Brooklyn Zombie Crawl After Party – 6.2.13

Another Brooklyn Zombie Crawl? You know what that means… Another insane Brooklyn Zombie Crawl after party! Last year the party was held at Public Assembly and my band played and it was a ton of fun. This year our drummer was out of town, but it was still a hell of a time. A half Misfits cover band called Skeletal Life played and that was awesome and later Bikini Carwash played and they were awesome and late night a singing pirate named Voltaire played and in between the bands there was just total madness.

My friend Lunchbox hosted the Disgraceland Family Freak show and the Disgraceland Hook Squad did some terrifying flesh pulls including one where Lunchbox attached a hook through his balls and my friend Sewer Sprite attached hooks to her throat and right above her vagina and it was extremely brutal.

Two things we learned from that: 1) Yes this gallery is extremely NSFW and 2) My friends have absurd names.

Scarlett Storm and Smurfasaur Suicide from the Rigormortis Review did burlesque and got naked a lot and Smurf was involved in the Disgraceland stuff and pretty much all of it was awesome. You can see them naked in places like Bombshell Brats and Suicide Girls if you are into that sort of thing. Personally I hope to shoot them for real for this site soon, but I have been saying that for a while now…

And to end the night Doug Sakmann hosted his infamous Strip for Pain which involved Scarlett and Smurf torturing guys and getting naked. Good times.

Anyway, it was totally insane and you need to look at the damn photos already…

Click here to see all the photos from the Brooklyn Zombie Crawl After party at Public Assembly!

Strip For Pain

Skeletal Life

Disgraceland Family Freakshow

Bikini Carwash

Zombie Crawl After Party

Aurelio Voltaire

Zombie Burlesque

Disgraceland Hook Squad

Zombie Crawl After Party


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