Great American Road Trip Fundraiser

In about two weeks I am going to go on an adventure. Ideally I am going to travel to Chicago, and then drive most of the old Route 66 and then drive to Vegas and then to LA and then go up the west coast to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. Along the way I will be taking photos of naked girls and road side attractions and hopefully both at the same time. I am gonna hit some parties along the way and just take a million photos. I make enough money of this site to eat, but I certainly don’t have enough money to spend a month on the road driving to towns in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately I am going to be shooting a video series for WoodRocket.TV  so I have some money coming in right off the bat. On top of that I am talking to a couple of sponsors that will help the trip along. I also have some money saved but I am pretty sure that will be gone VERY quickly.

So in order to fund the rest of this massive undertaking I am going to be making a black and white photo copied signed and numbered zine from the trip. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome and I have some cool ideas for it assuming I still have some money left over when I get back. So I set up an Indiegogo crowd funded thing for it. You can preorder the zine for $20 or you can donate more money to get a bunch of other stuff like prints and exciting things like that!

If you donate $5 or more you can get access to a secret Tumblr I am going to set up with daily photos and video from the road. If you donate $10 I will send you a post card from some campy road side attraction. From $25 upwards you can get prints and other stuff and I will send you a bunch of DBB swag like stickers and buttons with those orders. If you ever wanted me to come to a photo shoot with me you could donate some stupid amount of money and do that. People hit me up all the time about it which I find mildly creepy but for $1000, you are instantly less creepy.

Anyway, please help me fund this project!! I give you guys tons of free content and I ask very little from you. Plus I will totally be your best friend or something.

Click here to donate to my “The Great American Road Trip Zine”!

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