Introducing The Girls Of Driven By Boredom Mobile App!

So Driven By Boredom has a mobile app. Well, the naked girls do at least. When I was approached by Michael Edwards of Me In My Place to do an APP based on my site I wanted to do all the pictures, and we still may in the future, but it was going to be waaay to much work and let’s be reasonable… there’s an 80% chance you are here for the boobs.

As you may know I am on the road and extremely busy and lacking in reliable Internets so this is just a soft launch of the app. When I get back to NYC I am going to be adding more exclusive content to the app and exciting things like that. But for now, let’s break this thing down.

If you pay $18.99 you get a year access to my mobile app or you can try it out for a month for $5.99. It works on all Android and Apple phones as well as those Windows phones that I can’t imagine anyone actually uses. When you open it up you get a chronological list of most of the naked girl sets on my site. It’s super easy to view and loads quickly, especially if you are connected to WiFi. I have had it on my phone for a month and it’s been great.

Now why would you pay money for something that you get for free on my website? Well aside from ease of use and an amazingly cheap price (over a year it’s less than $2 a month, which is less than $.50 a week which is significantly less than $500 a day) you get exclusive pictures and moving forward high res shots. For example, let’s say I am photographing a girl for Hustler and I shoot some of these spread vagina shots they are so excited about over there, I might post those extra graphic pictures on the app but I wouldn’t post them on Driven By Boredom. Or let’s say I got back a ton of 35mm photos from this road trip I am on right now. I might put them on the App straight away.

Aside from the 150+ full galleries of naked girls, the DBB Girls App has five galleries with bonus explicit shots and a full gallery of never before seen naked Polaroids. It’s not much exclusive stuff right now but there is going to be a lot of stuff moving forward. Plus, anyone who signs up for a year of the app and forwards me email proof with your address I will send you an exciting post card from my road trip!

I am going to stop talking now, but check out my app and hopefully you will be really psyched about it!

Girls Of Driven By Boredom Mobile App

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  1. appcustomer
    November 25th, 2016 | 3:32 pm

    Any chance of adding the full sets of anyone from the old “girls” section? Would love to see the entire set of someone like Daniele for example.

  2. November 29th, 2016 | 11:15 am

    Nearly all of that stuff is up including Daniele. Unfortunately it’s in pretty low resolution because I didn’t want to go back and re edit everything.

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