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My friend Ibra Ake interviewed me for his website Models and Rappers. I realize I am neither a model or a rapper, but I guess since I take photos of models and rappers that I am somehow relevant to his blog. I met Ibra at a hotel party thrown by comedian/rapper Donald Glover. Ibra is Donald’s friend/photographer/designer and Donald had showed Ibra my work. Ibra was psyched on my photography, which normally makes me uncomfortable but Ibra is a fantastic photographer himself so it was great to meet him. Anyway, Ibra started this site a few months ago and has been interviewing a ton of people so clearly you should check his site out, but more importantly you should check out his interview with me, because I am awesome.

Ibra came over and he asked me about my favorite clients, best advice I had received and we talked about the positives and negatives of shooting naked girls. I showed Ibra my infamous nude Polaroid collection and pulled out some prints for him to look through. Ibra turned the whole thing into a pretty awesome interview with me. I sent him a bunch of random photos that I had high res shots of laying around so they aren’t exactly the most relevant images to the interview, but there is some new shots that no one has ever seen before in there as well.

So check out the NSFW video below and read Ibra’s actual post because it has a nice write up to go along with it. I particularly like this part:

“Igor makes it a point to take pictures everywhere, whether he’s getting paid to or not. After looking through the massive collection of outrageous images he keeps at his apartment, I realized he’s on to something: The more you shoot, the more likely you are to get interesting shots. It’s kind of obvious, but it’s a good reminder for all aspiring photographers.”

I only really have three points of advice for anyone who wants to be a photographer. Shoot photos all the time, develop a personal style and don’t work for free. I will be billing you for that. Thank you and goodnight.

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