Blunderland – 1.26.13

I was hired on Saturday night to shoot a party called Blunderland at a spot called the Red Lotus Room. I had never heard of the place but when I walked in I was suddenly in a turn of the century opium den or something. Eric Schmalenberger  hosted a super weird night of singing, dancing, drag and burlesque performances. I really had no idea what I was in store for but it was all very photographable and weird which is exactly look for in a good event. Also nudity, there was a bunch of nudity. I would say this gallery is very NSFW unless your work is cool with Tigger dick. You have been warned.

Highlights included Darlinda Just Darlinda’s “Menstrual Show” a horrifying “red face” play on the minstrel show concept and The Pixie Harlots insane drag performance that I cannot even begin to explain. My friend David Slone sang and had a bunch of girls dressed like pirates fight each other and Eric’s performance of Creep by Radiohead was appropriately intense.  Generally I am not a fan of cabaret type shows but somehow I keep getting asked to photograph them and I have to say this was one of the most well put together events I have been to and if you are into this sort of thing it would be well worth checking out next time there is a Blunderland. If nothing else you will see some really wild shit and I am guessing you will have a good time. I know I did. I mean any party where three people who don’t know each other show up wearing sombreros has to be a good one.

Click here to see all the madness that is Eric Schmalenberger’s Blunderland at the Red Lotus Room.

Eric Shemalenberger

Blunderland 3

David Slone Esq & The Love Show


Blunderland 3

Carla Rhodes

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Blunderland 3

The Pixie Harlots

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