Castle Face-Off – 3.15.13

My South By Southwest updates are still going strong but I think after this one there will only be three more. Of course I am shooting two events tonight that I am going to want to get up so you could still be getting SXSW stuff into next week. Let’s see how it goes. The Sailor Jerry coverage continues with the party that Castle Face Records and CMRTYZ hosted together. The line up was top secret but included all sorts of rad bands like Night Beats, Wax Idols, Pharmacy and two different bands with Time in their names (Pony Time & Heavy Times), but the highlights were the headliners The Mallard and Thee Oh Sees.

I had seen The Mallard play earlier and I thought they were pretty good but they didn’t really stick into my brain. When they played this night show I was totally unprepared for the end of their set when their front woman hung her guitar from a banner and jumped into the crowd throwing dust on herself and everyone. It was pretty fucking awesome but as soon as I started taking photos, random people from the crowd started photo bombing her performance and it became this weird photo shoot with the crowd. It was pretty amazing and I ended up with some great, if not super weird, photos.

Thee Oh Sees are a band that I catch at least once every SXSW. They are fucking amazing and always put on a great show. The first time I ever saw them they were playing on a bridge and playing every other song with another band. I saw a girl with two black eyes and it turns out she got them from getting kicked in the face during a Thee Oh Sees show the night before. The madness did not disappoint and I actually ended up getting attacked in the mosh pit by some drunk guy who had tried to start a fight with me earlier in the night. I saw him coming and I grabbed him by the shirt and smashed my camera into his face. I was pretty upset that I lost my shit like that but my camera was fine. The next night he came up to me and sort of apologized but he really just wanted to know what happend because he didn’t remember anything of the night before. We were all good after that and he let me take a photo of his camera wound. Oh yeah, and Thee Oh Sees killed it.

Now click here to see all the pictures from the CMRTYZ/Castle Face Records Face-Off at the Sailor Jerry at the Gypsy Lounge!

Thee Oh Sees

More Flawless Sailor Jerry Branding

The Mallard

And The Clams Of Shannon And The Clams

Night Beats

Thee Oh Sees Stage Dive


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