Moodswing360 CMJ Showcase – 10.17.12

Moodswing360 held their 4th annual showcase at The Studio at Webster Hall and it was ladies night and I was psyched. Three of my favorite ladies in nightlife Maluca, Roxy Cottontail and Jane Bang were all going to be there so I was pretty happy to be getting paid to hang out with them. On top of that the super hot babes that are Nina Sky were headlining and I was really curious to see Chippy Nonstop do whatever the hell she does. Lisa D’Amato was hosting and it was cool to run into her for the first time since hanging out with her at SXSW way back in 2008. Lady Starlight is a fucking awesome rock and roll DJ and she played a Sparks track which was amazing. Sparks are one of my favorite bands of all time but I don’t think I have ever heard anyone play them ever. She also dressed like a crazy person which I totally support. The only acts I didn’t know about before the show were Anjulie They Bobby Effect and they were both pretty fantastic.

Long story short Maluca was amazing, Chippy was insane, Jane & Roxy held it down on the turntables, Nina Sky gave everyone boners, Starlight headbanged to Bohemian Rhapsody, Anjulie and The Bobby Effect were impressive as hell and Lisa has life changing side boob. Good party, good times. CMJ continues…

Click here to see all the pictures from the Moodswing360 CMJ Showcase at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Jane Bang, Nina Sky, Lisa D'Amato & Maluca

Chippy Nonstop



Lady Starlight

Lisa D'Amato

Nina Sky

Roxy Cottontail

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