Adios 2013

2013 was a pretty good year for me. I went on an epic 31 day road trip, published a book, launched an app, didn’t loose any important clients and picked up a couple new ones. I now have photos in nearly every Hustler Magazine and at the same time just shot one of my biggest commercial gigs of all time. I photographed a million plus dollar fundraiser honoring Oliver Stone in LA on the same weekend I shot a bunch of strippers in Vegas. I threw a 750 person tailgate and raised thousands of dollars for charity through DolfansNYC. I photographed my fourth Gathering of the Juggalos and had a photo in a show a the Museum of the City of New York. I had a big solo show in LA and my book all but sold out in a month.  I worked for Rolling Stone, shot the cover of the River Front Times and had photos in print in four continents. And I did all of it without running out of money and not getting arrested (although I did get five traffic citations despite not owning a car). It was good year.

There were some low moments as well, I lost my grandmother and my friend Ease DaMan, but that’s how life works and you just gotta keep moving. I want to take my grandmother’s work ethic and empathy and Ease’s passion and lust for life and use that to make 2014 even better than 2013.

In 2014 I hope to publish SEVERAL new books and keep my eclectic photo work moving forward. I hope to shoot some big budget ads, juggalos, corporate events, porn stars, editorial pictorials and documentary work. My road trip web series will be out early next year and I hope 2014 is the year I FINALLY redesign my website. Hope I can lose the damn weight I gained on my road trip and start a new punk band. I want to write more and read more and take photos every day. I want to fuck shit up in 2014. What’s your plan?

Tonight I am gonna go out and hopefully hit a bunch of parties and get into some crazy shit. New Years Eve is one of the few times I drink and I tend to end up at some wild parties. I recently went back and looked at old NYE photos and there are some fucking out of control photos. I decided in celebration I would take the craziest 125 NYE photos over the last 6 years and upload them to my app. There are photos on there I can’t believe I ever published on here. Unbelievably NSFW stuff from some Burning Angel parties. You need to see this stuff so make your New Years Resolution to sign up for my damn Girls of Driven By Boredom app. You will be glad you did.

See you guys in 2014!

Happy New Years!


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Route 66 Road Trip Digital Outtakes

Now I realize that posting a bunch of awesome naked photos on Christmas eve is not exactly a good strategy since this is pretty much the worst possible time for web traffic, BUT after Christmas I am going to be dealing with some family stuff and will pretty much be off the grid until the 30th. I wanted to give you guys something good to look at while I am away.

When I was on my epic 18 day route 66 road trip this summer I took a LOT of photos, but by day three of my trip I had pretty much abandoned my digital camera. I really wanted to shoot just 35mm and I ended up shooting 66 rolls of film and of course making my “Get Your Kicks” book from only the analogue stuff. But I still broke out my digital camera from time to time. I have two full sets with Sidney Scarlet waiting to go up because she was my first model and I had this idea to do proper shoot with everyone along the way that I gave up on. I also have a pretty awesome set of Ash Hollywood at the Grand Canyon and a couple shoots from when I took a detour to Vegas for two days. I already published the set I did with Teresa Manchester in St. Louis and I also have some shots of Caprice Capone in Chicago at the start of my trip that will be published eventually. But for now I wanted to give you the quick little shoots I did that weren’t big enough for their own post.

This update features Charlotte Stokely in a crazy silica mine in Pacific, Missouri and some more shots of her in  Oklahoma City playing with sparklers that she bought at the Blue Wale in Catoosa a couple days before the 4th of July.  There are also shots of Ash Hollywood getting naked in front of a huge Cracker Barrel billboard just minutes after I picked her up from the Albuquerque airport as well as under a couple of bridges a long the way. I picked up Coco Velvett in Vegas and drove her to LA and we did some quick shoots in the desert, near some train tracks and at the Bottle Tree Ranch in Oro Grande, CA! And lastly I included some shots of Crash in her apartment in Los Angeles after we went to the end of the road in Santa Monica. The Crash photos were originally only available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app, so to make things fair for those who pay for my app I uploaded a few fairly explicit photos of Charlotte Stokely taking a bath to this set just for app subscribers. So sign up for that shit for a Christmas present to yourself!

Now click here to see all the NSFW digital outtakes from Route 66 road trip featuring Charlotte Stokely, Ash Hollywood, Coco Velvett and Miss Crash! And then have a merry Christmas or whatever.

