Bar Sinister – 6.9.12

Last time I was in LA I photographed Jay Gordon of Orgy for an interview my friend Arden Leigh did for Auxiliary Magazine.  Due to complete coincidence I was back in LA for the Auxiliary Mag release party at Club Bar Sinister, a goth/industrial/fetish party that has been happening in LA for more than a decade. Jay Gordon was DJing the party and Arden was co-hosting and doing two burlesque pole dance routines during the night. I got asked to shoot the party and things got nice and weird.

The party has several rooms including a no photos allowed area upstairs, a big dance floor and an outdoor area with a stage. There were a bunch of hot go go dancers and all the wildly dressed people you would expect from a party such as Bar Sinister. I brought my girlfriend/porn star Kimberly Kane and her friend/porn star Aiden Starr (who I had just done a photo shoot with that morning) and of course I got them to take a couple topless photos. Arden and her friend got a little wild and I did a full shoot with a Suicide Girl named Vivid Vivka on stage with everyone watching. That shoot should probably go up tomorrow but I left in a few shots from it in this gallery. Let’s just say the whole gallery is pretty NSFW.

I should also mention one funny story that happened is that when Arden went to an ATM to pay me she had to leave the club and walk down Hollywood Blvd to get out money. She was pretty much just in her underwear and everyone kept gawking at her. I took a few shots of her taking out money and then she decided to get topless right there on the Walk of Fame. Right before she was about to take her top off a cop drove by but she opened her top anyway right as two guys were biking by. One of them turned around to see her tits and crashed his bike onto the sidewalk. She actually caused an accident. It was pretty hilarious, plus the guy turned out to be a juggalo which is amazing as well.

So yeah, I am headed back to NYC today so I should wrap this up and get packed. Lastly wanted to give a quick shout out to Kent Kaliber the host of Bar Sinister. Now enjoy the damn pictures.

Click here to see all the shots of Club Bar Sinister!

PS. Check out the June/July issue of Auxiliary Mag for my pics of Jay Gordon.

Arden Leigh, Jay Gordon & Kent Kaliber

Malice McMunn @ Bar Sinister

Vivid Vivka & Kimberly Kane

Bar Sinister

Bar Sinister

Bar Sinister

Bar Sinister

Aden Leigh On Hollywood Blvd

Bar Sinister

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