Meet Alicia

A couple a years ago a friend introduced me to a girl named Alicia. We planned a photo shoot but when I got over there the light sucked and I wasn’t loving the photos so instead I convinced her to run around outside and take 35mm snap shots in the snow. Unfortunately the flash blew out the snow flakes and we got a few okay shots but nothing I loved. I knew we had to shoot again soon but that soon turned into years and I had pretty much given up on her but every now and then one of us would remember the other one and a text would go out and we would start talking about a shoot all over again.

Finally a few months ago we found a time to shoot. I was headed over to her place but because of train traffic I had to transfer three times and take a bus to get to her house. By the time I got there the sun was going down. I thought we were doomed for another failed photo shoot. Fortunately she was totally ready to go when I got there and we found that if she got VERY close to the window I could still get some shots while the sun went down. We did the whole shoot in ten minutes and I was out the door and headed back home this time via a cab.

Hopefully we will one day get to do a shoot in a more ideal situation, but shots on the fly like that are my bread and butter and I think I got some nice shots you guys will dig.

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Road Trip Update: We hit $2100 last night! Just another $900 til we reach our goal! Either way, I am headed off on my trip on June 22nd. Help me afford life on the road for a month and I will send you some rad stuff!




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