Naked Hotel Party With Pam & Mabel

I was in DC visiting my parents over Christmas and I decided to take a two day trip to Richmond, VA. I went to college there and there are a few girls I wanted to photograph. I wanted to do another shoot with Pam Chemist and I had another girl in mind who ultimately couldn’t shoot. Luckily a couple days before I went down there I read on Twitter that a Burning Angel named Mabel lived down there and I hit her up to shoot as well.

My first night in Richmond I spent with friends but the next afternoon Mabel came over and we did a photo shoot that you will see later. I had plans to shoot Pam later than night when she got off work but at some point I found out that Pam and Mabel were friends so we decided to shoot both of them together. So Mabel and I went to visit a mutual friend at ate at Olive Garden for some reason. When Pam got off work she needed booze and tacos. We ended up hitting a liquor store and a Taco Bell and taking it all back to the hotel.

By the time they ate and had their make up on they were so drunk that we just gave up on a real photo shoot and I took photos of them jumping on the bed and eating tacos. In the end it’s probably way better than any real photo shoot I could have done, plus it was much more hilarious. So yeah, technically this is not the best work I have ever done, but the photos are pretty fucking amazing anyway. Taco Bell + Boobs = art. Trust me, I went to art school.

Click here to see all the insane NSFW photos from Pam & Mabel’s naked Taco Bell hotel party.

Pam & Mabel Naked Hotel Party

Pam & Mabel Naked Hotel Party

Pam & Mabel Naked Hotel Party

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