Coco Velvett

Charlotte Stokely


Ash Hollywood

Charlotte Stokely

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Support, Therapy & Instability Book Release – 12.18.13

Infamous vandals, New York natives and corporate shills Mint & Serf released a book last night called Support, Therapy & Instability which documents the creation of several huge paintings they did with Pablo Power, Jacuzzi Chris and the Peter Pan Posse. One of the paintings was shown at the PPP art show but the rest have yet to be seen until the release of the limited edition book.

The book features essays by Carlo McCormick, Cat Marnell (who is one of the only drug addicted socialites with any actual talent) and an essay by “Peter Pan” that addresses the weird world where rich girls from the Hamptons and huge global brands want to give you money for being a fucked up graffiti artist. Interesting thoughts on how to take money from Nike the same week you are getting the shit beat out of you by some cops.

The paintings in the book straddle a similar line between being fine art and just being “a bunch of scribbles” like my mom would say.  As corporate as Mint & Serf have gone, they have always kept to their throw up graffiti style and could never be confused with the “street art” that mom appreciates. The paintings are very raw and could blend in with a lot of walls in the city. They just invited their friends over, got fucked up and covered up each other’s tags over and over again until the paintings were done. The irony is that in a few months the paintings might be hanging in the million dollar loft apartment of a guy who would probably call the cops if he saw someone getting up on his building.

It’s a weird world where graffiti is used in massive marketing campaigns and being sold in art galleries for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This book is a great place to continue the conversation about vandalism, art and commerce. You can get the book from the Mint&Serf store, and while you are there pick up the SGU #WTC issue because I have a photo in it.

Now click here to check out the pictures from the Mint & Serf Support, Therapy & Instability book release party at Neuehouse.

Bonus: For further reading check out Mickael Broth’s “Gated Community” books where he documents his 10 months in prison for graffiti and his switch to fine art career after he got out.

Mint & Serf

Pablo Power

Support, Therapy & Instability Book Release

Support, Therapy & Instability Book Release

Minto & Cat Marnell

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Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is almost here and once again I am doing Christmas cards! I have done Driven By Boredom Christmas cards twice before and they are pretty infamous. Even the people at my post office ask me about them. If you haven’t seen my cards before, take a gander at the last two. Check out the 2008 card featuring a younger me with two sexy elves, but let’s be reasonable, my ass is all you can look at. I got the notorious Fat Jew involved and he played Santa in my 2010 card. That is the one my post office employees keep talking about.

This year I figured it would be hard to top the last two cards but I wanted to do something. Luckily I had a very lovely holiday themed image just waiting to get in your mail box. It’s a bit more PG than the last two cards but I think you will enjoy it.

There are three ways to get my Christmas card!

Lastly, if you are looking for a Christmas present for yourself or a creepy friend, the girls of Driven By Boredom App is on sale! 20% off today and tomorrow only with the code “bootyweds”. For the record I did not come up with the code!

Happy Holidays and stuff!

Ps. Look how adorable and tattoo free I was in 2008!

DBB Xmas Cards



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Dixie Comet In Detroit

This summer, before I went on my 18 day Route 66 road trip, I spent a day in Detroit. For some reason I had never been there before and had always wanted to go. It was also a lot cheaper to fly and rent a car in Detroit than it was in Chicago. I have always wanted to explore the insane urban decay in Detroit because as tragic and depressing as it is, it’s also amazingly beautiful.

I reached out on Twitter for suggestions of places to go and models to shoot and I was introduced to fetish model Dixie Comet and the famous Detroit Packard Plant. Dixie was living in Detroit at the time so I picked her up from her apartment and we drove around Detroit. We got out a few times and took photos but our main destination was the plant. As you would imagine it’s an abandoned Packard Plant that has fallen into ruin. It is one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. It’s massive and looks like photos of Europe after bombings in WWII.

Dixie and I wondered one building in the plant for a couple hours and didn’t begin to see the whole thing. You could a month there and not run out of things to photograph. Dixie and I shot a ton of photos and ran into a few graffiti artists, some homeless people and even a crew shooting a music video. Everyone was surprisingly friendly and we took some epic photos. The only problem was that I ended up stepping on a nail that went into my foot and I was pretty sure I was going to get tetanus and die. Fortunately I did not and I am alive to show you these awesome photos.

Check out all the shots I took of Miss Dixie Comet at the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit. 

Ps. There are high resolution images from this set and a bunch of exclusive extra explicit shots to my Girls of DBB app! Get it for yourself for X-mas!

