The Rest Of SXSJ

We are in the home stretch! We just have two more South By Southwest updates! Today I bring you the rest of the Sailor Jerry take over of the Gypsy Lounge. This update is a mix of three parties plus a few other shots in between. We start with the opening night party which featured my homies White Mystery and a ton of other bands. The next day Natural Child Family Band headlined and Sailor Jerry’s own Justin Pittney’s band the Residuals played their first of three SXSJ shows. They killed it so check them out. On Thursday during the day Shannon & The Clams headlined a big show featuring the Jacuzzi Boys and a ton of other bands.

Aside from the bands there is a ton of photos of people getting dart board tattoos from “Downtown” Terry Brown. He tattooed all day, every day and gave people more shark and anchor tattoos than you could ever imagine. He also tattooed some of the bands with some different Sailor Jerry designs that weren’t picked by throwing darts. He even hooked me up with a tiny bird! Pretty rad.

Anyway this update has so many pictures, so many bands, so many tattoos and so many cute girls and rocker dudes drinking Sailor Jerry… Also that dude from the Counting Crows. At the very least you should scan through the pictures because there is a lot of South By Sailor Jerry madness inside!

Click here to see the rest of the photos from the Sailor Jerry takeover of the Gypsy Lounge!

Sailor Jerry Bartenders

Natural Child Family Band

Oliver Peck & Girlfriend

White Mystery

Terry Brown Tattoos A Hot Dog


Look At This Tiny Horse!!

Shannon & The Clams

Hot Dogs!

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  1. hihi
    April 14th, 2013 | 9:48 pm

    that last pic looks like shes licking a penis covered in feces.

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