Black Label Circus – 1.7.13

Despite my history of documenting the “EDM” scene for the last half decade I actually don’t like dance music. To me it’s just background music for a fun party. The only things I look for in a dance music DJ is someone who puts on a good show and packs a party with a fun crowd. One of my favorite people in NYC is Luca Venezia aka Drop The Lime of Trouble & Bass. T&B have been throwing awesome dance parties in Brooklyn for almost as long as I have lived here. So when Luca started experimenting with a musical genre I actually like, rockabilly, I was really psyched about it. I kept missing him play with a live band as Drop The Lime but last night I finally got to see his new rock and roll band, Haters.

Haters played a new rock and roll monthly called Black Label Circus at The Flat which is pretty much my favorite bar on Earth. It’s a block from my house and always a good time, especially at 3am when I am hungry and stop by on the way to get some food at the bodega down the street. I have never shot photos there but I hang out there all the time. In fact if you are ever there Tweet at me and maybe I will come down and say hi.

Haters fucking ruled and I can’t wait to see them play after more than four practices. I love good, not corny, rockabilly and Haters is that. Luca is a hell of a front man and they get a ton of sound from just drums and guitar. I am really glad he has started fucking with this stuff because maybe it will introduce a bunch of his dance music fans to people like Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.

After Haters played a raw rock and roll band called Dirty Fences played and really killed it. They had a good crowd and people rocked the fuck out to their whole set. After that the rock and roll dance party continued with The Captain, JR Jailbat and Bad Lupo. After shooting a few NSFW pictures of Lena Marquise just to spice the set up I headed home to edit images.

Around 3am I decided I needed to get some food so I headed back towards the Flat and stopped in on the way to the bodega. I ended up leaving close to 5am, going to a friends house and I think I might have gone to sleep around 9am. I never even got any food. Woops.

It was a fun night and I saw a ton of people I hadn’t seen in ages including my friends Bianca and Nikki who happen to both be retarded hot and half naked doing some rock and roll go-go dancing for the party.

So go look at the photos of Haters, Dirty Fences and a bunch of cute girls from Black Label Circus at the Flat already.

Black Label Circus


Black Label Circus

Dirty Fences

Black Label Circus

Black Label Circus

Black Label Circus

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  1. January 8th, 2013 | 10:49 pm

    Good stuff! Your posts always rule x

  2. January 11th, 2013 | 8:07 pm

    Hey man, site looks great and a good read, hope all is well.

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