Lena Marquise

Several months ago my roommate moved out and I totally redid my apartment. I got on the lease by myself, moved my bedroom into the back of the apartment, turned my living room into an office and rented my old bedroom out to an 80 year old man trapped in a 40 year old body that I call Grandpa Roy. But before I moved into the back bedroom I needed to paint it so it sat empty for a couple days. On one of those days I shot Lena Marquise.

I have known Lena for most of the time I have lived in NYC. I remember the first time we met we made out at a bar and I think that was also the last time we ever made out. We have remained friends though and I even crashed with her once in Miami. I did a 5am photo shoot with her and DJ Fancy in a shower at some Brooklyn after party and I have done a few random 35mm photo shoots with her over the years, but this is the first time we have done a real shoot together.

I think Lena is a fun model and she got me to take some weirder photos than I usually would because she’s kinda an art fag and I appreciate that. Her blue hair and matching shoes looks awesome in an empty room and she is always fun to hang out with. Last time I saw her I gave her a bunch of cold pulled pork because I am a god damned gentleman. Anyway this post is getting long and weird so let’s get into it.

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Lena Marquise!

Ps. Subscribers to the Girls of DBB App got this set yesterday with three bonus extra NSFW shots. You should clearly sign up.

Lena Marquise

Lena Marquise

Lena Marquise

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Banned By Instagram

Update: I gave up and started a new account. Follow me?

If you follow me on any of my social networks you probably have noticed that I got banned from Instagram. I am very upset to lose my most popular social network (8,500 followers)  and a ton of photos I didn’t have backed up but I am more upset about how it happened, without warning and without recourse.

I have been on Instagram for just under two years, I actually got an iPhone because of Instagram, and in that time I quickly gained a following and it became my most engaged social network. I could expect tons of likes and comments on every photo and it was easy to send to my other social networks. As a photographer it was a great tool, but as someone who often shoots nude women it was annoyingly restrictive as far as nudity is concerned.

Banned From Instagram

I never read the Terms of Service (TOS) as I probably should have but I had a basic understanding of what I could and could not post. Based on the experiences of my friends, both photographers and models, it became clear that nipples and full nudity could get you in trouble. I made sure in every photo to keep all the private bits covered. Often when I wanted to post nudity I just had a girl cover her breasts or something, but at times the restriction gave me a reason to creatively figure out a way to hide the nudity. I didn’t love it, but I could live with it.

In the twenty months that I used Instagram I was never suspended, warned or had any issues with anything. I had friends lose their accounts for nudity but they had always done something stupid and posted something that even they agreed crossed the lines. I never had that problem and was always careful. I did have a few photos mysteriously deleted but I was never warned about it or anything like that. I had friends who had been sent emails warning them about nudity so I figured I was safe at least until I got my first warning.

Banned From Instagram

When Instagram was bought by Facebook I was pretty concerned that the nudity policies would toughen up significantly because I have been suspended from Facebook for posting photos of girls in their underwear. I am very careful on Facebook and rarely post any photo that is even mildly scandalous. I worried that Instagram would head that way and make the app much worse.

My fears have not only been realized but it seems that Instagram’s policy is even more draconian. Right around the same time my account was deleted several of my friends in the adult world lost their accounts as well. Two adult actresses with massive internet followings Dana DeArmond and April O’Neil both lost their accounts just days after I lost mine. None of us posted anything more graphic than anything we had been posting previously. Clearly Instagram has shifted their policy on nudity without any warning, but that’s not the worst part.

Banned From Instagram

By far the worst part about losing my Instagram account is that there is absolutely no recourse. When I was banned from Facebook I emailed them and they gave me steps to get my account back. I had my account on Flickr suspended but they told me exactly what I needed to do to comply with their TOS. Instagram on the other hand offers absolutely no recourse.

There was no warning, no notification and there is no way of contacting them. At one point you could contact Instagram through a form on their website and the email account support@instagram.com but both of these options have been disabled. If you try emailing you just get a form letter saying the email is inactive. I never even was emailed notifying me of my accounts termination. All that happened was when I tried to log in I got a message with a link to Instagram’s TOS.

Those terms include: “You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.”

I clearly broke these terms. I posted “partially nude” images without question. I don’t agree with these terms, but clearly I violated them, but I have been violating them for two years and so have thousands and thousands of users. If Instagram has finally decided to strictly enforce the partial nudity rule, that’s fine and while I don’t like it, I would have to abide by it. The problem I have is with being delete without any recourse, without any warning. If they had let me know that I needed to clean up my account I would have done it. If they had suspended me until I did so I would have done it. Had I been warned I would have kept my account much more PG. But none of those things happened. I was just deleted without even an email. Even Facebook gives you options.

Banned From Instagram

I could start another Instagram account, but I am so furious about the situation. I lost nearly 10 thousand followers, hundreds of images and my account name. I am @drivenbyboredom on EVERY social network I join and having to change that name alone is infuriating. Censoring the internet like this is awful to begin with but to just delete my account, all my work, and a major business tool without any recourse or explanation is really hard to deal with.

