 photos of naked juggalettes to the app. You’re welcome.

Now click here to check out all the photos from the Bomb House after parties at the 14th annual Gathering of the Juggalos!

Insane Clown Posse Without Their Makeup!

Sindel Doing What She Do

Black Light WTF?

The Hottest Juggalettes In A Row

My Girl Chelli Getting Painted Up

Juggalo Foam Party!


I Fuck With That

Kali West Climbing Shit

Whoop Whoop!

It's That Kinda Party


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