Bonnie Rotten & Malice McMunn

As part of my six page feature in this month’s Hustler Magazine I photographed a ton of girls behind the scenes at the AVN Awards. I had met Malice McMunn when she was go-going at a party called Bar Sinister in LA and we talked about shooting but we never followed up. I ran into her in January at the AVN’s and she was hanging out with Bonnie Rotten who I had met the year before and really wanted to photograph. I pitched them the idea for doing a behind the scenes shoot for the Hustler article and they were totally in. On top of that my editor at Hustler had wanted to run an interview with Bonnie so I shot her by herself for that as well. I eventually ended up doing the interview myself and that photo spread/ interview will be in the next issue of Hustler I think. Until then you can check out all the outtakes from my shoot with Bonnie and Malice. They are such bad asses and it was fun to shoot them just watching TV and fucking around after spending an hour getting their make up done… not that they needed it. These girls are rock and roll babes to the max.

Click here to see all the photos of Bonnie Rotten & Malice McMunn from our Hustler AVN shoot!

Bonnie Rotten & Malice McMunn

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  1. February 6th, 2015 | 4:53 am

    I had left a comment that I guess wasn’t totally flattering and you guys deleted it. That’s pretty lame especially since it was the only comment on this page. Reply and say something, or just leave my message alone. Why not?

    I remember saying neck tattoos on chicks makes them look scabby and lesbo-ish. Aside from that my comment was fair.

    I saw Alice on her HBO heroin documentary. I related to that documentary because I was right there slamming my life away, too. Though I was doing it in New York. Plus I’m almost Alice’s age so we’re of the same 80s generation. I’m 1979.
    My twenties were completely wasted on dope as were hers. Actually my story is just like every other doper’s story. If you step back and listen to enough of them, eventually they all sound exactly the same. Up, then down, then way, way down. The fantasy is that there’s ever a final chapter to the addicts story when they get back up and are doing great living sober. But that’s extremely rare for people that have already succumbed to the needle. Details vary when you listen carefully to each story. But really it’s the same story. You’re young and happy and partying. Everything is fun and new. Then it gets even better, for a very brief period when your brain discovers opioids. This lasts for just a couple weeks. Then it’s a slow and steady decline. You hear about people finally hitting ‘rock bottom’. But there is no end to the slide. You can always sink just a little bit deeper in shit it seems.

    For some reason whenever I’m in withdrawals I like to read or watch other’s on dope or also withdrawing or living homelessly, et cetera. So please excuse this rambling go-nowhere message.

    Anyway, I can see why you deleted whatever comment I left on here last year. Why am I even on this page? I just noticed I had it page-marked in the favorites menu so I clicked the page again today.

    Ok, you may as well delete this message. I clearly had nothing to say. Sorry for the annoying message to whoever owns or operates this old stale web page from a 2-year-old article. I won’t leave another. Ok, bye.

  2. February 6th, 2015 | 3:51 pm

    Any time anyone talks shit about any of the girls who pose on this site I delete them.
    If you talk shit about me or my photography I will leave it up. But there are tons of girls who are getting naked in 99% of cases for free on this site and if anyone feels like they have to trash them they can fuck right off.
    Good luck with your sobriety.

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