I know losing my Instagram account is such a first world problem but it hurts my business and speaks to a larger issue of businesses controlling your creative output and censoring the internet. An established professional photographer who was flourishing in the Instagram network is the type of user they should be encouraging, not banning without notice.

Fortunately for me, I have launched my own mobile app that I can post all the nudity I want on but it will never provide me with the feedback or the social interaction that Instagram provided. The whole thing is really depressing.

Have you lost your account recently? Heard of anyone getting their’s unsuspended? Can anyone help me get my account back? Email me or let me know in the comments!

Banned From Instagram

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Sovereign Syre, Ela Darling & Alaina Fox

Back to NYC and back to boobs! Here are a bunch more photos from my AVN Awards behind the scenes shoot for Hustler Magazine. I shot Sovereign Syre, Ela Darling and Alaina Fox in the Cosmopolitan Hotel where my editor at Hustler was staying. You can see him in the mirror in a few shots. It’s pretty funny.  A couple of these shots were in Hustler a couple months ago, but the current issue of Hustler has 10 pages of photos I took of Charlotte Stokely. It’s all pretty rad.

Anyway, I have already posted mini solo shoots I did with Sovereign Syre and Alaina Fox. If you haven’t seen those, you should at once because they are awesome. This set is even more awesome though because it includes three girls at once and they are jumping on bed. You cannot fuck with that. I mean these photos are all NSFW so all I can show you below is a photo of them on the way to the shoot!

That brings me to an important point; in the future I am trying to make this site slightly more safe for work. I have had a ton of time finding advertisers and I can’t imagine it helps me get commercial gigs either. So the plan moving forward is to post less graphic stuff on the main page and if there is any spread shots or anything creepy like that I am going to put that stuff on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. I am also going to feature sets early and exclusive to the app. The app is going to help me make some revenue that has been lost with ads and at the same time it’s going to make this site a little safer for work which is probably good for my business.

Now this might seem like a bummer, but in actuality it means that I will be able to shoot more naked girls because for once the nude stuff is making me money instead of costing me money and if you are willing to shell out a $2 a month for the app you will get all the naked girls you can stand.

So, in conclusion click here to see a bunch of free naked photos of Sovereign Syre, Ela Darling & Alaina Fox jumping on a bed in a Vegas hotel room. And if you want to see EVEN MORE bed jumping photos sign up for the Girls of Driven By Boredom Mobile App!

Alaina Fox, Ela Darling & Sovereign Syre

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Cobrafest 2013

I am back from my insane road trip! If you somehow aren’t aware I spent 31 days on the road driving from Detroit to Chicago and then taking Route 66 from there all the way to LA. From there I drove up to San Francisco and then drove back across the country to Chicago where I spent several days photographing Sailor Jerry’s Pitchfork Music Festival after parties AKA Cobrafest. I finally drove back to Detroit and then flew home on Tuesday. I spent a couple days sleeping and recovering and trying to catch up on emails.

I have mostly recovered and although I might take another couple days off this weekend, I am ready to get back to work. We are going to start things off getting all the Cobrafest photos up. Keith Underwood and Jason Hoodrich from Taylor Street Tattoos gave out Sailor Jerry flash tattoos all three days. Tons of bands played and DJs spun outside.

I already did mini updates on the road trip blog about all three days of Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge if you want to know more about the events, but I will give you quick break downs right now.

Cobrafest Friday: The Bronx headlined and absolutely destroyed the place and my friends in Habibi were awesome as well. The People’s Temple and Thing played as well and there was a pretty sweet dance party outside. All of Habibi got tattooed and I got a tattoo as well. My dad raised me on Jimmy Buffett so I got a dead parrot head tattoo as a secret homage to that upbringing.  Click here for photos from Cobrafest Friday.

The Bronx

Keith Underwood Tattoos Habibi

Cobrafest Saturday: The night featured The Growlers headlining with Toxie, Heavy Times and Denney & The Jets all performing as well. Most of the Growlers got tattooed as did Denney and his girlfriend. Saturday seemed like the most chill of the days probably because there was so much other shit going on that night but the Growlers and local favorites Heavy Times still brought out a pretty packed crowd. Click here for photos from Cobrafest Saturday.

The Growlers

Sailor Jerry Dance Party

Cobrafest Sunday: Sunday was my favorite day specifically because there was a Yacht Rock party with a water slide that made for awesome photos and a lot of cute tattooed girls in bikinis and a lot of Hall and Oates being played outside. My pals White Mystery played and opened up for King Dude and Chicago’s own Hollywood Holt spun outside. Nones and Rainbow Gun Show opened the night and it ended with two cute girls driving me to the place I was crashing. Nothing but awesomeness all night. Click here for photos from Cobrafest Sunday.

Water Slide Babes

Hollywood Holt

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