The Lost Photos Of Jessica Bordeaux

Years ago on a trip to LA I shot a TON of naked girls on the trip. I shot so many that it took me months to get all the photos up. One of those galleries ended up being a bit of an afterthought because it was the only shoot I did using a flash. I was trying to only shoot girls using natural light but the only time Jessica and I had time to shoot was at night. I shot her once before under the name Rabbit, but she really wanted to shoot again because she lost a ton of weight so I tried to make time for her but it had to be late night.

Long story short, I forgot to post these and I think she had a kid and got out of the getting naked on the internet biz so no one ever reminded me that there was a lost set floating around out there. Two days ago I happened to stumble on these on an old hard drive and decided it was time to finally get them up. They are only like two or three years late. If you want to see more of Jessica Bordeaux, you should check her out on Gods Girls under the name Rabbit.

Click here to see the long lost photos of Jessica Bordeaux aka Rabbit. 

Jessica Bordeaux

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