Dixie Comet

Dixie Comet

Dixie Comet


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Good Luck Karaoke – 12.8.13

Oliver Peck is back in town filming the newest season of his tattoo competition reality show Ink Master and he decided to throw another party. Last time he was in town he threw a “Wig Party” which involved karaoke, a drag Ramones tribute band and a ton of Sailor Jerry rum. This time it was exactly the same except the Ramonahs were the only people in wigs.

It was a hell of a good time at Arlene’s Grocery last night. I am not a big karaoke fan but Oliver and his Dallas based Good Luck Karaoke partner Josh Hammertimez are pretty hilarious and join people on stage for their karaoke jams. Oliver’s Ramonahs killed it again and his Ink Master co-hosts Dave Navarro and Chris Núñez showed up to support his deviant rock and roll performance.  Carl Hallowell works at Oliver’s Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas and was back doing Sailor Jerry flash tattoos all night. It was the most people from Dallas I have been around since I was at Elm Street’s music and tattoo festival.

I have a big ad gig this week and I brought my clients to the party and they had an amazing time. They are from Switzerland but it turns out one of their favorite bands is the Ramones. It was pretty awesome and we ended up casting model Leah Jung in the ad after meeting her there. Leah can sing her ass off and it was pretty impressive watching her and this hilarious dude Roman do “Baby It’s Cold Outside” together. I did some Minor Threat karaoke but I pretty much just embarrassed myself when I realized my mic was up way too high and I was just horrified by the sound of my own voice. Good times.

Seriously though, it was a great party and I am not sure how those dudes make me enjoy karaoke, but if you ever get a chance to see Good Luck Karaoke I highly recommend it.

Now click here to see all the pictures from Oliver Peck’s Sailor Jerry presented Good Luck Karaoke and Ramonahs throw down live at Arlene’s Grocery!

Good Luck Karaoke - Josh Hammertimez & Oliver Peck

Leah Jung & Carl Hallowell

Ink Master's Oliver Peck & Dave Navarro

Good Luck Karaoke

The Ramonahs

Good Luck Karaoke

Good Luck Karaoke

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Goings On!

Here is one of those really exciting posts of mine where I update you with some news that you don’t care about and then throw some half assed “content’ at the end. It’s exiting I know, but I like writing weird posts about why I am not updating my site enough. Good times!

So yeah, this week is super crazy for me. On Wednesday I had a really exciting dental appointment where instead of just getting a filling like I thought, the dentist realized it was worse than he thought and I might have to get a root canal! So he just packed my tooth up with some temporary filling and is hopeful that in two or three months he can try again. Whatever the case it hurts like hell now whenever I chew.

Twenty four hours later I got the last of three tattoo appointments to finish up my half sleeve. While it was nice and painful I am super psyched about it. I just had this empty bicep area for years and I could never think what to get that would be meaningful enough to put there. I decided to go the exact opposite route and just get some really bad ass artwork. I hit up my friend Marisa from Needles & Sins and she recommended a few people and I knew immediately that I wanted Grez over at Kings Ave to do it. I booked my appointment in April for late October and three sessions and six weeks later I now have by far my favorite (and most expensive!) tattoo. I asked him to do a woman’s head and to fill space but other than that it was up to him. He killed it. She’s so bad ass. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Thanks Grez!

Tattoo By Grez

So yeah, after a very painful two days I am now in the midst of preproduction for the biggest photo gig of my life. A cigarette company in Switzerland wanted to use a NYC party picture style look for their add campaign and pretty much wants to copy a few of my party photos. Theoretically that would be really easy to do, but casting and location scouting are a bit out of my league so I reached out to a friend to produce it and suddenly this shoot is this massive undertaking that involves like 20 people a day for three days. I am still gonna shoot this thing with an on camera flash but it’s become insanely stressful and also pretty damn exciting. I’ve never shot anything that might end up a billboard!

On top of this crazy shoot on Sunday I am working this really fun party for Sailor Jerry and my buddy Oliver Peck. He has a Ramones cover band called the Romonahs and they kinda rule. He is doing a rock and roll karaoke thing as well and as much as I hate karaoke his parties are a really good time. The last one I shot was really fun and I am pretty excited for this one. There is a 90% I will hurt myself performing some punk song as well. So come out for that on Sunday at Arlene’s Grocery.

Good Luck Karaoke

I have also been kept really busy with Miami Dolphins related stuff recently. After our #MetLifeTakeover our club has blown up a little and have been on calls with the Dolphins and trying to organize more stuff and all sorts of things that have taken up a ton of my time. Which rules but  is quite distracting to my real life. We did raise a TON of money for charity and were able do some good for two of our crew who were injured in the Metro North train crash. We filmed a video of the whole thing which I will probably post next week but in the mean time here is a video of the event care of the Miami Dolphins website.

Anyway, this week is crazy and for some reason I felt like I needed to do a post about it. Aside from the Ramonahs party pix I hope to have two updates ready to go for next week so that once I finish this monster photo gig I can go on a mini staycation. My exgirlfriend is coming to visit and bringing her dog so I am just gonna do cute shit with them for five days and try not to do any real work other than hitting send on those posts. Good times.

And finally, for no particular reason, I leave you with this insane video. Enjoy.

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Gypsy Ninjette

Months ago, when I was at everyone’s favorite summer camp, the Gathering of the Juggalos, I took a lot of photos. Some of those photos happened to be of naked juggalettes. I posted some of them, as per that link, but I also held back on a LOT of them. I pitched the idea to Hustler Magazine of doing “Girls of the Gathering of the Juggalos” photo spread and they were totally into it. I ended up shooting about a dozen girls for it and I haven’t published any of those sets because I was waiting on the issue to come out.

Last week I submitted the final high res images for the issue and it went to print! It will be in the April issue which comes out on January 21st because magazine publishing is insane. Once the issue comes out I will start posting some of those epic juggalette galleries, BUT, my favorite of all those galleries I am going to post now!

My very favorite of the shoots I did was with Gypsy Ninjette. I met her through a few people and she seemed down to shoot, but the Gathering has no phone service and it’s pretty hard to find people so we missed each other a couple times. I ended up taking a few photos of her while she was getting ready one night just in case we missed each other the next day for a real shoot. For some reason Hustler liked those shots more than anything we did during the daylight the next day. Since none of those photos are in the issue I figured I could post it!

I really love these photos. We shot them in and out of her RV in the middle of the afternoon. A bunch of people we watching the whole shoot and several people were actually in the RV. The light is pretty lovely and Gypsy has a really soft pretty face that also happens to have tattoos on it. I think it makes for a really nice contrast. Her super banging body doesn’t help and her ICP neck tattoo is pretty wild. Really this shoot has something for everyone…

Also, just FYI, I put all these pictures on my Girls of Driven By Boredom web app yesterday and they are twice as big so they will look really awesome when you are jerking off on the subway. Plus there is a magical gallery of like 900 naked juggalette photos on my app which you obviously cannot live without.

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Gypsy Ninjette at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Gypsy Ninjette

Gypsy Ninjette @ Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gypsy Ninjette @ Gathering Of The Juggalos

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2013 DolfansNYC #MetLifeTakeover – 12.1.13

Yesterday my friend Michelle and I organized an event called the #MetLifeTakeover where we bought and sold 760 tickets to the Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. We run Dolfans NYC, the New York Miami Dolphins fan club. I mention this pretty regularly during football season, but you might not realize how big this thing we do is. During yesterday’s game you could hear us on TV and Marv Albert mentioned us when the Dolphins scored their first TD. After the Dolphins put the game out of hand most of the Jets left the stadium and all that was left was two sections in the nose bleeds and a few other Dolphins fans scattered throughout the stadium.

After the game Dolphins player after player mentioned us on Twitter and even the coach gave some love on his radio show to the Dolphins fans in the “cheap seats” who made the team feel like they were playing a home game. Being able to actually impact a game like that was a really amazing moment and yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We even got the hashtag #MetLifeTakeover trending! I am so proud of my Dolfans NYC community and all the Dolphins fans that joined us from around the northeast.

But before all that happened we organized a pretty sweet tailgate party. We had the whole thing catered and PBR and Sailor Jerry provided the booze for the pregame festivities. We had rapper Solo D perform a bunch of Dolphins themed songs including one he wrote for #MetLifeTakeover. The Dolphins shipped us a MASSIVE Dolphins flag and we unfurled it in the parking lot while Solo D played. I had to climb on top of an RV to take photos. We had some guests including Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkle, Dolphins legend Nat Moore as well as some people you have never heard of but was still pretty cool in the Dolphins world (Omar Kelly & Miko Grimes).

The whole event went off perfectly thanks to my friend Michelle’s insane organizational skills and I bought a bunch of inflatable palm trees so I pulled my weight as well. After the game we got back on the four busses we chartered and headed back to our normal Sunday home (Slattery’s!) for victory drinks. I was completely exhausted but it was a day I will remember forever.

Click here to see all the photos of the Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover tailgate party at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Solo D Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

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